Following the Vibration

vibrationsIn John’s dream, he finds himself on a path, yet taking a route few others take. This leads him to a ceremony and an inner sanctum, and a meeting with a special person. Through it all, he knows that it is the vibration that is as important as anything he might encounter. It is the thread that leads him on. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, the theme of the dreaming last night was the determination… In other words, you portrayed it as an overallness that took into account all of the various variables of things as a quality that had to live itself through, that had an aliveness about itself that’s important to all of life.

And that ordinarily it is something that, because they’re on different levels and vibrations and such, ordinarily they keep each other crisscrossed in kind of a malaise, and can even at points in time of how they are, seem to be at odds with each other, that they even can be aimed and pointed in a different direction than what you realize, or can come to realize, is important.

So you’re able to sort out the paradoxical natures of all the different vibrations in order to cause all of the agreements to be lived through. And that’s a state of overall presence in the midst of the maze of yourself, of all of the components and the pieces, and everything that exists. You do it that way.

The way I do it is, I have to catch up with the note of the vibration that I feel inside, and that note of that vibration enables me to travel to an inner depth. And then from that inner depth I find the similitude, and the letting go, and meet with what is essential to hone, and to augment, the unfoldment.

So, it’s like I live a thread. I bring about, and move around with, a particular focused thread. When you take and handle all of the agreements or the threads that are this way and that way as an overall package, and find out and provide a space so that that can occur, you support the space so that that can occur.

I just follow a thread, I just go and go and go and, on the momentum of that, I just keep going until it eventually runs some course. And I can’t stop until it runs some course, even though I may come to a place where it would make sense, and others have stopped.

The dream is like an introductory dream, in that you have the dusty path trail, only this time it’s a single lane and it’s going into the depth of something. It doesn’t appear to be going into the depth of something, but it’s going where no one else generally goes, or is invited to go. 

And I’m doing it, I have my bike and I’m going down this one way trail and I reach a point – it feels like a depth – where I come across a gathering that are all there to honor something. It’s a type of ceremony, and it’s a particular kind of ceremony. It’s like a type of wedding that is taking place, and the people who are there look a little different than the people you usually meet, or would meet, if you hadn’t taken this trail.

And I seem to be dressed enough like them that they’re ready to willingly let me pass into an inner sanctum where this wedding is to take place. In other words, for those who look at the tickets and whatever they have to do to see who has the invitation or not. 

In my particular case, because of my appearance, I don’t even seem to need to an invitation. I can just go straight in, if I choose. I overhear that Chucky has found love again, whoever Chucky is, and I’m not sure whether I’m in some sort of gay wedding going on here, or just what the deal is, but I do see a woman or two but they seem kind of hip and different, very, very progressed. 

The thing is, just because I can crash the party, or be there if I want to, that’s not where I was going. And so I point out to the ushers that I’m not part of it, and they say they wouldn’t have known by the way I look, and so I get directed in how to take the bike out of there and to do that it’s kind of strange. 

I don’t just turn it around and ride back the way I came in, I have to go around this circular deal and when I go around it once then I go out the way that everyone else had come in, because I had come in this other route. Nobody else had taken this particular trail in. They had all come in by invitation or something.

And so as I’ve taken and made that circle loop, it’s like someone there, maybe it was one of the ushers or maybe I just knew that that had to be, indicates that I’m supposed to go to another depth or level, which is slightly separate from the ceremony, where it’s like the main person or something like that, the special person to the whole thing, wants to meet me.

And it is there that I find myself both presenting and then receiving something I hadn’t noticed, or realized, or thought about at all, and it turns out that it’s like a very short book. It’s a short book because it’s not a novel. It’s a book that is very alive and what is in it, each page, each chapter is alive, and it’s like it doesn’t seem to even have to be a whole lot on each page it’s so alive. 

And I’m told it’s the next installment, or I even say that, that it’s the next edition, and I’m surprised to hear myself say it because that means that that is something more. And what’s hard in this dream is figuring out whether I’m presenting it, or receiving it.

And I page up to about page 36, and maybe there are twice as many pages as that, and that’s what there was. And I can tell that I’m meant to still continue onward somewhere, something yet still goes onward. In other words, there’s still more momentum to go.

The meaning of this, and the thing that was interesting about this that stands out in this adventure, is that my heart maintained a consistent quality throughout this whole dream. And it was this quality of vibration and inner peace that I was following, and it was this quality that evolved or took one to this inner sanctum, and it was this quality that had me go on to another deeper level to meet someone else who wanted to greet me, and it was this quality from which a book that was very alive, said to be the next installment, suddenly manifests, and it was this quality that was there, and still more, because my journey in this vibration had the sense that it was to continue onward yet again, until this quality had run its course.

And yet I could have stopped, but the vibration kept sweeping me up so that the motion continued, as the documentary of whatever was set to still continue to unfold further. And all I know is that I felt so full inside, that to stop at any of these places, even down there where I met the special person who was there to greet me and knew that I wasn’t to stay yet, I was still to continue on, and even though readily accepted it was not in keeping with the fullness of this thread.

In other words, this is a thread that goes on and on and on and on, that follows that vibration to whatever depth that vibration goes, and that vibration keeps opening up and opening up and opening up. And that is like a contract or an agreement, so to speak, of an aliveness.

And that’s my mannerism, and that’s like an out-breath coming truly, truly, truly all the way down, through, and into and however it needs to be, in life. And you, by comparison, are representing the energetic that makes all of that, provides the space, the balance, the sense, so that the contracts can be met, and so that they can come through.

And so you’re the one that’s intended to be able to juggle all of the ambiguities, and the differences, where some things can seem opposite to other things, and yet somehow or another you have a sense that can feel the different ways, and winds, and blowings, and levels and whatever all of that is, at different points in time.

You can pull all of that together into a cadence, so that all of it can be completed. That’s quite an overall sensation. And I’m just one of those vibrations that just doesn’t know when to quit.

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