The Journey of the Soul

MandalaEarthHere we have a prison break, and a sense of being followed. To flee or not to flee? In this dream scenario, the prison break is an opening up of deeper, inner access. But the urge to flee may be more about perpetuating an old, and no longer useful, way of feeling safe, rather than protecting what has been gained. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had just started reading a mystery book in which the lead character is this very bright, successful man who gets framed and is in prison, and then forms some kind of alliance with this woman psychiatrist in prison. 

And that seems to be where my dream takes off, because it’s like I’m this man and I’ve been broken out of prison by the woman, and I’ve gone to live with her in her house. It feels like initially it’s kind of this very intensely sexual relationship, where we’re even making love standing up outside in front of her house, and then on the side of the house, and then we go in the house.

I always have a little bit more apprehension that we should be doing something about the people that framed me than she does. It’s like she’s kind of happy to live a little more domestic life, but I remember one scene where we’ve even gone to a cemetery for some reason, and we have this very long, old fashioned car and it feels like driving around the cemetery and leaving I still have this sense like someone’s after us, but I can’t see anybody yet. 

Then after we’ve been back at the house a little bit, and we have a dog, I think a bulldog, kind of a cute… well, it’s kind of big but cute, and I’m suddenly feeling this intense apprehension and I finally convince her that we need to leave the house, even if it’s only overnight, that we have to get out right now.

And it’s like I’m pretty sure someone’s coming and they’re after us, even though I don’t see any evidence to that, like when we see the neighbors for a minute. They’re just playing, they’re just being normal.

I’m the man in the whole dream. So I’m convincing her we have to get out of there even though she’s reluctant, and we have to leave. I’m in such a hurry, like I open a closet and I just see a half open piece of luggage of some kind. I open it up, just look around for something to throw in. 

I could only find kind of like a black-and-white top and black-and-white pants. They contrast a little. One seems to be made out of silk and the other is made out of a kind of plaid fabric, and it would be an odd combination to wear but it actually works. 

I just toss that in there and then I kind of feel like I don’t have time to find anything else. I go upstairs with her, and upstairs there’s kind of a foyer that’s carpeted and all the furniture seems to be gone. 

And suddenly these three men have come in the door carrying this huge hose and they’re claiming they’re from a TV station. We’ve won some kind of a contest and they’re going to start cleaning the carpet, and I can see the carpet needs cleaning, but at the same time I felt this apprehension that she and I need to get out of there because I’m convinced they’re part of the plot against us.

And that’s when I wake up.

John: It’s like dredging and delving into kind of like a karmic, overall mannerism, or behavior that exists, which comes from a dimension that’s out of your control.

In other words, first of all, you’re in a certain jail, and that something has to be done in order to get you out of this strange condition or state in which nothing can happen, you just remain trapped.

And so, when you’re broken free of this you don’t really for a while know where your bearings are. In other words, having been pent up in jail for so long you’re a bit out of control, you energetically are out of control, and you need to go into the depths of yourself.

In other words, it’s one thing to be in a state in which you’re totally lost, and then suddenly when you’re freed from that, you’re out of control, and you need to delve more deeply inside yourself, and when you delve more deeply inside yourself you find that you’re in a house.

Well, when you’re in a house, and you’re looking now at the qualities of yourself, in other words probing some sort of depth of yourself, you come to grips more with what is bothering you, as if there is something trying to awaken or come through. And, generally, the first impression of that sort of thing is that it’s going to affect, or destroy, or change the way you relate to yourself.

So you think you need to escape. So, fortunately, something holds you back so that you’re able to observe that rather than going and racing out in the outer, where you lose your sensibilities again because, within the house, you’re actually forced to have to confront things.

Fortunately, before you actually are able to effectuate an escape, it’s like something comes into the house with, what was it, a thing to clean everything, a vacuum cleaner? In other words, if you sit in the house where everything can be absorbed or absolved, do you still want to get out of the way from all of that?

And so this is a bit much, because that sort of thing will empty the room, and leave you in a state of emptiness, and can you sit in this state of emptiness? Or do you still need to have something to contend with, to react about or to react towards, or to in some fashion, which continues perpetuating yourself in some sort of outer context way, as opposed to an inner space in which there’s nothing going on? It’s an emptiness.

So you have, more or less, in this dream portrayed the journey of the soul, starting from a condition in which it is completely lost and nothing can happen, to where something breaks it out of that state as a type of grace.

But because you’ve been out of it so long, you don’t know how to handle it, and so you are all over the place, but then eventually you ground out sufficiently enough to go inside of the house, but that involves having to deal with a lot of issues that are at the depth of your being, which have to come out, and should that come out it aims and points itself to a type of emptiness where everything gets cleaned out.

And so you want to alter the scenario before it goes too far, but instead it’s like you don’t act succinctly, and that’s actually probably good that you don’t act succinctly because then something more is able to reveal itself to you.

And you have, then, this quality that can vacuum up the dust of things in the world, but at the same time you do not know where you fit in relationship to what is transpiring there, and this is threatening in some fashion because of the intensity and the over-the-topness of this energetic – or so it seems to you because it was able to respond without the usual substance gravitational limitations.

And so you find yourself ending up with being portrayed in this dream where you’re currently at, and so you’re currently at a particular state in relationship to what? And I think this “what” has to do with a chamber that opens up, in which the energy that unfolds is a type of energy that you don’t directly feel that you have a right, on an individual, personal level, to channel this into the world around you – as if the world is one thing and you are separate.

You haven’t yet gotten to the point where you realize that none of this is actually going on, and that everything that is happening around you is a flicker, a reflective flicker, in a manifestation way of vibrations having dropped to their lower note.

Therefore there’s a density that gets constellated in creation that changes very slowly. You kind of need a little of that yet, or otherwise you would have been able to sit in the empty space and let everything get vacuumed up so that there were no karmic quality traits that yet existed to kind of keep you from reaching the depth of yourself, the true depth of yourself, which is an emptiness where nothing is going on, and it’s pre-manifestation.

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