An Overall Presence

thesoulIn this dream, Jeane finds herself as a man, in a position of authority, i.e., she wears a uniform. And as that authority, she is reviewing the contracts or agreements between various parties. This opens up the idea that, because all the elements of a dream are aspects of us, that the soul has to manage these different lives within us. To make a spiritual journey, particularly, all these lives must be in agreement. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream, I seem to be in a small town, and I feel like I’m kind of some official, like a sheriff or forest service person, someone that has a uniform. And I’m male, although occasionally I seem to be female; kind of an androgynous person. 

It’s at a time in this little town that there’s some kind celebration with a parade going on outside, occasionally, and people serving cups of coffee and things for that parade, if you go inside one of the little minimarts. 

And there are some women in the minimarts who are in alliances with other women and they’ve even drawn up like civil union contracts and things that are questionable because you know some people support that kind of same sex marriage agreements and some people don’t, and some of those women actually try to kind of sabotage what I do, and others seem to be fine. 

So I kind of have my eye on what’s happening all the time, because some of them have some questionable agreements and that makes them react a certain way towards me. In fact, I feel like one is trying to blow me up occasionally. 

Then sometimes there’s a parade going on outside, which is kind of odd you have someone that maybe used to be an elderly singer who will go out there and sing in cowboy regalia, and then couples will come by on roller skates in some kind of a pattern that goes swish, swish, swish, you know, and maybe part of the parade and then they go on by.

I know I’m kind of examining the agreements two or three of these people have, and trying to stay out of their way but at one point one of them actually tries to shoot me, doesn’t quite succeed. 

And then a feminine part of me shows her a tank that she used to operate during the war or something, knowing that she won’t be able to resist firing the tank and trying to kill me, but instead she fires it and kills one of the other people who’s being a huge problem, just kind of blows a hole right through their stomach – and I see them actually walking in spite of this. 

That actually gives her a place to live in, because of the civil agreements, if they’re honored, and I seem to be one of the few people in town that will actually honor all of the agreements, and I notice how when she goes there and other people go to visit her, that sometimes they want to do that in privacy. 

But the very people that they wouldn’t want to have see them do it spy on them, and I kind of just observe all of this and I’m hoping things will settle down. It’s almost like I’m driving down a hill and I stop because I realize a car in front of me is going to pull in front of me, even though they haven’t signaled.

And I let them do that, and then I go on by, and then I go down to get a drink that I think that was when she tried to kind of shoot me with the cannonball or whatever, and now I think things will settle down because nobody really wants to mess with all these civil agreements that are giving people certain rights, and no one really wants to deal with it. 

Somebody actually tried to shoot or did shoot someone else. It’s like I’m just hoping things will settle down for awhile.

John: But you said you’re one of those who can settle all of those agreements?

Jeane: Yeah, I had some kind of policeman role, and I seem to respect the agreements because some people don’t like people making same sex union agreements, but I just am trying to get people to settle down and stick with what works before they do something that actually undercuts them.

John: It’s kind of a dream that is intended to explain or portray what it is that you’re actually doing as an energetic expression in life. In other words, there’s all of this array around you that is a bit here, a bit there, all these different components flying off in all these different ways, and yet somehow you recognize a same quality in all of that.

In and of itself, if it wasn’t for you, these agreements, this whole mannerism would be kind of in a state of disarray, but you seem to be able to go down there into this place, into this town or whatever, and your presence seems to be such that it helps to pull all of this together, and all the agreements, the whole schematic of this being this way and that being that way.

What this dream is saying is that the parts of yourself… and you really see this, you see people that just can’t get their act together, you know, they’re torn this way and torn that way, and it just seems like it’s one thing or another. And you’re kind of appalled in a way because you realize that life is something in which you have to have a certain balance and focus. 

Only what you’re saying in this case is all of those little different parts and whatnot, which have you at odds, have something in common. And you’re able to be the one component that can come and in the end find yourself pulling it all together, and able to know which way to turn and which way not to turn when all of these different components, all of these different parts of one’s self, seem to be pulling you into a state where they keep everything in a general malaise.

You’re able to see the general malaise, but you have found that component that pulls this general overall malaise together. It causes all of the agreements to be honored, or it makes it possible so all of these agreements can be honored.  

So, what are the agreements? The agreements are these bits and pieces and parts of one’s self that have an aliveness, which are there for a purpose. And some parts of that aliveness are contradictory, or going in an opposite direction and potentially shooting up another part of an alignment agreement – and yet all of these disconsolate parts then keep one in a state of disarray.

As the teacher would present the journey of the soul, it’s as if the soul comes in and it picks up a little of this, and a little of that, and it has kind of an unconsciousness about it because it doesn’t know how to sort or sift anything out. And so in its total innocence, it has a container then that’s full of all of these different traits, qualities, and characteristics, and mannerisms that all have a particular kind of vibration about them.

And that vibration then generally keeps one going around and around in a circle, and keeps one from finding a center, a balance, and you are seeing yourself in this dream as someone who has found a way to accept and pull all of that together, as being the person who makes it all make sense, makes it all come together.

Now, what the teacher also describes is that a soul has all of this, and has taken on things that even may have been dropped onto that particular soul from something else that passed on or whatever, at that moment in time when your soul is coming in, as an unfinished business that needed to be finished.

And that it doesn’t necessarily belong to you. It’s something that you have to contend with though, because it seemed to have happened, and it could be even disorientational to how it is that maybe the essence package of yourself is inclined to be. But yet, somehow or another, through a focus, through an attention, through a purification process, through a quality of catching up with and honing to a particular vibration, all of this is able to come through, all of this is able to be brought to a point where it comes together and all gets lived.

And that all of it getting lived, and lived in a way so that it is meant to be lived in a way that has a vibrational focus that comes together to where it makes sense, that it’s meant to make in terms of how something is designed – that’s the following of all of the agreements. That’s the bringing of all of the agreements together.

Because every one of those aspects is like a thought of God and some are closer, some are further, and yet they all can be brought together and all make sense. But the whole process is one in which the doing of that has you feeling like you’re under assault, or attack, or have to get shot or misdirected. And how do you turn this way, and how do you turn that way?

The doing of all of that can seem most peculiar while you’re in the midst of it, and yet the dream is indicating that you’ve accepted and recognized and realized a way, or manner, or have a sense of self, which means you’re pulling all of this together, to see that you’re the one person that makes sure that all of the agreements are followed. Quite a dream, isn’t it?

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