A Perfect Conduit

aurafieldIn Jeane’s dream, she is weighing the influences of faster and slower energies. As humans, we are caught between the higher speeds of unseen energies, and the slower speeds of energies in more physical form. We are designed to balance ourselves between these worlds – not be caught up only in the visible, slower realms, but to process through us the higher energies of the universe, giving them access into this physical plane. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Last night, when I fell asleep in the chair before coming to bed, it felt like I saw myself sitting in the chair, and then on the television screen the scenes were switching between mixed martial arts and football, in terms of just a picture of each, and the energetic of maybe the speed at which it went or something.

And there was something there I was trying to figure out. When I went to bed that thing continued, that either there would be one program on or the other, in kind of a one-dimensional way, and I was sitting there with a man who was from some government agency that you felt was kind of clandestine or something, and someone I was almost in kind of opposition to, and we were both playing with kind of the energy of one sport versus the other, and even how you influenced it like what was faster and what was slower.

But then at some point it’s like something happens to him, and the people that take over from him are even worse. They’re going to try to frame me for killing some mixed martial arts guy back in a certain year. So I’m trying to go back in time and show I didn’t do that.

John: Well, the dilemma in terms of us waking up has to do with figuring out how to be able to be in-between various energies.

In other words, you’re not the dense energy that’s here, you know, in other words a slower energy that’s here. You are and you aren’t, because you do have the physical condition that you’re in, nor are you the energy that’s free from all of this. And again you are and you aren’t, because you also embody that as well.

So if you are and you aren’t, and you’re neither, actually, then you are a conduit that’s in between, where the two shores meet. And as a force that’s like that, you have the job of being able to accommodate, into life, the energy that flows from inner into outer.

And in order to do that you have to be in-between. So you have to know how to go back and forth, which is what the breath does. The breath goes all the way into life, and then goes zipping all the way back to home, all the way into life, all the way back to home. Just as a single simple breath does that, you have to do that. 

You can’t take and get yourself all caught up in something in the outer, so that you forsake something in terms of the greater depth of your soul. You have to integrate the two. You have to be in-between.

So, when you were sitting in the chair, and you were caught in this vibe of a slower and a faster energy, and you’re having to accommodate this slower and the faster energy, the slower energy being something that’s dense in manifestation and creation, that’s very contracted and impinged by the senses of things, and then you’re having this whole other that’s more than what you could ever catch up with with your faculties.

And that, in-between all of that, somehow or another the effect of creation, along with the simultaneous imprint of this humongous other space, they work, it works. And so you’re meant to be able to sit in-between like this, able to facilitate this.

You can’t do this if you have some sort of set mannerism in the outer, nor can you do this if you have some sort of aspiring image of yourself in some sort of consciousness inner. You can only do this if you carry the depths of something in creation, along with that part of you inside, so you have to have light hands in order to do this.

Because if you get caught up and look at anything as if you have an understanding of something in the outer, then you lose the dexterity of this. You lose the potency of the emptiness of the Wholeness of this other space.

So the key is kind of like the expression being, float like a butterfly through all that there is. You aren’t annihilating it, or getting rid of it. It’s there. You’re aware of it. You’re affected by it, but you’re not consumed by it, because you have your attention in this greater beingness side of yourself, which is also coming through. 

In other words, you haven’t blocked out the macrocosmic effect upon the microcosmic creation of yourself. You have this window that is there. It kind of reminds me of an image, it’s an ancient image that I’ve seen somewhere, like in a book or something.

What it is, it’s just a figure of a person standing with their hands out and their feet apart, basically the energies of the universe are flowing through them – and it freely goes through. It doesn’t stick and somehow or another get caught up in a this, or a that, in some direction or mannerism or another.

It freely flows through them. They’re a perfect conduit between the big and the little, or the expanse and the contraction, the creator and the creation, and they have no opinion one way or the other. It’s not for them to have an opinion as to what is to be. It’s only for them to be able to know by the flow, and so that is what’s there.

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