Raising the Light

sunflower-3Jeane follows up her prior dream (see An Overall Presence) with this image of a sunflower and some lockers. The symbolism of the sunflower is important because it implies a kind of radiance, or represents something that radiates out, like a sun. As humans we are meant to radiate our energies in a similar way, as a conduit for what is higher to manifest in the physical world. It’s an act of service, from an individual into the Whole, yet only when it is done in a conscious way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So mainly I have an image, and it’s like I’m somewhere where there are two rows of gray lockers, like you have a locker up above and then a locker that matches it down below, and I’ve taken this large sunflower that I’m holding up near the top. 

So it’s bright yellow with kind of black in it, like sunflowers do. I’m pressing it up against the locker, and I seem to be kind of looking over my shoulder and consulting about this. I seem to be doing this numerous times, kind of just pressing this sunflower head up against the locker.

So you have the yellow and the black of the sunflower, and you have the gray of the locker, and the stem, and then I’m consulting. I don’t know if later one will also repeat this with the bottom row or not. That’s unclear to me. So far I’m just doing it with the first locker.

John: That doesn’t quite feel right to you, does it?

Jeane: Well, I am consulting about it.

John: But don’t you kind of instinctively know that you need to pull that sunflower back away from the locker so that it radiates over both lockers simultaneously?

Jeane: I don’t know. It seems to me like maybe I think that I press it against one locker and then later I’m going to go to the locker below.

John: A sunflower plant in its yellow and leaves like that, radiating out, is meant to cover a huge, huge area. In other words, in its radiance it takes in so much, and it has a space that takes in so much, and what you’re doing when you’re pressing it against the top locker, which is kind of like your idea of a higher-self approach, you’re limiting its potential, that radiance…

Jeane: I’m pressing it so it faces out, not in.

John: So it faces out.

Jeane: Yeah, towards me. Like I’m pressing the back of the sunflower against the locker.

John: Wrong direction, I would think. Because it’s important that the sunflower radiate from that space, too, but it’s also important that it radiate back. That way it can give something back into that condition.

It has that as a base behind it, and is trying to have the sunflower, using the locker at its back. And it’s a locker, it’s holding this thing back and that’s what a locker does. It keeps this thing kind of from coming into its own, that the locker is also a means by which something is preserved or maintained.

It wants something that’s freed out of a locker. It blossoms into something so much more. And that’s what it’s like in the dense physical world. But in the world of the inner, with the sunflower and such, the sunflower needs to come back from the locker. It actually needs to have the ability to radiate.

In other words, the way you’re setting it up is, you’re sitting in a situation that’s restricted, in terms of the contraction, in terms of your sense of higher self, the locker quality, and you’re attempting to radiate out into the ethers, or into a space somewhere else.

Instead you need to step back away. The sunflower that is you, in its radiance, needs to come back away from the locker, be able to radiate out and take in both the higher self and the lower self with those two lockers, and in that shining something is possible that wouldn’t ordinarily be possible.

So this is a dream that also suggests something so much bigger, so much bigger. In other words, what I would sit and ponder is, how do you reconcile the sunflower possibility in relationship to something that’s trapped? There’s a higher-self locker and a lower-self locker that needs light, that needs a radiance in order to become free.

Can it do it in that condition that it’s in? Can it come to know what is going on that way, or is there another state that takes and radiates out, radiates back like a sunflower?

The idea of a sunflower… it’s too bad there isn’t a book on the meaning of plants as well as the meaning of animals, because the meaning of the sunflower, in this instance and basically most instances, is that it represents kind of a whole other quality from somewhere else that can glow out and radiate out. It’s a sense of freedom.

It is a sense of a condition that is free from the limitations of something that is restrained or locked, and yet it can hold a level, in and of itself, in a point that is able to transmit out, radiate out, an effect that which is trapped in a confined condition.

You can shine the light down upon that, so that it’s not just stuff trying to noodle out the higher qualities of the upper locker. It’s able to radiate out over both the lower locker and the higher locker.

And so you’re describing a shifted dimension, is what you’re describing. You’re describing a role or a placement that you’re meant to be able to realize needs to work that way. The image you have is not quite realizing how it’s meant to work.

It’s meant to turn around and bring something back in to take what it has and, somehow or another from the process, know and realize that it turns its attention and radiates it back. Instead of radiating it in a transcendent way, it radiates it back in an imminent way.

It’s almost as if, somehow or another, the higher self, in its trapped mode, and the radiating quality that is there, the radiating quality ends up with its back up against the higher self – almost as if it can use that as something to lean against, as a base or something – but instead it needs to be free of that in a whole different spatiality, and yet change the orientation, and come back now and radiate down on the higher and the lower part of those lockers.

That’s a very deep dream. It’s a scary dream though, too, because it almost speaks of a transcendent space that makes you wonder whether you’re talking about another existence versus the higher-self locker and lower-level locker of existence, and a sunflower state of beingness in a spatiality that is free from all of that, but yet gives back to that. That’s a tremendous image.

So that, if you take and look at this in relationship to your prior dream in which you have a means of making things… orders, what was it called in the dream, not orders but what was it? Wishes?

Jeane: Contracts.

John: Contracts. The contracts. Making the thoughts, making the vagariness that is all askew, all have a meaning. Because every energy has to complete itself in some fashion, and there is a way that that catches a kind of note that pulls it all together into a oneness, and that is established when you bring the contracts and all the different various levels in which they can seem to be a part, or contradiction to each other or something even, or at odds at times, with each other when it all gets to the point where it makes sense.

And that you carry a means, a kind of energetic, of a Wholeness, that is able to help all of that succinctly recognize and see itself. And it’s like you play that role, you play that role in the physical actually, and outside of the physical, by having played that role, you form a connection to the physical, to creation, so that another part of you can then radiate into creation in a whole other spatiality, which you wouldn’t have done otherwise, which you now do because you have an affinity for this level, which before you kind of rejected.

But you came to recognize the affinity for this level by coming and realizing the duty of being able to pull or carry or hold disconsolate energetics, being able to recognize the contracts of all of those vibrations, having a sense that went somewhere, and able to play a role that led to them able to find a completion, a coming together into a Wholeness, a meaningfulness, a oneness.

And so now what remains to be done is a type of radiating, or raising the light, or the energy of something that feeds back into all of this. And that is not something that you were naturally inclined to do. You had your back to this, in a blindside way, but now, as the sunflower radiance, you can’t point it to the transcendent, you have to point it back at the imminence. You have to come, or connect, from the other side, so to speak, back into life.

Very interesting. How do you do that?

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