A Karmic Debt

mandala_karma_buddhism_eternal_knotJohn describes two dreams that bring up the issue of karmic debt. The concept of this is that the gift of life must be paid for through personal development, as a service into the greater Whole. Once that debt has been paid, an individual is free to progress into new possibilities, at a higher octave of life. That is the progression possible for every human life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the first dream, I start off trying to explain the reasoning behind the way something is, in other words why it’s like that. There’s the apparent obviousness that you see in the outer, but then there’s a reason behind the obviousness of the outer

And I point out that if you take and expend a certain sum upon the situation, in other words, as if you are dealing with the situation straight up as you think you see it, that in doing so, you have to go up to a particular point or amount before the monies that are expended work off an indebtedness that acts as an override to the situation, that influences or affects the situation. 

You’re not inclined to see that if you look at it just literally. You’re inclined to see a certain situation in front of you. You don’t see what is behind that situation, and why that situation is what it is. And so somehow I have a sense of something more, and then there’s this other person who’s standing there, who’s having a hard time understanding that there is something more or that there is a deeper principle, because he just looks and is able to see what’s literally in front of him. 

In other words, he’s taking the situation and its obviousness, and can’t see that other behind the scenes. And so I explain to him that the situation behind the scenes, the indebtedness that is dictating, and until this issue is met, those who are obvious in this operation before me can’t directly benefit. 

They’re controlled by the effect of something preexisting, which even though they are active and out front in their appearance, it’s that something behind the scenes that is in control. In other words, that has to be satisfied first. 

I’m explaining how this works, the formula for doing this. I point out that if a certain sum of money comes in, in terms of what this little scenario is, sitting there looking like it’s amenable to having energetics thrown in its direction that, as the monies come in, the gross profit has like a 40% margin. 

In other words, there is a 40% margin to hit the gross profit of the general sales, and that before anything is able to go into the pocket, or the control, or the availability of the proprietor there, that this 40% of the gross sales needs to exceed whatever this particular indebtedness dollar amount is. 

And it totals a certain amount, and until that amount is reached, only then does the amounts expended over and above that accrue to the proprietor – the debt holder, so to speak, whom you don’t tend to notice because they’re not active, they’re dormant in their role, or appear to be dormant in the role, but have an overriding effect upon what is able to transpire predominate or, so to speak, have to be dealt with first. That’s the first dream 

In the next dream, I’m showing a person… so, what I do is I interpret both dreams, because I first of all had to pull out the second dream, and I just have to trust that the second dream will be adding or fitting in, even though it looks entirely different, adding information or fitting in in some capacity with the first dream. 

So, in the next dream I’m showing a person a commercial area that exists; it’s at night. It’s kind of in a restaurant at night in the back area. In other words, it’s night so the place is currently closed. There’s no one there. There’s just me coming into this back kitchen area that is closed to the public because it is after hours.

And this is a person who actually already knows a lot about food preparation and food service and such, so I feel that he could appreciate or get a kick out of the way things work in this place. And so I feel that I can show him the best thing on the market for cooking food or at least keeping it hot for later, when it’s time to be served. 

This oven just has an automatic feature about it that does this, and so it doesn’t have to be attended. It just automatically does this. And so I describe this stove as a Subzero stove. Of course that also applies to the best refrigerator on the market, but it’s also a term in my dream that applies to this unique and top-of-the-line stove. 

The way the stove works is, the very top will slide open to where it reveals, at a depth inside, naturally built into this stove is like an internal pot – and there are a couple of them. And in the internal pot is food that is there when it’s time to serve it, readily available. 

There are the potatoes, and there’s the gravy, plus another food item there that are already hot, and of course this pot itself is part of the oven, and the food that’s there is ready to be served when it’s time to serve the food. 

All that’s necessary is just when the top slides open like it can do, is to reach down there and scoop it out. And when you’re done, the top closes back over and it sits in this state in which it can always be reached when needed, because the food is now being kept like this around the clock.

The meaning of the dreams is, the first dream is describing a karma debt and condition that predominates over a situation. Before there can be a benefit or, in other words, before anything unique or different or unfolding can happen, this debt needs to be paid in full first, or absolved first.

In other words, the proprietor or the direct involvement in the situation is all for naught, and is spinning its wheels, because something deeper has to be reached. And that is what makes sense; the actions that we take as all so important actually go nowhere.

They’re precursors to reaching this something more. In other words, they’re the working off of a karma or a debt. However, that’s not how people tend to see things. The casual observer only sees the direct situation and assumes that that’s what they have to contend with, and that that’s all that there is.

However, a person who is conscious of the soul, and the experiences it needs to reach somewhere where there isn’t the underlying items or indebtedness, that a person has to acknowledge that this indebtedness controls what happens or, in other words, the karmic obligations stand in the way – and they vary from person to person. 

Until what is in the way is resolved, nothing goes forward.

The second dream takes the issue further. A preparation process is involved. Preparatory process is what is being revealed when the preparation to get to a particular point in the kitchen has been met, i.e., in other words the food has been prepared, the items have been taken from the refrigerator or whatever, which again would be top-of-the-line, into this amazing stove where everything is kept ready to go.

It’s already cooked. There’s no need to try to mix the ingredients anymore. It’s all that remains is the time when what is prepared is able to be served. And what I’m seeing, we aren’t at that time – so we wait. 

The situation that exists can be explained in detail to another person who’s interested in the process, but that is all. This other person may be able to appreciate the effort and careful planning and amazing process in which only the best is used to reach the stage, but it sits dormant, it sits waiting.

When the timing is right, the food can be scooped out and served. I can see in my mind’s eye, as if I have a connection to that which is yet to happen, that when it is time to serve the already prepared meal, my question will be: Do you want this with or without gravy over everything?

Because then there are the potatoes, and in another place is gravy, and then there’s another item being cooked in there that I don’t look at. And so this is a perception outside of the moment in which a grace from deep within is seen as affecting and covering everything that happens.

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