At the Precipice

at the precipice-sue-hoppeHere, Jeane has a dream of impending surgery – a reflection of a waking life event. All the stress of her movement through the dream is caused by an effort to control the unfolding of events, according to a preconceived notion. What the dream is pointing out is that we are all meant to flow with events as they occur. But that requires us to let go of our preconceived notions and embrace the way things are. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had a dream where I was preparing for surgery. So you and I are up at the house, and we’ve got the schedule down. We know when my sister’s coming. I have two days coming. I have the day I have to do the fast, but first I have to go by the hospital and have a meeting with the doctor. 

I drive off to the hospital and I get there, and they tell me I’m having surgery that day, so they just start checking me in. I explain I haven’t done the purging or whatever you do, but they don’t care. It’s not that important to them. 

They put me on a gurney, where they’re kind of wheeling you around. I go somewhere. They’re deciding what they take, like they take the glasses or not. Then they take me and they take me all the way on this gurney way across the building to this other building. 

The doctor decides she wants to show me the room where people have all of the equipment and some other people that are visiting in there, and it feels like we get in that room and I even crawl out the other side. 

Then I have this long waiting period with the staff, two women nurses and a male nurse or an anesthesiologist I guess he is. One of them has even stuck a little needle in my hand, and we’re just sitting. I decide I want to go to the bathroom. One of them has to go in there with me and comes out. Then they decide to they take me somewhere else. 

They’re offering me fried chicken wings and I’m explaining I really don’t think I should eat right before the surgery but they think it won’t matter, it won’t get that far down your digestive tract I guess. By now we’ve moved to a different area. 

We’re outside. Things are going on forever. They’re debating about whether this doctor who is usually late will even have time for surgery that day. Well, you and my sister finally got to the hospital, but you’re way off in the other building, so I’m feeling like, well can they just put it off for another day like that? And they figure they can do whatever they want. 

The sun has come out, and I’m out there with these two women nurses talking about things, still waiting to see if they’re going to do the surgery, when one of the nurses just jumps off the wall there and it goes all the way down to this river. 

I can see her swimming across. The other nurse is worried about her and jumps in to go after her. Then the guy comes out. He’s wondering whether he should go in and try to rescue them too. That seems to be the dream.

John: It’s interesting how you can take an outer scenario and make a story out of it that portrays what is being moved from deep within. In other words, you can have your drama, you can have all of your planning and schematics, and yet no matter what you have, when it’s time for something to awaken or occur, that you in that regard it’s almost as if you have no control over that.

And it’s as if when the time is ripe, that’s when it will be. And the interesting thing about the dream, is that you’re taking the position that there’s still something more that has to be done. And in the dream, the moment that’s being portrayed is complete, in and of itself, and there’s nothing that you can further do.

And yes, you would like to flee the situation even because you still feel that you have a certain protocol of things that have to be dealt with. You need to have certain this and certain that, in terms of how you’ve readied yourself, and how something is there in support. And you have visualized this as all needing to occur at some particular moment in time.

Now what this dream does is, it takes you up to a precipice of being able to let go, and it takes you to a precipice that is much like the precipice that I went to on the very first dream that I sent to the teacher, in which I was at this edge.

I knew I needed to get to some other side, that this is where the group needed to go, and I was somehow directing or leading this group, and I was a newbie, and these were old timers, and we had taken this route and came to this huge precipice and down below is the raging river, way, way down below.

And yet somehow or another we had to get to the other side, because there was a program or something that was going to be starting there. The teacher’s interpretation of the dream was to take into account that raging river down below. And also with that dream, I sent him another dream that had to do with doing trick shots on a pool table, where the ball would jump other balls and curve and stuff like that – one trick shot after another.

And his comment was, “Reconcile or look at being able to do one trick shot after another and what that means in correlation to the raging river down below. I never, at that point, went to the raging river. It was just left like that, and yet there’s the capacity of something inside to do trick shots one after another if I let go in a certain capacity.

But in your particular instance as you’re sitting there and failing to accept what lies in front of you, just ready to be handed to you, even the nurses and the staff go into the raging river down below and swim across.

In other words, it’s like your take on what lies in front of you is that it can all be okay – if you have all the P’s and Q’s lined up. And so, in your state of reaction, it’s as if you’re giving the orders that all of this needs to unfold in a particular way. And when you scream and holler and seek something adamantly enough, the reflection of the inhibition, or of the reservation, has to come into appearance, or has to make itself known.

And what’s interesting is the image that makes itself known is also the image of transcending, because they swim to the other side as if this is a huge hint to you that you have to go along with what is simply in front of you, which is simply there. That, yes, it may be happening outside of the order of things that you might conceptualize, but you’ll always be conceptualizing something more, and something this, and something that forever and ever, in order to hold yourself back.

And in this particular instance, you’re being cornered by all of the things that you would like to present or set forth as dictums before something can happen, and in the final scene it’s like the image of a type of abandoning ship, in other words the ability to do something that looks like it should be hopeless and dangerous and suicidal under the circumstances, because things aren’t all coped out mentally as you had felt was essential.

So there’s the whole sense of abandoning ship, or danger, because it’s not like that. And what the image shows you is that there is no death. In other words, there isn’t what you fear. You simply go to the other side as opposed to actually be able to commit some sort of harakiri suicide. You scale from the precipice to the raging waters below, and then across.

And that’s an extremely encouraging image that indicates, and suggests, how whatever is to be is just a-okay and as intended.

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