It Is Going to End Badly

final-judgementIn this follow-up to the dream yesterday (see A Deadly Game), John describes the real life experience and insight that triggered the dream scenario. What’s interesting is how the simple imagery of the dream provides a metaphor for a much greater truth. It’s much like life itself – the messages of our dreams aren’t as personal as we assume, and we need to take the broader perspective to understand what really is being shown to us, both in our inner lives and the outer world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What is the scenario that triggers dreams like this? Well, on this website that I’m on, which has very, very bright people from around the world who have looked at what is going on in life and can recognize that things are falling apart and whatnot, what they’re seeing doesn’t even know the half of it.

And they are all coming with their conceptions, as a pattern, as an energetic mannerism, in terms of how to cope. And what they’re up against is something that is ten times greater in terms of its dexterity, and in terms of a schematic, it changes the rules, that no matter what they do, they’re destined to fail.

And all of a sudden, I saw that. In other words, I keep trying to give them all the benefit of the doubt, and actually I’m kind of angry inside because I could sense that they’re not getting it. But then all of a sudden, a certain kind of compassion has come up.

Because I had this attitude that they could get it, and that they should be getting it, and that they were meant to get it. And then I realized that, no, they’re guinea pigs and they don’t even know it.

And that they think they know something, and they think that they can interplay, and that they think that this can change, and they think that that can come about, and they don’t realize that the force that they’re up against has no intention of letting any of this fair play come to pass.

It will change the rules, it actually finds it humorous that something like this can even toy around, as if it knows where the get-out-of-dodge ticket might be, which it can find for itself, that this is a setup in which there is no way of functioning in some of way of directing, or steering, yourself in some capacity that is going to avoid this overall outcome.

And all of a sudden, I saw that. What causes one to not see it, is you go around and around thinking that there’s always a missing piece, or an exception, which can be found that can get a person into a position that is salvageable. And they all have that kind of belief.

All of a sudden, I saw that the beliefs that they’re carrying, all of them, even those that I had the highest respect for, that the beliefs that they carry, there’s a whole schematic setup to destroy the best of them. And I found myself trying to tell them that the only hope that they had was to try to figure out how to establish a seated position, which means not try to go at it on a day-to-day level in terms of the energetic, but to recognize what the flow was, what was happening, how it was proceeding, how it was unfolding.

And instead of trying to cope with it in kind of a sparring way or something, as if you could take and day-to-day this, to recognize this overall thread, and in recognizing it, knowing where it’s going, knowing what that trend is like, and when it’s like that, then you could put yourself in a position that is able to function.

But if you don’t take this broader perspective, where you see what is taking place and where it’s going to go, and how it’s going to end badly, and why it’s going to end badly, and recognize that it’s all encompassing in terms of its approach to cause things to end badly, if you don’t see what the flow is, in a big picture way, and you play with it in some sort of little way, you’re just wasting your time because you don’t know the half of it.

It has every move and everything all scoped out, so you have to take yourself out of the gamesmanship and be able to sit in the overall flow. And when you figure out how to flow with the overall flow, you then have adopted what is a seated position.

Even that can be taken away from you, but you certainly don’t try to sport with it. You certainly don’t try to sword fight with it. You certainly don’t try to outguess it. You have to go with the flow.

It’s kind of like driving a car that’s front-wheel drive, and you start sliding. You don’t fight it and try to turn into the main road straightaway, or you’ll throw yourself into a spin and you definitely will crack up. When you start sliding, you turn in the direction of your slide, which means you turn towards the ditch, a counterintuitive, and try to guide yourself slowly.

You try to quickly jerk away from the direction that you’re sliding, and you’re already sliding so it’s like you create a whiplash effect, and it throws you into an even worse position. So you have to go with the flow, and then slowly try to steer yourself out of it.

And how many people do that, in terms of when they’re confronted with things in the outer? Instead they see something that they don’t like and they do some sort of abrupt thing to try to countermand it, and it only makes things worse because that abruptness is loud, it’s apparent, and therefore it’s taken into account – and it’s set up to fail as well.

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