A Deadly Game

thefooltarotIn this dream scenario from John, there is an enticement to have a friendly sparring match. Yet the innocent being led into the game, John’s father in the image, isn’t aware that it’s a setup, with no chance of a fair outcome – perhaps even deadly results. Is this an image of our human race, being led by the material enticements of a system that does not have our best interests at heart? Have we been lulled into a false sense of security, while we are being led, like The Fool, off a cliff? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream, the setting is an outdoor area, and in this outdoor area there’s this guy who has this open training facility. He’s a boxer and I guess he’s training people. He appears to be trying to invite people to come and sport with him. And he trains there, and he’s an expert at what he does. 

I mean, he knows his thing, but other people don’t see him for how he really is. And so he sits out there like he’s an innocent, invoking and inviting people to come in and give his training camp a try, but it’s a boxing thing. 

And a person who doesn’t have any quality in their nature to think that they can box, or spar, or mix things up would never stop, so this is designed to capture people that think they know something in some small way, that they know how to box in some small way. This is a setup. It’s designed to destroy people who hold onto anything whatsoever. 

So today I’m with my dad, and somehow my dad sees this as interesting, just like you could be intrigued to sit down and play some game. He’s suckered into sitting in a chair and engaging in some playful sparring. 

It’s like my dad’s chair is a little bit on a swivel, and so you can box away, and box away, but this guy is not what he seems. He has everything all scoped out and he’s vicious. This is not just kind of a good fun thing where you can sit down and participate, like in a play or something, enjoying yourself. 

This is a sport with a deep-seated intention of destroying, of even killing. So I’m standing off to one side, watching this, and I realize all of a sudden, I see how the vibe is. I can see it’s not as harmless. It’s not just kind of a little sparring or sport, where this guy’s just putting himself out in some sort of appearance of harmlessness. He has an agenda for doing this. It’s not what it appears. 

I’m able to interrupt this exhibition that’s supposed to have been a light sport and friendly display, because why would this guy be putting on a friendly display anyway? He’s into it for something and I suddenly see it. I tell my dad, as I get him out of this setup, that the guy would have purposely killed him. I was able to sense when the switch occurred. 

In other words, the friendliness and the sparring started off and, at first, it was like an easy-going feeling out, and then I realized all of a sudden I saw that this guy was ten times better and was play acting at the level of my dad, and then all of a sudden he was going to throw a type of punch that would kill him. So I stepped in in the nick of time and broke it up.  

This guy was so far superior that there was no way anyone should spar with him thinking this is a light sport, because this is not how he sees it. To him he has this whole vicious side that is sitting there kind of hidden in the corner, latent.  

I told my dad when I got him out of there that he would have maneuvered the sparring in what looked to be from my dad’s perspective was lighthearted boxing, to get the situation to a point of imbalance so that at the opportune moment, when my dad would be maneuvered into an unprotected position in the sparring, thinking that it was safe because my dad just assumes that this is just a light sport that doesn’t have that kind of vicious element to it.  

And he would be functioning with that as his belief system, but this other guy wasn’t functioning with that as his belief system. This other guy’s full intention was, when the opening was there, he would throw a lethal blow with all of his force and might. Before maybe the punches would have been pulled even a little bit, but then when the opening was there, he would throw this blow with all of his force and might and hit my dad right behind the ear when he was in his most exposed state. And the odds are, that would have killed him.  

This guy was that merciless. He would justify the conduct by saying something like, I thought he could fight. He said he could fight. I accepted him at his word, so what happened is not my fault. 

So the meaning is, I’m suddenly realizing that even those who hold themselves out as capable of taking care of themselves, because we live in a day and age where everything is a setup, they are actually fresh meat, or guinea pigs, just because they think like that.

Because what is gauged to happen from this setup, it’s not some sort of lighthearted sport – it’s very serious. And the end result is actually uncalled for, because it is merciless. The end result is designed to destroy even those who think they can play the game in some sort of lighthearted way. This isn’t a lighthearted game. It’s deadly.

Those who think they can play the game, and think that this is a gentleman’s sport, are really out of it because nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a scenario in which the object of what is going on in the outer is geared towards destroying innocent, simple people.

It really feeds off of the naïve, who think that they actually can be in that kind of a setup in some way. They can’t. It’s all a setup. Those who think that they can take care of themselves, in other words, or protect themselves from the way things are unfolding, knowing that there could be a disaster if you’re not careful, don’t realize that even in their idea of protecting themselves, they are setting themselves up for a disaster – they are just being naïve.

Because they aren’t fully taking into account what is really going on. In other words, there is no level playing field. So this is what is being perpetrated upon people all over the world. Those who think they can toy with this in some harmless way, don’t know the half of it.

And so I see this and, deep down, I realize that no one should have to be subjected to such behavior, and the really sad thing is that the fabric of life, and the good-natured way of the average person, is being ripped to pieces because there is this unmerciful setup that exists now.

The deeper meaning is because I have a Shiva, or destroyer, quality side in me, I am able to see that sort of thing that is sitting now at the core of the world’s systems, as a destructive element that has set itself up to destroy everything in its path.

The force is even baiting people to try to play with it. The whole thing is dangerous and is such a setup, designed in such a way by the system, that the average person, who is innocent and well meaning, is nothing more than fresh bait to this sort of energy.

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