Trying to Make Sense

vibrational-energyThis dream is the second image from the same night (see Out of the Equation), and Jeane finds herself wrestling with the same issue – trying to fit in to a scenario or situation that doesn’t know what to make of her. If we consider that everything vibrates at certain frequencies, even other people, we can begin to understand how our level of vibration can effect other’s abilities to relate to us. If we are at a higher vibrational state, those at a lower vibrational state won’t “see” us in the same way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I seem to have gone into this building, it’s some kind of a store and business. It’s kind of large. 

I go in and I have this feeling like I want to get a job there, but I don’t feel like the business is run very well in a certain degree, so I try to find these three women that run the store to see about getting a job. But they’ve rushed by me into some kind of a boardroom for a meeting. 

They have a little bit of ditsy witch energy, that’s the best way I can describe it, but friendly. I mean, positive in a way, but just odd. So since they’ve gone in there, I decide I’m going to go ahead and make myself useful. 

They may or may not hire me, I don’t know, but I’m going to go make myself useful anyway. So I go up and there’s a desk that’s almost like a concierge’s desk, obviously this guy kind of is in charge of a certain number of things right outside the boardroom door, so I go over and just tell him I plan on making myself useful and I want to interview with him in a while.

And he just kind of watches me, and then I tell him I can answer the phone. He gets up and he has to do something, so I tell him I’ll answer his phone. He just looks at me, and I notice first that he has a very odd-shaped phone, but I answer it, and then when I go to take a message I notice that he has this message notebook on his desk, but he keeps it the opposite of most people. 

Most people start at the front of a book and then the later messages are in the back of the book. Well, he starts at the back, and the most recent messages are at the front of the book, and then pages that contain important messages have some paperclips on them. 

I actually think that’s a really reasonable way to keep a book, because most recent messages then are always right there on top in the front of the book. I kind of like that. Then I’m looking for something else to do, and even wondering if I should go out and help put some of the merchandise in order because it’s not real neat or something.

And the boardroom door flies open and the three women seem to scatter before I can talk to them. But there’s a young woman who’s like a customer that’s with them who seems a little disoriented.

So I decide to go over and help her, and I discover one of the problems is that she has this dog food bag, one of those large ones, that she has with her, so I look in there to see what she has, and she has a bunch of potato chips she wants to eat, which are right on top of the dog food. 

I look at her and I’d say, “Well, if you want to eat those that’s okay, but you can’t do it like this, they’re just going to smell and taste like dog food. I have to find you a proper container.” I look around to find a proper container and that’s when I wake up.

John: So you’re continuing the schematic in which you’re in a place that is at a different level of mannerism than everybody else, so if you go to try to plug in, or get a job, or act like you can be part of that way of being, you find that their perception of you is such that, because you’ve changed, that you’re different on a level of energetic, that they don’t know what to do with you.

And this level of perception that you have, can see the end present at the beginning of things. In other words, you have a sense that can kind of appreciate what they do because you can see something more in it, but they can’t necessarily see what it is that you see, nor can you communicate it, even though you try, even though you go through innocent expressive mannerisms that you call making yourself useful.

They just stare at you. That just doesn’t make any sense to them. They have what they consider the accepted way that one needs to act and conduct themselves, and you’re not fitting that mode, that motif. And so they go about doing very banal and self-degrading things where you have the dog food and the chips coming in.

What you can see that they’re doing is very degrading of who they can be, and yet they can’t necessarily realize how this is stinking them up.

Jeane: Well, the gal that was doing it with the dog food, she was a customer. She wasn’t one of the people running the office.

John: Well, what she’s reflecting is how that demeanor rubs off on others, and others are actually you, too, especially if you get caught in the self-consciousness of trying to fit in like them. But technically you can’t, and any suggestions that you make to try to bridge that, like she is something trying to bridge that as she comes in with the idea of chips versus dog food, or anything like that that comes in to the image, it just doesn’t go over. It doesn’t translate across.

So the theme of the dreaming was a very, very peculiar subject that has to do with where one is suddenly seeing themselves as unable to bring across, or to communicate, or to translate, or to cause the inflection within others, of a space, or a place, or a mannerism, or a way of being that one carries. 

And that is like a type of bipolar behavior, in relationship to the inner versus the outer, in which the inner communication is speeded up, and when it is like that tends to see something else in slow motion. And that something else tends to see who you are as bizarre, out of place, peculiar, and just strange or different.

And so what results is that there isn’t a connection, or a proper dialogue, or an inner into outer shift that is possible. That sits in one way, you sit in another way, and a peculiarity just exists because of the difference in terms of levels of being.

In your dream it’s more of a mannerism of, you find yourself in a setting, a couple of different settings, and you’re just trying to, from that, be in a way that makes sense – and is accepted as making sense – in terms of everything in the setting. And you can’t do it.

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