A Shift into the Expanse

universe-expansionIn this dream scenario, John experiences a similar theme to Jeane’s (see Off the Treadmill), in that he senses the energetic need to break free from the contractive state of old reactions, and instead expand into new possibilities. The imagery shows him changing habits and his usual ways of going on – even being open to different foods. Even this has bigger ramifications in the outer world, where clinging to the failing ways of the world prevents humans from ushering in the future. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So to begin with I just kind of describe a vibration in which I’m looking at the sensation of how something has to collapse, or drop, or fall to a particular point. And before this decline is able to become a registered condition that gets locked in, there is an energetic switch, or snap, or change, or turn to the upside.

And so what I find myself doing is that I’m feeling inside myself for this anticipated sweeping sensation. Basically what I’m trying to say, as a meaning, is that there’s a space within that exists outside of the gravity of one’s outer environment or surroundings.  

In other words, that’s the loudness of things. And that this is a vibration that’s in a type of empty space, but it is somehow or another in that quietness you have a sense of it coming, a premonition, an intuition, however you would call it. You have a way of knowing it, and it is this vibration that’s being ushered into the world.

Or that is a vibration that’s maybe not being noticeable by how it’s being brought into the world, so you have the outer stuff going on more loudly. But it is something that is slowly instilling a change in the outer constellation of things. And of course the fact that you have such density in the way things are, this sort of thing coming down and through is hardly noticeable. It’s very, very invisible; only very, very few people can see this in terms of what’s going on. 

That was like a vibratory thing.

And then the dream that kind of supports the fact that something is changing, starts off in which you and I are cutting across a little area, and we’re heading towards a food service that is happening. 

It’s as if we’ve been at some sort of event or something like that and then we grab a break and then you head over into where you’re able to eat, which is another building a distance away. And so you have to cross over an area and we take a bit of a shortcut to get there. 

There are all kinds of different types of people that come to this. Kids come to it, others that we don’t know, all walks of life have come to this sort of event. And as we’re walking along off to one side you see Howie Mandel so you pull me over because you want to say something to Howie Mandel.

You comment about the advice that you thought was very good, that he gave a particular person, as being what they needed to hear. And of course Howie is with his girlfriend and she kind of stays up in front of him then as you have pulled over to talk to Howie, and when she gets to the front where you line up to go in, she actually detours off to one side by a bit because she’s not focused.

And so we recognize where the entrance of the food service thing is, and there’s a little boy in front of me who is out of place with the family behind me. And then there’s another older one in the family or something, who is older and who is younger I can’t remember now, and they are like a little bit runny-nosed and whatnot, and so there’s one in front and there’s one in back and I’m in between this little clamor where the line was a little confused.

And you are in front and had gone ahead into the food service area. So I just play with the kids a bit. I take and basically first rub one of them’s head, and then I rub the other’s head, just kind of animating things a little bit. 

Howie and his girlfriend are nowhere in sight. They’ve fallen further back in line because she had gotten off on a tangent. And so when I suddenly realize you’re nowhere in sight, you’ve entered into there and walked across an area. 

Like I say, it’s one at a time, so when I quit rubbing his head, it ‘s my turn then I see to go through. And when I go in there what I see is calamari and crab as the main food. It’s not something that I would have chosen, but that’s what’s being served on this cafeteria adventure.

So okay, I can make the best of it. I guess I can eat it. I kind of like calamari to some degree and crab is a little effort but I load my plate up. I don’t see anything else. It’s calamari and crab and that seems to be about it. 

So then when I come out, it’s like now it’s where do you sit? And you ask if I want to sit in a different room because I’m acting like I’m not going to where I would normally go. And I’m kind of looking at a place where we don’t know anyone. It’s off to one side. 

I think you indicate that in the main room we will know people there, plus you know that this is where I like to sit in order to see how many people are there. But in this particular case I prefer being off to one side by myself so I won’t have to relate to anyone against my will. 

In other words, if I sit in this main room and keep track of people, at the same time I know people, and then I have to relate to them and then I get lost, I mean that hurts the heart, that’s demeaning. It’s not quiet.

This is integrated with the first dream, which has to do with catching this very subtle energetic that is there. And so in trying to write up this dream I go off into this trance where I keep reviewing a key part energetically that I’m trying to realize and, of course, this is a vibration that is similar to the first dream.

In other words, there is an intangible energetic that I’m trying to grasp, in other words something subtle, not the ordinary stuff. The energetic is what I feel I need to be in touch with at this moment.

And yet I’m not in touch with it, so I’m anxiously looking around for it, trying to find it. And I know it is there when I see something that says “eight cents,” like maybe it’s the chart or something happening, like maybe silver went up eight cents, whatever it was, because to me eight cents means an expanse is finally breaking free, instead of a contractive vibration.

And so it means that something is getting some traction to expand out instead of cave in, or contract. It’s something along these lines that I’m trying to feel as the switch, or flow, which I know is coming.

To not feel it, and know it as imminent, is painful to the heart. The reason is because I am premature in my anticipation. In other words, if you don’t feel it, and you know it is imminent, but you’re not in touch with it, it hurts the heart. And yet you know that it’s supposed to be there, so it creates a frustration, which helps to intensify the suffering, or the sorrow, because you aspire to this nearly intangible vibration.

And yet it’s not there to happen yet. And something is excited in this dream in that eight is the number for an expansive shift from what had been a contractive pressure.  

So that’s the sense that needed to be reported, for some strange reason, because I couldn’t write up the meaning of the dream, per se, without introducing and keeping this point of integration in play.

Then when you look at the dream, you realize that I’m finding myself relating to food that’s different than usual. In other words, I’m okay with seafood. Seafood. Seeing things. See food. I don’t know. It makes me wonder about that play on words. 

I’m also okay going off to one side, meaning into this other room, because I no longer have the need to watch people as they move about, as if I am missing something if I don’t pay attention to them.

In other words, I have a way of denoting what’s going on without having to be just directly there all the time. I’m able to in other words keep in touch and know what is going on, without the struggle and pressure to be at the center of the action.

I’m also able to be more casual, and be open to kids, and feel a relief as I change the energetic by interacting and intertwining with them. Which means I have to interact and intertwine with something inside of me that’s repressed, or regressed, just like you were having to protect something inside of you that doesn’t get caught up in the treadmill of activity because it would be painful to it and would snuff it out. 

Observing myself doing this indicates that I am not under such pressure as I had been earlier, which means that I’m recognizing this part opening up, which is the same as you in your dream recognizing that, yes there’s this activity going on, but at the same time there has to be a space provided for the taking care of this quieter part of yourself that doesn’t get caught up in all of that, because it’s not right for it to be caught up in that.

Of course the fact that you dream that, or the fact that I see that and play with the kids means that I’ve broken through in some way.

The eight was just seen as something that was no longer of a pressure of a breakdown or a contraction. An eight is an expansive. In a sense you might say the overall sense of the dream is to try to get me to relate differently, in a different manner of effectiveness, in terms of the environment around me.

I’d say it’s a different manner of effectiveness because your natural predilections would be reactive, in terms of what’s going on, as opposed to intertwined and interconnected. Because if you come off of your normal nature in terms of the way you see things in revolt, those things that are in revolt like that are very contractive. They tear something asunder. They cause collapse.

It’s falling completely to pieces.

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