Guidance to Grow

personal-and-spiritual-growthThe territory of opening up a greater inner expansiveness was triggered by Jeane’s dream (see Under Constraint).  The same night, John’s dream images show him wrestling with the same issue. What’s interesting to see is how the key aspects of each image create a thread, which becomes the message of guidance in the dream itself. From the container that has run out of room, to the plane that needs more fuel to fly further, to the personal stigma that is preventing an interaction, these are all aspects of the dreamer’s inner state. John is being shown exactly what is going on inside him, and where personal change can open him up to greater possibilities. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The theme of the dreaming was very interesting. Your dream was dealing with how to create greater space inside of you for something more that needs to be seen and recognized, and that you’re being pushed or compelled in a roundabout way in the physical, by the aching and pingingness of all of that, which indicates that something is on a threshold.

In my dream, the dream starts off in which potatoes were planted in this round container, and in digging them up in other words I get some potatoes to eat. As I remove a few for a meal, I’m surprised, in other words I’m taking off the top where the potatoes are at, I suddenly see underneath there, the container is packed. 

Once I get below the overburden at the top, the potatoes just fill the rest of the container, and those were good sized potatoes. And not only do they fill the container, but there’s no dirt there. It’s just like a pile of potatoes, which is kind of an impressive sight, but you also can’t help but wonder about the fact that they seem kind of compacted, and they’re good potatoes and everything, but what would the situation have been if the container had been larger because this space is totally maxed out. 

So after I dig up some for a meal and notice how maxed out the situation is, the dream seems to shift and the potatoes somehow start to represent some sort of essential fuel that a plane needs to reach its destination. 

Because I’ve consumed a few of them, there’s some question if there’s enough fuel for the plane to get there. I felt like we would be okay but we will be landing on the yellow light – running out of fuel.  

We’d also be coming straight in, instead of just landing comfortably. We would have to be succinct and to the point in terms of flying this thing because there’s a tenuousness that exists and it just needs a little bit more energy.

Which fed into still another side dream in which there’s a person whom I simply don’t hit it off with at all, at least not now. And when you look at it you realize that we must have quibbled over some issue long ago, which has created a tense stigma that exists between us. But so much time has elapsed that I can no longer remember what that was, why we carry this stigma toward each other.  

The uneasiness we share, because it’s mutual towards each other, it’d be nice if it didn’t exist because there is a type of alienation that stands out, and the guy by and large in terms of other people is real social. He relates well with them, but because of the stigma that exists between us, whenever he is around the stigma is in the way and it leaves me having to step aside.  

Neither of us are doing anything to change this demeanor. And I wake up thinking I need to introduce myself to him again and ask if it is possible to start all over, because I don’t know why it is that we carry this between us. And I don’t think he remembers either. 

What we are carrying between us is a type of hurt and painful condition that just needs to be dropped. You don’t even know why it’s there anymore.

So the dream covers it from end to toe here. The dream is saying that I have grown to a point that the container I’m in needs to expand. I’ve gone as far as I can go under the current parameters. I need to find more energy. What I have is barely getting me by.

Thus, as a consequence of that, there are tenuous and tense vibrations that exist because something more needs to be shaken free, which in other words something has to change. The stigma that exists is stale. It’s so old that there’s no memory of what caused it anymore.

In other words, it’s time for things to just break open, break free, and in breaking free I simply need to start anew because there is no excuse for holding on to a part or pain or point that should have lifted by now.

The reason I say this is because I can no longer remember what occurred to get this condition even started. The person I have this condition with is a real conversant fellow whom everyone I know likes. However, in a social setting a stigma exists between us, which is there for reasons that can no longer make sense. I can’t explain it. It keeps us separate and when he is around this keeps me separate from these other people who have no issues and enjoy his presence.

A more direct statement in terms of the dream’s meaning is I need to break free of the limited space that I feel in order to experience more. I need that greater expanse to feed me and energize me. Without it I remain pent up and uptight for reasons I can no longer explain. To my credit this dream makes me aware of this condition and how this is affecting my interpersonal relationships with myself and others.

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