Off the Treadmill

-merrygoroundIn Jeane’s dream, she feels the need to protect a young baby that isn’t even hers. Yet in the dreamworld, we are all the characters. This image, then, points out the need to connect with and protect the innocence and purity of a human life, in the face of the busyness of day-to-day living. Being on the treadmill of outer circumstances disconnects us from what we truly are, and are meant to be.

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Jeane: All I remember from my dream last night is an impression, and I felt like I was involved with about four people, at least one of whom must have been a couple who were doing some kind of cross country race, kind of like you see in that television program Amazing Race where they’re going across country. 

The only problem I had with the race is that one of them had involved their baby, so at the end of the race it felt like when they’re going over what they did, or maybe they’re going to continue again or something, I take the baby to be with me because there’s something about taking a baby on a cross country race and trek with all these different activities that you do that I just felt was over the top. 

That’s all I really pulled out of it.

John: To do a cross country race means that you’re being pushed and pressured to challenge yourself, because the vibration of that you’re compelled to stretch out, or to reach out. And the fact that you look and recognize that you need to take care of a baby means you have to try to protect or maintain the cadence, or balance, or integrity of something that is a part of you, that isn’t affected by this kind of pressure, that has to be shielded or safeguarded from having to be subjected to this kind of pressure because it’s just a young child. 

It’s not meant to have to be subjected, or compelled to have to be in this particular way. And so it’s kind of like a dream in which there are forces at hand that are pressing you to be more active or speeded up, in terms of the outer events of things.

However, if that’s what is going on around you, you can’t lose track of the quieter, subtler, side of you, which isn’t all spun out by things like that. You have to protect and safeguard and nurture that side of yourself, because that would get lost in the upheaval or uproar of things if you got into the treadmill of activities, as they are presented to you.

In other words, you don’t take that side of yourself and subject it to this kind of activity. You safeguard and protect it, or otherwise it will get lost. It cannot be in a condition and in a state that is speeded up and marathon and doing this, that, and the other. It cannot exist in that state. It exists in a different level of energy, and you have to honor and support and sustain and be aware of that.

Well, that’s an interesting general vibe. I suppose in relationship to the way things are going on in the world, in the outer, I guess there’s a danger of losing the cadence that one has to have, with some part of themselves, which isn’t caught up in all of that.

So you’re seeking to do that by hearing some subtle part of yourself in this way. Now, how is it that you actually hear this part of yourself? There are multiple ways that you hear this part of yourself.  

This is interesting. A feminine hears it slightly differently in that it recognizes and maintains a part as if it’s part of a whole. It maintains that part by recognizing something very subtle as important.

The way it’s generally talked about or spoken about, this kind of recognition, is that it’s talked about as being in between the worlds, because the activity that causes you to have to do the marathon and all of that has a gravity and momentum to it. And this other activity that involves you safeguarding the quieter, softer side of you, which needs to just be nurtured and kept cradled and be allowed to not be swept up in things, that doesn’t have much gravity.

It’s an energetic that is coming into life. It’s like in between the worlds in that it’s what causes change to occur from the inner levels, and you have to put yourself into a position to be receptive to that, to feel those currents.

And if you don’t feel those currents, and if you don’t adopt or accept those changes as they’re coming, then you don’t have a handle or connection. You don’t have that inner connection that you need to be in touch with, and you’re instead affected by the outer qualities and conditions of things in your surroundings. And so you hurt yourself in that regard. You keep yourself caught up in a limited, dense kind of state, as opposed to something that’s intertwined and interconnected with things.

So one has to wonder, how is this possible? In other words, can you be dreaming of something that has to do with the bigger order of things and, if you are, then it actually kind of involves letting go of everything, because the marathon and all of that sort of stuff is what’s in front, and you’re compelled to do that, to be on the treadmill of that, and that yet to nurture that other part of you, you have to just let go of things.

You have to be in this state that isn’t pressured by all of this other, and that’s almost a scary image if you think about how I describe what’s starting to happen in parts of the world where people are going into open revolt against the governments because the governments aren’t governments anymore.

The governments are just reflective of a control mechanism and are kept in power based upon an electorate of people who no longer are free, who are bought and paid for in order to keep the indentured in place. And so the common person is starting to realize that enough is enough and they are just going into open revolt and refusing to comply with anything that has the slightest hint of it having a governmental involvement, or supporting the system in any regard. 

Anything that we can think of that supports the system is what we’re going to quit doing, which is the most dire of attitudes that you could possibly take. And yet in a roundabout way, that’s an overtness, and in a softer sense of the word, you’re kind of doing that inside yourself, in that you’re recognizing that part of you that’s most precious.

It should not be pressed and pushed into this sort of thing because it’s just not healthy for it. It’s not something that serves any useful purpose in terms of you being who you are, because you’ll lose yourself if you get pressed into something like this.

So it’s kind of like a falling back upon the merits of yourself, and in the dreamworld, the merits of a person are rooted in its child-like nature, its child-like qualities. So whenever you dream of something like that, you’re dreaming of something fresh and new that’s trying to get your attention, and come into the fore, instead of whatever it is that you’re compelling yourself to have to contend with.

And so, your dream’s kind of describing an overall condition. It’s describing apparently a vibration that you’re feeling that’s around you. It’s refusing to abide by some mannerism that hurts you in some capacity.

And the treadmill of things that people are on, and they’re caught up in, and they’re talking about, and are dealing with, it all has that kind of a vibe. And the quality of something that’s richer and truer and more natural is quiet, it’s pulled back, it’s seeking to be by itself, left alone from the circumstances of things, and able then, in that subtle way, to hear something that is outside of that other clamor that doesn’t serve any useful purpose whatsoever.

It just seems to be the flavor of the day kind of mannerism, and one gets tired of that, and one wants to just walk completely away from that, and the loudness of this sort of thing, but the quieter note is what happens inside one’s self when that quality tries to emerge inside, tries to peek through, but is always generally stomped on by the louder part of our nature that’s always kind of seen as more adult or mature or something, which doesn’t know how to properly appreciate this quality.

That’s why it’s said that the young girl traits, or the young boy traits, that you come across in a dream, these are the traits that you need to hold onto as most precious because they’re the traits that are starved and need to come through as a connective vibration that you’re not aspiring, or reaching, or supporting.

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