A New Level of Awareness

Spiritual-Awareness-Part of our human design and purpose is to be a conduit for higher energies to manifest into life. In this dream image, Jeane is working on making an inner connection, which is a type of greater access, seen in the form of trying to put two people she knows together – the masculine and feminine natures within her. In facilitating this connection, she is putting her life in service to the greater Whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the first dream, I seem to be living with you, or some man anyway, in a daylight basement apartment. It’s kind of small.

It feels like I’m living somewhere maybe more east, and I receive in the mail a picture of a man who would like to meet me. I think that’s sweet, but I just file the picture, I put it somewhere, because I feel like I’m in a relationship, but maybe I’m still waiting to see how it goes.

Then not long after that, I meet with a girlfriend of mine, and I suddenly get the idea that I should find the letter and the picture I’d gotten from this man and give it to her, because she can meet him.

And I’m looking at her and thinking actually she’s just about maybe the same height, and things, as he is; he wasn’t a really tall guy. But I think maybe he’ll like her, but now I have to suddenly remember where I put the letter, because I have to go from where I am with her home to find the letter with the picture in it, and hopefully have an address to give her. 

That was pretty much the first dream.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night is to try to access, or reach, a quality of an electrical energetic that, within it, carries a connection and a type of knowingness that is able to permeate out, or extend out, from one’s self into the atmosphere.

What you’re doing is trying to hold a space for something like that that is moving about in your being. In other words, you use masculine influence energies that draw your attention in some capacity to reflect the need and quality of you expanding to take on some other level of awareness inside yourself.

And the tendency is to develop kind of a level of overall awareness that you think is good to go and hold to just that and, therefore, not bring in other levels of awareness that bring in a certain kind of clarity or aliveness into life, which then causes the feminine to expand to still other degrees in terms of her overallness that she embodies.

What you’re doing in the dream is, you’re noticing this trait, and learning to figure out how to function on various levels with it. In other words, there’s the level that exists in terms of how you see the current scenario that you’re in, and then there is this level of awareness that you have an infinity towards and so you have to split yourself.

In other words take on another level of awareness inside yourself, which is reflected by this other young girl that you are then able to infuse or direct, or in some way affect, so that she can fit what is needed in terms of creating and completing a connection of an aliveness that you have noticed that needs to occur.

Now, that’s saying it in an action way, but basically that is really your attention. Your attention is upon an awareness of an expansive condition, or side, of yourself that is trying to come through, that’s trying to awaken, that has a way of wanting to just be in a greater overall way.

And so because somehow or another it’s restricted, you see yourself as going through the gyrations of how to maintain what it is that you maintain, and yet at the same time, is there a way that you can accommodate that?

Well, what is interesting is this on another whole different deeper level has to do with the ability to connect and bring things through. Now, the connecting and the bringing things through, acts like a masculine statement, but your dream you do not quite say it that way.

In your dream, the way you say it is that it is there, it’s simply there, and can you relate to it, can you take that in as well as part of the overall Wholeness that is before you? In some instances there is a certain degree of diffusion that exists, because what I notice is you can be in a place that others can’t relate to.

It’s not that they do not want to relate to it, they just can’t and the challenge is to figure out how to bridge that gap, or how to bring something all the way down, and through, and into life.

Now that’s me, and that’s an action sense. That’s how my dream would be doing what you’re doing. That’s not what you are doing. What you’re doing is you’re trying to figure out how to tweak things so that the overallness that you sense, and see about you, and around you, that is part of you but maybe something you can’t quite take in or take on at this particular point in time.

How is that taken into account, because you have to take it into account? You see the need that this has to be taken into account, as opposed to my way of doing it where I would see the need to have to cause something to be brought through, to be made aware, to shift, to figure out how to get it to be communicated, to be made known.

But in your particular case, just how to embody it. That is sufficient. The other is a detail that’s not part of what you are about.

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