A Natural Key

inner-light-Marta-AbelIn this dream, John feels the need to go outside, but is afraid he won’t be able to return inside. What he needs is an energetic key that will grant him access to wherever he needs to go. And this key is already in him – he just needs to recognize this and trust in it. When we carry our inner light out into the world, we are protected by the grace of the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my dream, I put myself into a situation, and when I do so, an energetic in my nature comes alive from this energetic in which things are revealed. I guess what I’m saying is I’m kind of like in a type of trance, because my focus and attention is not necessarily in the way that other people would have their focus and attention.

In other words, it’s an aliveness that is about my nature. Now, there are two types of aliveness in this aliveness. There’s the type of aliveness in which you feel that something needs to happen, is going to happen, and you have a sense of it, and it’s kind of like in the bones as a kind of intuition that hasn’t yet manifested. And then there’s another kind of aliveness that is kind of like a way that you can naturally bring something through, that you’re meant to be able to bring something through.

There’s nothing special about it, necessarily. Everyone has this sort of thing. It’s can they figure out, and find out, what it is that’s unique that they can take and touch life with. And so I describe it as an aliveness, a little bit like a cat-like energy, in that just like a cat can purr, imagine the purring goes to kind of almost like a flicker of light on the fur, and from this tingle things are revealed.

And so the dream is, that I’m in a house but the situation is such that the scene requires me to leave the house. In the house, I’m embodying a sense of something that I can’t put my finger on, which is meant to be. If it’s left to my own predilection, I might just sit with it and sit with it, but that’s not what I’m able to do, and so obviously I’m concerned if I have to leave the house because I’m not sure if I will know how to get back in. 

A person points out that I have a couple of magnetic devices on my being that will open the door to let me back in. I am told that they work as long as the lights are left on. In other words, there’s something about the presence of the house with the lights on.

And this light also has to do with like that tingle, and that little thing that I describe that’s cat-like, which can almost be to the touch of the fur of the cat. As long as that’s there, everything opens up and I can come back into this house.  

I cringe a bit when another person, who is also inside the house with me and is going out with me, a person I don’t know, reaches over and takes off of me, just like it’s attached to me, a fob so he can get back in. 

He says his means of coming and going, it’s like it has lost its charge, and so what I have still has that charge. I’m surprised to hear all of this, because this isn’t something I naturally know. In other words, I don’t look at myself like this. 

And so I’m realizing that when I go outside of the house, go out into things and hold this light in my nature, that’s when this stuff actually is able to come alive. It doesn’t come alive if I just sit in the house. 

If I just sit in the house, I have the forboding sense of something coming to pass at some particular point in time, but then the in-betweenness of that, that causes the electrical linkage connection that opens doors, and has a means of being at the attunement of it happening, that remains dormant unless I have to leave the scenario I’m in and then go outside of the house.

So I don’t see this about myself. I seem to know, based upon an inner intuition feel I have, that there is this other that’s so much more, and that’s where my attention is, and that this will make itself known to one as needed. But both make themselves known because, when you get going then, what needs to be there to bridge the barrier has to come through by taking and going out, and holding the light at the same time, and by holding the light I hold the keys to the electrical thing.

And I’m told this, as if I don’t seem to know this about myself, and another person who seems to know that I reflect, or represent that, just comes and takes and reaches over and grabs something off of me just like it’s stuck to me, and that’s his means to get back in because his thing has lost its charge.

The meaning is that I’m realizing that my beingness is given what it needs to cope in life. I just need to throw myself into a situation and it reveals itself as needed. In other words, the situation that you throw yourself into is a situation that’s your duty, or dharmic nature, so to speak, kind of compels you to be able to do, in terms of bringing something forth into life, however that dharmic situation is.  

In other words, you’re in creation, so you do do something, and what you do is magical – when you incorporate the light that is on the other side. And this condition exists for as long as I carry a magnetic light to my being – that things just are protected, or in this space. I am also shown that this light is more light that I realize.

Because I leave it on, I have it at my disposal. In other words, when it’s there, it’s at my disposal. And to my surprise, I can come and go with ease with it. In other words, you don’t have to sit and try to protect it as if there’s something more important, and therefore it stays amnesic because there’s something in your bones that you feel that’s even more significant, so you sit in kind of a controlled waiting or something.

Others around me can avail themselves of this light as well. This is a light that those around me seem to recognize as existing. I seem to be a bit amnesic to this recognition. This light in my nature radiates with ease. I’m so surprised when I am told about this, by the fact that my stuff works. It goes back and forth if I need to go back and forth. I’m not as cut off as I want to pout or pretend.

I can accept that there is a depth within, which carries a forboding sense of what is meant to unfold, even though I can’t tell myself or anyone else the particularity of what that is. I just have a sense I am able to trust.

I can tell that, but to reach into and beyond this sense, or to the in-betweenness, I have to throw myself into the situations of life and marvel at what opens up because this aliveness is still flickering. It’s just that subtle.

So I already seem to know I have an intangible sense about the future that is imbedded as part of my nature. Okay, that’s the forboding. That’s the part that’s the deep imprint, but then there’s this in-between of course, and the dream covers the interconnectivity that is the precursor linkage to this. I am shown that I embody a light that radiates this about me.

As long as I am in touch with this light, that it remains on, so to speak, I have at my disposal, as part of my being, as if I tingle with it, a natural key to come and go at ease or, in other words, things work for me as if I paid a price of admission. Other people can’t do this.

I can just do whatever it is that is part of however it is that I’m situated.

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