Can You Relate?

Intuitive Readings, Radiant Meditation www.shaevere.caIn this dream imagery, Jeane has a feeling of not wanting to be seen in a certain way – not wanting to be labeled as part of a group. In the dream, she is both the person resisting, and the group of people she resists. In this way, she is letting go of the aspects within her that are based in outward appearances, and embracing the inner aspects that are free from such mannerisms. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, I’m someplace, it feels almost like London. It feels like one of those kind of older cities, and I seem to have run into somebody I know, and we’re trying to decide where to go, and we’re in a strange kind of corridor almost outside. 

It’s just an outside area that’s slightly defined, because you have some things you can walk down, or lean against, and there’s a pathway that is broad, which goes down more into the city where there are large structures, old structures.

I’m talking with a gal, and other women come up, and it’s almost like all of them at certain times have gone down into the city to a building to listen to somebody talk, who is maybe almost like a psychic. 

And I knew this gal from long ago, and the one that I’m with right now is trying to find the other girl to maybe listen to her, and then these two women come up that know her, and they know where she is, and where the meeting is, or where the lecture talk is, and that’s when I find out this person is channeling. 

I just used to know her when she was exploring, learning about different things. So they start questioning me, and I mention that I actually came from the Episcopal church, even though I’m not going there anymore, just to kind of indicate that I’m not that much into what they’re doing, in a subtle way.

But I did want to go see this friend, and see what she was up to. I just was kind of curious about what she was doing. But I don’t particularly want to be seen as someone that wants to get caught up in listening to channeling, and I feel like it depends on whether the other two women, who kind of know how to get to the meeting, whether they decide to tell us where to go or not.

John: So you can’t figure out where it’s going to be unless you somehow or another relate to them. But did you relate to them enough to know how to get to the meeting?

Jeane: Yes, yes, I did.

John: So the idea is that when you go to meet her, you’re not getting into that motif, even though she would be inclined, when she saw you, to think that you were coming because you were in that motif.

Jeane: Right.

John: And so you are trying to maintain, or hold, another kind of position because you do not want to relate to her just along those levels.

Jeane: Yeah.

John: So, you seem to know that if you were to relate to her directly, in terms of how it is that she’s indulging in a particular way, that that wouldn’t be as heart-to-heart, or as open a communication as you want to have.

Somehow or another that would be inhibiting, and it would create the wrong appearance. So, you seem to be saying to yourself, that there is an identity that you need to not indulge in as much as you may be inclined to indulge, and get lost in the indulging, if you hope to have a greater, more natural rapport.

Otherwise, if you keep indulging in this particular way, to the degree to which you’re indulging, you then define how it is that everything relates to you, or you’re able to relate to everything else.

It seems to be a bit of a dream about establishing an orientation that has a letting go, greater space, about it, so that there isn’t some sort of defined mannerism that’s dictating the unfoldment. That way everything can be fresh, original, exciting. In other words, there won’t be this motif that overhangs, because if there’s a motif that overhangs, then the degree to which you can properly relate is going to be defined according to the motif.

And so the relatability is going to be quite limited, as a consequence, because it’s going to be under that tone, or that mood, or that mannerism. You may need to look at it enough, however, to be able to see where it’s at, but only to get an orientation.

Then you have to let go of that. You can’t go in with that, carrying a particular mannerism about it, because then that mannerism is like a judgment, and that judgment is like a spell, when that spell is like putting a tone, or a mood, or a mannerism over something. And therefore the relatability leaves something to be desired.

If you have to relate to that according to how it is, in that mannerism, then nothing benefits. No one else there benefits, they all are drinking the same water, so to speak, of the issue that they are all carrying, or aspiring to, and so there isn’t the ability to take on a whole other shifted, greater aspect of relatability.

So it’s almost like a dream in which, like the theme of the dreaming last night seemed to have something to do with contrasting what it’s like to drop all sense of appearances in a part of you, knowing that that’s what you want to do, versus other parts of you that have all of those appearances, all of those mannerisms, and that they shut you down in some capacity, as a consequence of that, in terms of how you’re able to relate, how you’re able to be oriented, the way that you’re oriented.

And so you’re looking at the contrast of these two states, which means that this ability to channel – there’s no black-and-white here. The ability to channel, and whatnot, is something that is opened up, that you can actually connect and relate and bring something through. That is opened up.

However, that isn’t where the relationship is. That isn’t where the deeper relatability is. That’s just the way something is, and if you indulge in that, then everything around you gets caught up and lost in that, as well. It’s an interesting dreaming.

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