Let It Unfold

fractal-unfoldingJeane’s dream has two scenes that intertwine around the same theme: letting go to make allowance for what is to come next. It’s an important idea because we often latch onto the known in our waking life, and thereby cut ourselves off from what is possible. Such attachment to what is known causes us to disconnect from what wants to naturally unfold. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My very first dream, which was about the time that you came to bed, so fairly early in the morning, it seemed like there was some kind of force that was loose that was rather destructive, or evil, in the form of this man that had an odd look to him.

And I had gone to the house of someone I knew from high school. She’s actually someone that died last year, a very bright person, very involved in life. And there’s either a person, or a doll, and I knew that she was associated with this force in some way, or at least she understood it, or she would understand what I was trying to do, which was that I had taken either this young person or this doll, and I was trying to weave their hair in the back of their head into a representation of a mask of the person that was destructive.

But I was almost like doing that would, in a certain way, face or handle the power, but I realized, for one, it was hard to do, so I’d gone there to her place so she could help look at it to see if I could figure this out. And also because I knew that rather than just running from that kind of force it was better to do something that represented it, like make this mask on the back of someone’s head, or something’s head, and carry it that way because that’s the way you really did handle that force rather than just run from it.

John: What you’re describing is a situation in which there’s much, much more going on. And if you get caught up in the inertia of something at the beginning, then that draws your attention so that that is what you’re trying to sort out, or figure out, or cope with, then that takes you out of being able to grasp the much bigger equation of what life is all about – in terms of your unfoldment.

It was important, however, for you to come to a cornering, or opening, or centering, inside of yourself, a place upon which you could go right between things. In other words, you didn’t start at this angle or that angle. You didn’t start in some peculiar way. You had to start at the right point.

It’s important for you to have done that, but then once you have done that you then keep following that, and letting go, and just appreciating what lies ahead. You can’t overly dwell or focus upon that initial process, because that initial process is just the beginning of something.

And that if you try to hold onto that initial process, then you miss where it is going. Yet it’s important to find, to start in the right way. It’s important to get the right vibe and in the right way, and then roll along with that as it unfolds, able to let go because you can’t carry it all, and you’re going into kind of a no-man zone with the energetic that you’re abiding in.

Jeane: So a lot of the rest of the night I was struggling with this coughing, so even though I was dreaming it was harder to pull out. 

But what I remember is I seem to be dreaming about the movie we’d gone to see last night, Contagion, in which there’s a virus that’s spread around the planet, and then people are trying to panic or get help about what to do about the virus. And I’m working in one of the headquarters where we’re addressing what to do about the virus.

But I’m continually frustrated in a way because it seems to me that when people come there they want help, but they want help as they define it, and yet that’s not really what’s being given out, and that’s not really what will help at that moment in time, not what they come looking for through their fear.

But there is something offered, but you have to go with what is offered, that the people that are resolving it know about at that moment in time, which will help. And so it feels like I’m struggling all the time when people come, with that dynamic, to explain what is offered versus maybe what people come and want to demand.

John: What you’re doing is you’re describing to yourself the letting go process. In other words, if you try to maintain something as important, and you’re dwelling upon that as one tries to maintain – because the tendency of a human being is you have a given schematic and you’re trying to orchestrate that whole schematic.

And so within that whole given schematic, the tendency is what you perceive is happening with you at the beginning is important, and if you try to maintain that, and you don’t let go, then you cannot help yourself. You don’t progress. You have to let go of whatever it is that happens in the unfolding process.

At the beginning this is not something that’s meant to be retained forever. It’s important, like in the first image, to get off on the right start. But then that doesn’t mean that that’s something that you dwell upon and dwell upon, as a precondition to everything that is yet to unfold.

You have to get off on that right start, and then shift, and let go, and change as it’s required. And so what you’re doing is, is you’re telling yourself the same thing in reverse now. You’re noticing that you can’t help, or work with, somebody if they come to you and they won’t let go, and they keep dwelling upon something at the onset.

How is it possible for them to take in the rest of the picture, which is huge, if they’re caught in the appearances of things at the beginning? Even though you’ve also been shown from the first dream that the use of the word appearances isn’t necessarily proper because that was important. It was a means upon which you had to catch that note, and start in a proper space, in order to properly penetrate, in order to unfold, or follow, a thread.

But you have to be able to drop things as you go more and more into a lighter, and lighter, and lighter – meaning less substance, and less substance, and less space. Because that which was important, as a precursor, then is a substance that acts as a barrier to the transitioning and shifting that you’re making, which goes outside of the orientation that holds you back, an orientation that one has to things that you can hold onto – as if that’s an important substance to your nature or being.

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