The Book of Alignment

book-of-life-kariroseIn John’s dream, he is working with two different books, one is a template and the other is a guide book. The guide book is like an instruction manual for the lower self, the aspect of us that deals with the outer world. The template book is for the higher self, the connective, inner aspect of us that is entwined with the purposes of creation. The scenario shows him able to put down, or let go of, the guide book, because if we follow our higher self, the guide book no longer applies. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the difference in my dream compared to yours where you have to establish the overall space because that’s what’s important, is the dynamic from which you then are able to function and work and extend and reach out and come down into life – inner into outer.

My dynamic works more with the aspect of something that has to have the note, or the message, or the memo, or the octave set to it.

So in my dream, I’m in a place where I feel that a transition is imminent. In other words, I can just feel that it’s coming. And feeling it, and memorializing it, or having the clarity of it are two different things. 

I mean, you can feel certain things, but how do you sort that out? I feel that I need to retain and preserve a reference guide. I’ve done my best to gather up the information that I consider as needed for the future. I’ve gathered it up, but it’s a little here, and it’s a little there, and some parts replicate and things like that, and none of it’s been really put together. 

In other words, it’s kind of disjointed. At first inflection, I’m thinking that it has to be presented in disjointed books, or manuscripts, or however that gets put together. And at first I’m thinking it needs to be three of them, in which no one book is greater than two chapters – or at most three chapters.

But then all of a sudden I kind of flash back and I realize: this isn’t going to be complete. If you’re going to make a book, the book needs to be complete. It needs to contain all five chapters. Well, it might be too big, because this person is showing me how this needs to be bound as a format, and I’m thinking there’s too much material to put into that format.

But then I realize, yes, it can be done, and that all five chapters, some of it replicates but there’s only one version. There’s only one straightforward, the others have been replicated. They need to come together as a template, as a guide.

And I suddenly realize that it’s possible for one book to be complete. There may still be a second, but it is kind of a precursor. It’s not going to be the A-to-Z of life. It will be like just chapter three, or maybe one other chapter with it. 

So this is going to be a larger book than imagined, and so I say to the person who is pushing me to do this, “There will only be this one complete book, so it will have to be treated, handled, preserved or however you would say that, in other words, guarded very carefully.” 

Because it’s so important, and I can feel the importance, you know, I’m so surprised that it can come together as five chapters, and I don’t know that it’s possible to ever do this again, so I repeat, as if to drill in the importance, even as I’m surprised that it’s possible, “It’s just going to be this one book in which it’s all together.” 

The book is such a template that just the putting of it together, and rounding up of the essential chapters, has changed me in terms of what I hold onto.

So I have an example of that. In this, I’m in a nearly empty room, and I’m clearing out just about everything in this room as part of letting go, and therefore hitting some sort of space and freedom inside. 

Off to one side I glanced at it, and ignored it, and left it yet, and glanced at it, and still ignored it, and left it yet, and still not sure – one part of me could throw it away, and the next part still feels it might be important to keep – is this very large manual. 

I realize that, depending upon which state I’m in, as to whether or not I feel it’s still important. This is a manual that’s a guideline regarding the real estate system, which seems to be more or less the system of the outer, and has been designed and put together as a blueprint of the powers that be. 

I refer to it as having in it everything that the big boys follow as their game plan. So in the dream, after having established for posterity a blueprint for all of life going forward, to look at this game plan manual for the powers that be suddenly strikes me to be a bit confining: do I really need it? 

Because when I really feel the vibration of the other five chapters that were put together this pales by comparison. It’s trite. It would take me away from those five chapters, which means that when I’m in that space even this can go, but when I’m thinking I may need to bone up on what the lower-self faculties are up to in their limited perspective way, that is when I think I may want to set this aside as well.

But deep down I know that I’m not going to refer to it. I’ve actually gotten to a point where I’ve gone beyond this. I’m more in the right space than I am in that, so I can’t keep punishing myself with just that, so adhering to that, which isn’t important, is going away from resonating with the five chapter book – and I know better than that now.  

In fact, I know better to the point that whatever is important about it is simply going to be there for me as needed. In other words, I understand it. I don’t need to noodle on it and study it or hold onto it or refer back to it. 

I actually understand it from the overallness, the greater scope of this five chapter book because in other words this is a fractured energetic, which is taken into account, and one doesn’t have to indulge upon it when one has the Book of Life, and is able to let that flow, and be there inside one’s self, and be the template going forward, which means that I will have to hold the space as a reflective example. 

That’s what the five chapters do. And to do that, I have to clear out the space of this other because the resonation of the five chapters is all that I need. 

The meaning of this is that rising up from within is a sense of how to be in a sorted-out way in existence. The five chapter book represents this alignment. Without such an alignment energetically, on all five levels, I would remain inclined to dwell, on this or that, as important understanding guidelines as propounded by the outer world. 

The dream is indicating that deep down I know all about that sort of thing, and no longer need to retain such inhibitions about this being what life is about. I have an A-to-Z guidebook to all there is, of which this separate vibration is captured in a huge manuscript, which is disposable, because the manuscript is just a separate component that is no longer relevant when you have the Wholeness, when you have the big picture, and that’s just a tiny, tiny little quality in it.

And it’s a deviated quality at that, so it’s no longer something of value because of the big picture of life that I am in touch with. And it is still there, but this effect of the big boys is on its way out.

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