A Ring of Light

eclipse-Dreams of being on another planet, with other species of aliens? What can this mean? Well, it often points to a need to integrate something new into one’s life. The aliens represent the new or different energy, and the struggle is to see how to incorporate this new energy. It is the feminine quality that makes this possible, by creating a containment for what is new to be integrated into the Whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My series of dreams take place on another planet. It actually feels like a pretty well integrated series, because first I’m kind of male on another planet and I’m in a jungle kind of learning how to interact in some competitive games with other guys who are there.

So it’s almost like we’re trying to see, if you come together in a circle in the jungle, and you’re kind of competing at certain games, how we can compete with each other in a way where you don’t have unfair advantages, where you can actually kind of compete and play these games, and when do you have an advantage or disadvantage, or what?  

So I’m trying to figure that out initially. Then I kind of take that concept one step removed, and on this same planet there are people that visit from another planet, and they’re always isolated from anyone other than their own species, even though they’re all humanoid. 

And so I expand that with the way that you can kind of let two species mix a little bit in some games, or in some interactions, so that one doesn’t overwhelm the other and you can just bring in a few people in a certain setting and see how that works initially because some of these people are built differently physically, or they’re more heavier set. 

They’re a different race, so you want to see how that works. And initially you do it in a very controlled way, and then you see if you can push that and do it in a little less controlled way because that’s people’s nature that they have some of this mixing and they want a little bit more.

And so that seems to be what the whole series of dreams is about, about how to kind of allow these different races to mix and in a way where one doesn’t overwhelm the other, and yet where you can continue to find different combinations that allow for an interaction.

John: This is continuing the same sort of thing energetically, as far as the way something is effectuated or permeated into life, as occurred yesterday in which you had to take into account the contracts of everything. And now to that same schematic correlated, is a dream in which you are looking at how things are integrated in terms of the Whole.

First you start off with the raw energy in which everything is just quite ordinary in the outer and basic, in which there’s nothing at all sophisticated in that image because it’s like a scene that is set back in the jungle days of things, or in the horse and buggy aspect of development, or in just, if you’d like, more of a lower-self nature of it all.

And are you able to take and accommodate that, so that a kind of equanimity is able to exist? This is very much the situation and the big question that’s always raised and that’s why you have various parties going at it, like the Democrats and Republicans or whatever, trying to determine what is best for society so that things aren’t out of hand, because otherwise there’s apt to be unfair competition, or someone is going to have to suffer for the benefit of someone else to step ahead.

On the lower-self level you’re looking at how you’re able to take and accommodate, using a word from yesterday, all the contracts that exist out there in terms of energetic uses of energy that have a different motif, different intents, different mannerisms, a lot of them more personal than others, just at various stages in other words.

How is all of that accommodated in terms of working with the outer conditions of life? In the second half of the dream, it’s like now how is it possible to introduce new energy into the equation? In other words to shift it, to speed it up, but you speed it up in terms of a vibrational Whole. In other words, you usher in something that you can link or connect to inside yourself -like aliens from another planet or whatever vibration.

And how do you bring the inner into the outer?

Jeane: A little bit at first and then more as you see different possibilities.

John: Yeah, which is all again a responsibility and a role of the feminine, being the container energy, and having domain over creation to see something like this through. The feminine use of energy carries the responsibility of permeating the vibration over the Whole.

The teacher’s way of saying it is creating a ring of light around the planet, so that through that can be a light from beyond that can come through. In other words, without that, then only a certain kind of burden and weight and malaise is inclined to exist, and in order to bring inner into outer you have to kind of set the stage for this more to happen. And the stage is set with a quality of the heart.

The heart has to get to a point where it is able to provide an access or a means to the inner that it can experience, to come into the outer, or in other words, to be able to integrate the aliens. Of course you’re looking at all of this outer means upon which that can happen, how they can be introduced into the outer society.

So your dream had two octaves. The first octave was the lower self of it all, and the second was the higher self of it all. And you might say that it all backs up to a central understanding that this is the feminine’s responsibility over the Whole.

The masculine brings forth the spark, the energy that can try to set in motion something so that the sweeping over of the feminine, as an energy holding a space and a place in the outer, this being the feminine’s nature and way, so that that can happen.

The masculine has to bring something through. It’s the protector. It’s the guardian of very specifically used energies. But without the permission, or without the overall quality there, being sustained in some capacity, to be able to accommodate, the change will fall flat. In other words, it has no permission or right to do that without this overall quality being there for it to be okay

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