The Great Mother Quality

divine-feminineIn this continuation of the dream analysis from yesterday’s post (see A Level of Completion), John describes how each of the characters in the image play a role in portraying where Jeane is in her spiritual journey. What is required is that Jeane connect to the Greater Mother quality of creation, the aspect that currently is disapproving the situation. That connection will give access into the flow of the unfolding “game of life.” (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now, what’s interesting about the dream, is that for many, many, many people they are struggling to catch up with the little girl quality, which is kind of like a shadow trait that leads to a heartfelt depth in terms of who they are.

You don’t have that issue in this dream. Instead you are struggling with the overall purpose of creation, in that you don’t catch up with the mother, and what she is all about in her overallness. You’re not sure whether you have her approval or not.

And as long as it is like that, you can’t quite play the game of life with a fervor that is able to be there and integrated, because you also do not have the problem of appreciating and enjoying the inflections of the insights that come into life.

You have that, and you have the right state in terms of the little girl quality, but as far as creation’s big picture, in terms of what it really fully represents in terms of its humongous Wholeness as the reflection on the other side – meaning as far from the creator, maybe, but still carrying all of the traits and qualities of the creator – in what it is as creation. You need that great mother quality upon your being.

So the dream can also, to make it very, very confusing, can also be broken into components. The little girl quality is a closeness that leads to a knowingness, a natural knowingness, that is inside of you. The masculine, the guy that is there, leads to an ability to have things brought to your attention, to be made aware of.

You, yourself represent, and are trying to find, a groundedness in order to incorporate all that there is that’s meant to be. And the mother represents the Wholeness to something so much more that, on a feminine level of creation, is imperative for you to reach.

Now you can also break this up to one other characteristic or quality, and that is that the masculine, which is the trigger point, which is the fun point in terms of being able to cause the inflections of the seed thought to come through and create all of this into an awakening, that trigger part is one, and you are three, and that and the three come together to make four, a completion.

But the question remains that one is now like – even though you have no trouble with the ideas and the mannerisms that it is able to invoke and cause to come out – is that the right order, three and one, or should it be two and two? I don’t know. It seems that there is the need, however, in terms of the dream, for further development and recognition of yourself as creation, and lesser recognition of the other that seems to flow okay, that seems to be there okay, which is that spark to things.

And so if you break this up into elements of the breath, it means that somehow you have to be in creation more. The dream is indicating, you have to be in creation more in all of its qualities and traits. But then the game of life, which leads to an excitement and a joy and where it all sorts itself out as a flow, that flow is able to occur if you have the proper base, and the base includes the mother, the great mother so to speak.

In other words, you understand its child inside of you, but do you understand, fully, really properly understand what the great mother is all about in terms of your overall being and makeup? That’s got to come first. I mean, that’s a step, that’s the spot where you’re at, is that has to be pulled together.

Then you deal with what the masculine on the other side of the room is all about, in terms of its ability to bring in the insight and the clarity from another place. First comes this, and then that, which at this point in time is not where the attention needs to be. One will see how that is later as a subsequent follow up dream, but in this dream it’s okay. It’s fun. It’s okay being how it is for now.

The reason why I say that is I can’t quite reconcile how this humongous quality of creation works in relationship to what appears to be a more removed, off to one side, although fun, and necessary as the catalyst aspect of the masculine. It seems that there has to be something shifted there too, but that’s not yet referenced or indicated in the dream.

In the dream, what is lacking for the level of completion of that aspect of the dream is the approval, consent, and overallness of the great mother in the equation, in terms of you being able to better utilize the connection that you have to the very deep and usually hidden parts of the subtle nuances of the feminine, which is incorporated in the little girl, which is, in psychology usually that is what a person has to contend with, the guy, his little boy, the woman, the little girl inside of herself, in order to catch up with how it is that she truly feels herself.

You truly feel something, but then that subtle energetic that’s really important that is normally a blindside, you catch up with that, you have hints of that, you have a mystical awareness or something of that, but in terms of what it’s really supposed to be all about, in terms of the Wholeness, in terms of the greater purpose, that’s what’s baffling yet, that needs to come in in order for something to pull itself to a completion – at this point in time.

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