A Dance with the Devil

DevilDancesIn this follow-up to Jeane’s dream yesterday (see The Seduction), the enticements of the material world become the devil incarnate. Fortunately, the dream provides a way out, which is as true in this dream as it is in the outer world today: Let go of our attachments to the material world and gain access to our higher selves, and higher purpose. And, as John has said, it’s time to stop viewing our lives as a game we are playing, because we are all playing for keeps. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, what else happens?

Jeane: I’ve gone into this bathroom where I can’t figure out how it works as a bathroom. And it’s interesting, the man that I feel like I’ve fallen in love with, I think of as the devil. I mean, he looks handsome and charming and everything, but that’s how I do think of him.

He wears kind of a satiny blue shirt sometimes, too. He comes into the bathroom and he kind of reclines on an area, and I go over and hug him. But then I feel so much emotion for him, I like quiver.

As soon as he feels that, he’s going to be up and out of there, and makes some comment about he’ll be back in 40 years. And then I just kind of make some sarcastic comment of, don’t worry, I think I’ll go out and find myself another lover or two, because I realize that he’s someone who’s not really going to be there.

John: What this dream is doing is it’s saying that this other kind of energy has this brainwashing effect, in which it puts you into an energetic trance. You then have to search and search to try to find that which is real.

And so once you get caught up in that kind of swoon, that devilish swoon, because it can’t go anywhere, but can have a tremendous effect upon how you are inclined to see yourself, and see the world at that point in time. It veils you to such a degree that it can take 40 years to come back to your senses.

Jeane: Yes.

John: Wow.

Jeane: That’s not a good dream I had.

John: Not a bad dream. It’s blunt and to the point.

See, the thing about the dream is the dream has another octave to it. This is not meant to be strictly a dream that you take in a personal way, because there are qualities of this dream in which you’re getting directly connected to a type of energetic, which in the past you would dream like this and be caught in this dreaming like this.

You would actually be sold on the idea. You would actually not be able to sort it out. You are sorting this out in this dream. And because you’re sorting it out, this is a dream that’s not so much personal anymore.

This is a dream that is depicting the way something is in the overall and, essentially, it’s describing the scenario in which people are buying into this, that, and the other and they’re getting caught up in the magnetism, and the intrigue, and the fascination, of things and they’re getting themselves lost.

Just to begin such a process, to sincerely extricate one’s self from such a process, is going to take 40 years, and that for them to be able to do that they have to stop, they have to recognize what they’re doing to themselves, they have to realize that they’re suckered into this like it’s an addiction, and that they have to hear the quieter part of themselves.

And they have to pursue that quieter part of themselves and realize that the other is like the devil in terms of keeping them on some sort of treadmill, or off on a tangent, and only in that way – and when they do this it’s a long haul, it’s a long haul.

As soon as you have made the decision to push that sort of thing away from you, and quit continuing to try to play the game or something, and attempt to go into and reach that quieter part or side of yourself – that’s a big switch, that’s a big change.

But okay we’ll see how you do in 40 years kind of thing, because that other was that potent, that loud, and had that deep of an effect upon your synapses and how it is that you tend to relate to things, how you have gotten into relating to things.

And so what you’re saying is the whole world is like this, because the dream had an answer, or a resolution to it. It had an answer and a resolution in terms of the Wholeness of things. This part of you that is like this, is not a part of you that is in a state of total amnesia anymore. You can recognize the way out.

And so when you’re talking and relating about the world like this, and when you’re dreaming this in terms of how it is in the outer world in terms of it being something in which people are suckered into, and drawn into this and drawn into that, that you’re able in this dream and are identifying and are feeling in this dream, what that note of being on this tangent really feels like.

And you’re able to get it because some part of you is able to open up to this inner echo inside of what is really real, so that you can get off that treadmill. And that’s what needs to happen and is meant to happen. And this is what it looks like as things stand right now, in terms of the outer, and it’s a suggestion, because you see this inside yourself as a suggestion that the outer world can recognize this, and when they do they quit supporting the kind of energy that leads to this destructive flow.

And when they quit doing it, when they quit maintaining it, it’s like it causes it to step back because it’s only supported by the degree to which a person is caught up in the illusory energetic effect. But that still doesn’t mean that you’re free.

I mean, it’s still harbored in some capacity, apparently, because even when you say enough is enough, and that the gig is over, it’s still going to take you a long, long time. And it’s almost like this energetic, in its joking way, says we’ll see, we’ll give it 40 years and then we’ll see.

It’s almost like a double-meaning statement, that it’s going to take you 40 years to do it, or 40 years to realize that you haven’t done it.

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