Into the Core

digital-art-work-the-core-of-unionIt is a fundamental of current human life that we are always seeking answers outside ourselves. Yet the truth is, all the answers are found within. Here, Jeane’s dream triggers a discussion of this aspect, causing John to wonder: Who is willing to do that? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It felt like last night I was struggling to measure, or regulate something, and in that struggle I’m kind of dialoging with somebody else and we’re not doing a very good job of whatever we’re trying to control, or regulate, or monitor, or whatever. 

And then I know about this machine I guess that’s out on the market that will measure and average part of what we’re trying to regulate, and in doing so that calms it down somewhat. 

So it feels like I go get this machine, and then by taking an average of what it’s measuring and whatever and paying attention to it, it feels like it calms it down somewhat, but it isn’t really doing as much maybe as what the other person thinks it’s doing. It just seems like a step that one can take, but it’s not really the solution.

And that’s the best I can describe the dreaming. I don’t remember much else.

John: Yeah, that’s because what happened is, is you resorted to this machine for a type of satisfaction, or solution purposes, instead of resorting and going to a depth inside yourself where the answers actually exist.

In other words, everything that is occurring we can reach or touch at some depth inside of ourself, but who can do that? Because very few people can go into that core of their being to such a degree to where they access the sort of stuff that’s embedded in their being.

All of history is imbedded in your being. Everything is imbedded there. The dilemma is that it’s dense; it’s a very dense trait that’s imbedded there. Why do they say it’s dense? Well, it’s repressed. Why do they say it’s repressed? Well, it’s something that’s extremely compacted. 

Why is it extremely compacted? Well, it is in this way that magnetism is created in terms of creation, and it is this magnetic state that we have a relationship with when we’re in a physical body.

Everyone goes through life and they try to find an easy way to make things work, and so they try to find machines that can do this for them, machines that can do that for them, especially when it comes to issues of health, or the issues of trying to understand what is going on in terms of the chemistry that they don’t understand.

They carry this very complex human condition body and whatnot and it has things about it that we can barely grasp. I mean, we understand certain things, but there are other things that we don’t have a handle on, and can’t grasp.

And, as a consequence, to pacify our psyche, we resort to answers or resolutions that come from outside sources. And what your dream is basically doing, is that there is something about accessing this outside source that isn’t giving you quite the satisfaction that it’s supposed to give you.

And the reason why it’s not giving you the satisfaction it is supposed to be giving you, is that some part deep, deep, deep inside of you, you know you already can access this generically, or it can come from an inner depth that you’re able to reach. There’s no shortcut to it.

In other words, this inner depth is not something that you noodle around the edges on, and try to figure out how to stay light and skim away from it. You have to experience it. You have to go into it. 

And those who can go into it can then see things about life that are not otherwise possible. Everyone kind of knows this maybe. I suppose if you’re on a certain spiritual path that you have to go into the depths of your being, but I think they give that lip service, primarily because as you explore a certain part, or aspect, of your makeup and you’re being, and you come to know some of the inner nuances of yourself that have been repressed or hidden or have been carried for a long, long time, you then look for an easy way out.

That condition still seems to continually predominate, and so you look around for shortcuts, easier answers, and of course to a certain degree those easier answers and such can become even a bit more accessible, or so it seems, because you have a greater consciousness that can take in a bigger schematic and picture in the overall. Overall meaning a better grasp of the macrocosm.

But if you’re in a human body, you grasp it through the microcosm. You grasp it through the depths of yourself. That’s why the sight that you have, where does this come from? Does it come from scaling some sort of heights in terms of a grasp of things in a bigger schematic scheme of things that you aspire to unravel?

Does that sight come from that? Actually, it bleeds out. It just goes out and out and out until it just filters out and becomes poof, it just ethers out on you. The sight comes from this deep, deep depth of your inner being, that was kind of painful actually, yet you carry it and you don’t want to feel that pain, so you look for the shortcuts to spiral out on.

What ends up happening is that actually becomes boring, those shortcuts become boring. Those shortcuts actually become something that doesn’t really fulfill. Those shortcuts become something that doesn’t actually give you the answer that you need to have.

So you have this huge dilemma. You need this much, much deeper answer, and you have to go about finding this deeper answer by accessing something imbedded at a deep, deep depth within. What kind of deep, deep depth within is this?

Well, what does it kind of look like? Well, it has your defense mechanisms in there, it has all of your darkness in there, it has all of those qualities, and within that is something you have evolved, and if you can go back into that, through the past, you see the future. Through the past you see what is, through the past you recognize what is important.

But if you only stay in the present, and you skim along, and you use the modern techniques and technologies of your consciousness as it’s evolved, you stay on the surface of things. And you may learn to have a little better life, that you can choose, but you’ve carefully extracted yourself away from those aspects of yourself that you consider toxic, a denseness that is toxic.

If you actually could take and you could go into that which is toxic, without becoming strange in the head, and strange in your reactions, in other words crack or flip out, if you could actually go into and look at this, you would be coming to the core of how it is, and why it is, that you are the way you are. 

In other words, the chemistry upon which you have been put together, you’ll come to the core of that. No one wants to do that. They like to be shown, and taught, and have things presented to them. And the kind of answers that have to do with going into the depths of yourself is like going backwards.

You always want to keep going forward, trying to find the lightness of things, but there is no going forward. There really is no going backwards, either. You have to hold the whole state of all of that, and therein lies the emptiness.

But if your propensity is to place your attention upon that which gives you a certain degree of comfort, or satisfaction, then you find yourself getting over the top and shallow. And if your attention is placed upon just pure suffering, just for suffering sake, you can find yourself so condensed, and so tied up in knots, that you’re kind of dumb in another way.

You heard this kind of echo where you didn’t want to accept the modern system of things, and so what are you left with? Going backwards into some sort of depth? You actually do solve things when you do that, but who can do that?

We always think we need to spin, but we are, at our core, a type of silence. And in that silence is this greater Whole capacity, which includes this whole aspect of something that is very, very dense as well. But if we’re spiraling out, and we’re using our certain energetic to spiral out, then we’re setting ourselves up for an equal and corresponding reaction in the other direction, which has to do with going into a type of pain and density.

So, who can take and hold a state of quietness and function from that? Because if you function with a level of excitement, in relationship to things as they’re coming together, then you can’t help but be going outside of your balance.

So how do you take and pull it together at an inner depth inside of yourself, without suffering, if you’re doing the other that reaches outward for its level of perceived balance? You can’t. You yo-yo.

So you have to find that core that’s still. What your dream was basically showing you is that in the doingness of things you have your ideas, and you go outside of yourself to try to resolve them.

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