Gauging the Pattern

radiationIn this scenario, Jeane finds herself in the army, being outfitted with her army clothes. As John says, this speaks of her being in the trenches of life – and what is the uniform she wears? We all have personal mannerisms or defense mechanisms that rise to the surface when triggered by external events. It is not a matter of ridding ourselves of these ingrained reactions, it is more about becoming consciously aware of them, so that we are in control of what energies we radiate, and thereby portray in the world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in my dream, it feels like I’ve gone to this place where, when I go inside a building it’s like we’re all part of the army. And this building is kind of like a supply building, where they have a series of tables with women sitting at them, and they’re handing out the clothes that you’ll wear while you’re in the army, which are kind of like these corduroy green pants of some kind.

And there are certain women there who can kind of look at you and they’ll know exactly what the right size is. And there’s also some variety in which pants you can select, and so I’m kind of involved in that process. There’s a new kind of a little bit slicker-looking pant out, and can you wear that? And do some people notice that, and other people don’t? And how some people can just look at you and they know exactly what size you wear. 

I’m just paying attention to that whole process, and how some people seem to know right away if there’s a little different variety in a pant, or something new going on, and other people are kind of oblivious. I’m just noticing all of that as people come into this larger supply area. 

Then there’s a shift, and I go outside…

John: So what you’re doing in this dream, is you’re taking and you’re using the term “army” as if you’re in the trenches of things, in life, and within life there are certain things that you can notice, which are occurring or unfolding around you that have a natural quality to them.

Now, is it a natural quality, or is it an acuity based upon some sort of inner recognition? There is a way of taking and seeing what is going on by being able to kind of like weigh the consequences, the weight of a mannerism, and thereby be able to see how it unfolds.

In other words, there are people in this condition of life that you’re in, who are able to know what it is that you’re going to have to wear, based upon having some sort of observation about how it is that you are.

Now, of course, in your dream, you have it so that it’s like they can just gauge by your appearance, so to speak, what it is that you’re supposed to wear. But this can also be gauged, because the real learning and knowing of something is gauged by a kind of an intuitive knowingness. This can also be gauged in terms of how it is that you’re carrying yourself from within.

The dreams last night had to do with how a particular synaptic mannerism that we’ve entrenched in our nature, repeats over, and over, and over again when we take and do things that cause it to remain vibrationally set up inside of us. 

So the secret to understanding how to gauge things, because this whole thing also is about knowing how to gauge something, in other words, you see a particular pattern that’s going on in a person, and the key here is, how do you gauge that pattern in terms of its consequences?

What this dream is doing is, it’s kind of like using a measuring device in terms of separating out the neurosis, and whether the neurosis actually had any power or not, or whether it was just a neurosis that was in its last thralls.

In other words, your dream is saying okay, you carry certain conditions inside you, and those conditions have a way of being seen, or known, or recognized. They cause a set of events to be able to be gauged over and over and over again.

In other words, in your dream a person can just look at you and see what it is that you wear, or another way of saying it is a person can look at you and see how it is that you’re going to be reacting and responding in relationship to a particular set of events that happen because you have those kinds of reactions pent up inside of you, lying dormant, which have a life to live, and you’ll easily flicker back upon those, and have to go through those.

But is this dream actually saying that all of this can be easily gauged, just like you’re robotic in that regard, because the synaptic stuff dictates, or another way of sometimes picking on a human being from the standpoint of a higher consciousness, that the archetypal influences dominate?

Is this going to have to happen, or is this something that’s actually seen, visualized, and coped out inside of you, and then kind of dropped? I think it feels like, and has the sense of, something that it’s gauged, it’s seen, it’s recognized, you know this about yourself. It’s actually something that no longer can surprise you.

In other words, you’re not carrying it as some sort of latent, pent up quality, which then has to manifest and come out and surprise you. You’re able to see this, and know this, about yourself, and therefore it’s not likely to happen in quite that way, because you are taking a type of responsibility to acknowledge that. 

The fact that you can take and gauge how something is going to fit indicates that you are looking at it, you’re taking a type of responsibility and, therefore, it doesn’t necessarily mean that something along those lines, out of the blue, is going to shock and surprise you and happen.

So the dream is actually kind of telling you a little bit on how something works, how important it is to be able to watch, and gauge, and see how it is about yourself that you Pavlovianly respond in terms of how it is that you hold a kind of pent up synaptic chemistry.

And when you come to grips with that, you’ve made huge strides in no longer having to go through that sort of thing in a blindsided way, which can be very, very painful. It’s a tricky dream isn’t it?

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