Out of Place

recklessIn yesterday’s dream, John struggled with a situation where nothing went as planned (see Shattered Expectations). In this next dream, he finds himself naked and looking for a towel to dry off. When we leave our comfort zones in life, we are thrust into the unknown where we feel naked and unprepared – in other words, vulnerable. In these changing times, we need to discover how to trust in our ability to flow with events, without expectations.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream there’s a shower area. It’s like a separate shower room area, and I come out and I’m all naked and wet, and I don’t see a towel readily there. So I go across over to the main house, which is actually a type of salon.

And directly to the right in the corner is what looks like a big towel folded up. And a person has their back to me, who is working, you know, who is the main person in this house, the salon owner or whatever, and she’s at one of her stations with her back to me. 

I don’t see anybody there, but she’s there, and so rather than ask, because even walking in there doesn’t feel right, I just go over to this large towel I see folded up in the corner, and I pick it up and it even unfolds.

I realize it is way too big, but now I’m in trouble because I realize well, I can’t be using this and I’ve helped myself to this towel without asking. And again, just like I was out of balance when I walked into this place, now I feel even more off because this isn’t okay to just grab this towel.  

When I see it is too large, then, after the fact, which isn’t going to work, I say to her, “I suppose I shouldn’t use this.” She goes, “Yes, you’re right.” 

The towel has two parts to it, and one part falls separate from the towel and she folds it up. Well, I take the other part that has gotten unraveled and I try to fold it up, but it’s ridiculous. I don’t know how to fold this thing. So in frustration she looks and says, “Let me do it.” 

She says that this is used more as a blanket. It’s a bigger towel and is used to cover something up to keep it warm or something. Another person comes over, who has an interest in this blanket towel, and she’s still acting as if she’s being inconvenienced, or put out in some fashion, and charges him $5 more to use it. He asks, “Is that legal?” She says, “You bet it is.”

So what is going on is an inconvenience I feel over how things are, is causing an estrangement. I have left an area where everything is taken into account, and gone into a place where the order of things is different. Nothing I do is right.

I mean, I shouldn’t have necessarily left the area. There was supposed to be everything there, and I’ve gone into an area where I don’t know. It’s a whole different scenario. It operates on a whole different octave.

What is provided there are not towels for drying off, they’re more like big towels like blankets that are used in a whole different process. So, whatever I do isn’t right, and I can feel the imbalance and the uneasiness that exists sets off a domino effect as other things are disturbed. And I notice the awkwardness and have no idea how to rebalance the scenario.

The meaning is: I’m out of place from where I’m mean to be.

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