Mission Impossible

Within-the-EmptinessIn this dream scenario, John finds himself in one of two rooms. He is in the empty room, while the other holds a vicious dog. These two rooms can be seen to represent the inner and outer worlds. Can the two worlds interact safely? The challenge of a spiritual journey is to maintain the inner emptiness, while having involvement with the chaos of the outer world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream it starts off in which there are two rooms, and a door separates the two rooms from each other. And I am in a room that is empty except for my presence, and in the other room, in which the door is closed, is a vicious dog that is out of control.  

As long as I remain where I am at, there’s nothing that can affect me, because the door keeps these two places separate. I’m suddenly made aware of the dog in the next room, as if the door is cracked open or something, or I can see through the door. 

I can see that the dog is out of control in his eagerness to tear someone, or something, to pieces. The dog lacks focus and attention in terms of how to channel this energy. The dog is in such a pent up condition that, because there’s nothing directly in front of it to channel this pent up nature, it’s going catatonic attacking the floor, chewing on the floor.

The meaning is that a turbulence exists that I do not have to directly invoke. I’m able to see this from within and, because of this inner consciousness, I am able to see what lies ahead. In other words, in terms of the lower self of one’s nature, or the density of something in creation, you can actually start to see how something is intended to unfold.

And you see it from this empty room space I am in, in which there is this inner space that is able to note energetically what lies ahead. And because you’re noting it pre-manifestation, you’re noting it in a way that is before a manifestation in which you’re in front of something there that can tear you to pieces. 

When I shift to a state that is between the two worlds, I’m challenged to reconcile both conditions, both states, the state where there’s the emptiness, and then the state where there’s something that is totally out of control.

I see the empty space I have within or, in other words I can feel the empty space I have within, and now I am put in a position as to whether I can take that as an awareness into a world in which everything is being torn to pieces.

If I am consumed by the mad dog outer, then the inner state where there is a quiet aliveness and aloneness, and peaceful abeyance, is going to be lost. In other words, you have to hold that at the same time that you’re able to go into the upheaval. So can I handle both? 

That is the mission that is impossible, if I’m not able to work with both states simultaneously in order to create a shift in the flow. From this dream I’m meant to realize that the shift has to be from a depth within where nothing exists yet, in an outward capacity.

So I have to use this empty space to bring through a vibrational shift, which acts upon the focus, attention, and energetic mannerisms that currently predominate. In other words, instead of those continuing to live out, and they have a life and a manifestation that they will continue to keep unfolding and reflecting and spiraling, in order to deal with that, one has to get to a point where that is all absolved in terms of how something comes across or comes through.

In your particular case, that sort of thing that you’re confronted with would be absolved through the vacuum cleaner, which is able to come into the room and make sure that the space stays empty. Because it’s only if the state stays totally undefiled and empty, is it possible for you to be able to link to, and connect to, the energetic flow from within that needs to be brought forth into life.

But if you perceive something as being too much, or reject that, then whatever you go into in terms of a condition, or an outer state, of yourself, whatever you go into is going to be taking that out of control, or dog animal, energy of yourself, which can have a loyalty, but is still deluded and is still deluded by having to respond to the outer conditions – as if those outer conditions exist independently of you.

You can do it all from this empty space, but who can sit in this empty space?

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