Out of the Equation

Peter Muraay Djeripi Mulcahy_part_of_the_WholeIn this dream image, Jeane is having trouble finding “her place” at a restaurant. In a spiritual journey, we raise our energetic level. Often this can mean we no longer vibrate at the frequency of those around us. It can give a feeling of alienation, like we can’t relate. Yet ultimately our journey allows us to join with something much greater – the Wholeness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dreams last night were kind of jumbled. In my first dream it feels like I’ve gone into a town where I want to go into a restaurant and get some food, and the restaurant just seems kind of discombobulated. 

I see some women sitting at a table that I seem to know, but they get up fairly fast because I guess they work as waitresses at the restaurant and they can’t sit there long where they are. And then I look for a place to sit and I go to several tables and they’re already occupied and then I go to sit at their table. 

It hasn’t quite been cleared off, but as I go to sit down and slide on one side and then somebody else slides on the other side, a guy, so I figure I have to get up and I look around…

John: So the vibration of this restaurant that you’re going into is that you can’t find a place?

Jeane: Right, not a place that’s been cleared. When I get up what I notice is that this guy who slid in the booth across from me, he’s turned around with his back at the back of the booth facing forward almost like instead of sitting facing like you would normally. And then I look around and I notice everybody else in the restaurant is doing that, too. And I just seem to find that peculiar.

And I wander out and then when I wander out and get into a car it feels like I’m driving a police car, which seems odd to me, and then the dream completely shifts.

John: The space you’re holding onto inside of you, in terms of an overallness of your nature, has gotten to the point where it is very difficult for you to keep it in context with how others are in the outer.

In other words, you actually are holding a space to something that they can’t perceive. That’s why they turn around, or they have their backs to you. And that’s also why, when you go into a place, it doesn’t have the setup that it should have. Everything is kind of discombobulated. 

It’s because what you have done in terms of how you’ve shifted inside, is that you’re actually sustaining a depth inside of you that isn’t readily communicable, or relatable, or coming across. Or even more than that, isn’t comprehendible in a fluid way by others.

And that can make one think that there’s something wrong with them, that they need to police themselves differently or something. But actually there isn’t. It’s just that somehow or another you, over a course of time, and a level of connection inside of you, you’ve gotten to a point where others who relate more in terms of how things are in the outer, on a more shallow, banal way, just have lost the ability to keep up with you, or notice you.

It’s like you have technically taken yourself out of the equation of the mundane that they go through. In other words, it’s almost as if you’re too much of a purist, in terms of how the outer world is in relationship to the Whole. And this places you or puts you into a very strange feedback loop in that, in relationship to them, you see everything with a sensation that is twisted, distorted.

And if you don’t hold that inner space that you’ve connected with, or relate to… in other words, you have to accept yourself in terms of how you are, in relationship to where you have gotten, and you can’t get to feeling like there is something wrong with you just because you have reached the point of relatability that they can’t appreciate.

Well, that’s what it is like for you in terms of this restaurant, in terms of sitting at a booth, in terms of finding a space. You can’t make it work anymore, in relationship to where everyone is coming from, because you have this quality inside of you, in terms of what you are able to take in, and therefore reflect, which is beyond the beyond of this kind of very conservative, Midwestern almost vibe mannerism that doesn’t have a lot going on.

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