The Dharma

gillartwavesIn this dream scenario, John isn’t struggling, or striving, to make something happen. He finds himself in a situation, a card game, in which he is outmatched by the person he is playing with. Just like the human, relative to creation, we find ourselves in an unfolding that is not something we can control. When we surrender to the greater process, we find ourselves in the grace of higher things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream, the perception as I was having this dream as I was sleeping, or looking at it in my sleep, was that this reflected or represented some sort of continuation of yesterday’s dreaming.

Although, when you look at it, you can’t see how that is, but that was the sensation of it. So I almost didn’t want to write it up because it was like, okay, it was a continuation of yesterday’s dreaming and to begin with, to start writing it up, I’d be writing up yesterday’s dream because I still kind of remembered it. And yet then I have to put in this version? In other words, it’s intended to take the vibration of yesterday and progress it, is what this is doing.

So in the dream, there is a woman who has this really amazing quality in which she has the strength in terms of her natural card playing naturalness, that it’s obvious that you don’t… why bother even play the game? It’s obvious what the outcome will be.

And so that caused you to kind of step back as a consequence, because where you see it like that, it’s like you’re not even in the equation. Then to my surprise the following occurs. This is something I hadn’t expected, so I do not know what to make out of it, so it seems as if I’m just observing or playing along. It all appears kind of happen chance. 

What happens is I draw a hand of cards that is able to match up against her invincibility. To begin with, this just leads to kind of a close card game, but because I don’t take it all seriously, because I’m not in this sort of state of mind, even though all the cards I have, on one level, should indicate that I could win, but it’s not something I’m thinking about. 

It’s not a game of competition to me, it’s just a scenario. And so I just see the final score, and she still wins, but it’s close. At least it was a card game, when before it wasn’t even a scenario that was connected or close. 

Because I draw the cards, and I do this over and over again, I don’t think anything about it, it’s just something that seems to keep happening and happening, kind of like a state, I learn to play them. I start to learn to play them, with a kind of a clarity of focus, although I don’t try to make anything of it, because this isn’t my thing.

And as a result, what I notice is that I have this ability to offset her strength, and this makes some sort of difference. Because what I see as a difference is as follows: I do not see myself to be a natural card player like the woman is, because you can tell she’s a person that sees this as her life, and a way of being. And for me the whole thing is… well, I’m just part of a scenario that is part of like falling into something – kind of dreamlike.

But that’s how it is to me, but to the women it means something more. She seeks to get together with me though, as a consequence of noticing something, in order to channel the overall effect in a way that pulls the two of us together into a mutual combination. 

Now this isn’t my contrivance. It seems to be hers. In this way what had been an amnesia on my part, and that I wasn’t paying significant attention to how I am, leads to a coming together which enlarges and enhances the natural flow which had existed. It doesn’t enlarge it, it just enhances the natural flow which had existed. 

But how does it enhance it? That’s the thing that’s kind of odd, because instead of me seeing the situation over the top, I just see it as, it just is. It’s just kind of a scenario that’s demystified or, in other words, rather bland. From my perspective this is simply a linkage and nothing more.

So the meaning of this dream is, I cannot help but wonder if this is a dream that is betraying an energetic that is being reflected into the outer, in some way that I am barely noticing? If so, then this is part of a dharma.

In other words, when you see something that exists, or occurs, and it doesn’t necessarily make any sense, and yet it goes on and goes on and goes on, you have to sit there and wonder what is there about the chemistry of that action which causes it to be the way that it is, because it must be about something. 

So the duty seems to be such a natural fit that there is hardly a noticeable effect on my part, in other words because I’m not paying attention to the consequences. What had seemed huge in relationship to how I had been perceiving things, seems to have demystified because how I had seen something was huge and big and beyond the scope of even being able to pay any attention as to what this means.

Now it is not even a question – it doesn’t even matter, it’s demystified. It doesn’t hold the hugeness. In other words, there’s just a natural language which makes sense, so that the flow becomes so natural that I do not put in any result of some imaginative context. I just observe the beginning of what looks to be a natural evolvement. I do not have to take into account where this is going. I just see that the fit corresponds.

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