Breaking the Spell

Hypnotic-spiralJohn has a dream where he is the new kid joining a softball team, which is in a malaise in terms of its performance. A team in a dream can be understood as a “collective,” or the prevailing way things are going on. John’s presence is meant to shake up the collective, and break them out of their malaise. Tomorrow, we’ll take an in-depth look at this imagery. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The first part of it was just a sensation in which I can feel in the scenario of an overall, that there’s a little bit too much heaviness that exists. So even though a bounce or a temporary relief is needed, and it’s going to be a temporary relief, just to take a certain pressure off, I can sense that. 

The problem is this is not my strong suit or area, because this borders awful close to what you do, but I can sense and I can feel that what is pressure upon it all, needs to ease up just for the time frame, again, to allow more sight of a certain overall quality to permeate out and see the situation.

And then it will continue to break down, but it can’t just break down and everyone go into an abyss. It has to break down in a way so that people have a sense of what has happened. There’s no change in other words in this image.

This image is just an image in which the unfoldment of something that’s destined to unfold continues, but there are reposes, and then there’s a step back in that there’s a way of letting things kind of adjust or catch up, as I indicated, a type of temporary bounce from what would normally be a straight down plunge, in order to allow people to see, and watch, and note, or as I indicated, kind of catch up so that it doesn’t catch them completely in a mysterium or something.

So, that’s the first scenario, which is just something to set the stage that this is the kind of existence that is out there right now. And then from this being the scene, as the existence, the following dream occurs to point out how you effectuate it, or work with it, from the standpoint of the masculine.

Of course the feminine is in charge of how it all permeates out, in terms of it integrates through, in terms of dealing with all of the vibrational contracts of life or, essentially, is able to be accepted. But this watching part and this whole business where everyone has to catch up and take note of what’s going on has to kind of come first.

It’s part of the overall in terms of a feminine losing the general confusion in terms of what is going on, but the feminine does not have the answer. The answer comes from this other aspect and use of energy, that is the feminine that is there in place, that is the nature that can allow the contracts to all be taken into account simultaneously, and for everything then to find a cadence, and then for the will from even the higher self to be able to permeate and come down like an inner into outer.

But that shooting through of that inner into outer is a masculine use of energy – and that’s what this dream addresses. 

In the dream, I’m like a new kid that’s moved into this place, into this area. This area has a baseball team, and I join the baseball team, and the game that they play is softball. It’s like a softball… or anyway the game is such that you pitch underhanded. So the ball tends to be at a speed that you can kind of see it as a general rule; it’s slowed down. It’s kind of like a woman plays the game. 

It’s the guys who play overhand fastball as a general rule, where speed is involved, but the speed without control, without a certain focus and attention, is out of balance, doesn’t mean anything at all. So as the new kid in the area, I go to the team and check into the team to play on the team. 

And at the time I step into the team, nobody knows anything about me. As far as I could tell no one says where I need to play, and it’s kind of like I could just grab a position – all except for one. And the position that is very specialized is the pitcher’s position, but because no one says what I can or can’t do, and all of a sudden there is a gap that exists because the pitching position is haywire on this team. 

And it’s haywire at this particular moment in time, something is breaking down even, and a change needs to be made, I step over and take this play and grab the ball. It’s kind of like this team doesn’t see itself that way, with somebody new coming in straightaway like that, so two other people step up that are offering to pitch and the whole team knows how they pitch, and so it’s like a shock if they step forward because what I’m doing is kind of out of oblivion or something.

But I know that the tone needs to change, and I can feel the problem. And so I ask the question, “Are there any restrictions in terms of how fast I can pitch?” and the answer is, “No.” When I ask that question, and bring that up, it’s kind of like they want to see. They pause. Ordinarily you know I’d have been pushed out of the way because the collective would have predominated. 

I take the first pitch underhand and I whisk it straight out there. I’m not sure because I haven’t done this for a while, and it goes right across the strike zone with a speed I can feel and see inside. In other words, I’m touched with that vibration. 

The question I even had is, would this be under control? And it wasn’t, and I’m kind of surprised too, because you’re never sure what is able to happen or not. But what I felt inside, what I had leaped out with inside of myself translated across into the game.

And this is just the first warm up pitch, and the catcher says, “Nice.” I could see myself blowing the fastballs right by a batter. It was just right in that space. I could feel the vibration of that because it would be faster than anything that the batters would be used to contending with, and it would take a while for them to adjust. 

And so I knew that I didn’t even know how to finesse. At this point, coming into a game like this, the idea of finessing and whatnot, throwing off-speeds or curve balls, or trying to do anything any different just wasn’t there. It had to be just fast and powerful, straight and consistent, and basically as fast as my focus would let me pitch them. 

I could see inside that as long as I carried this demeanor and was able to permeate it from within over the team, and over the game, and over the collective, that I could affect the situation. But the question always remained and, until you did it, you couldn’t know the answer to this, if I had the intention, consistent intention, that could match the focus over an entire game? 

If so, then I could permeate and break through the spell that existed over the team, as a tone, as a mood, as a jinx, as kind of a way of them seeing themselves that would then lift something to a new level. 

The challenge then, the bigger challenge, was holding onto the quality I had inside, to the point where it could prevail over the mystique of a team that had reached a point of believing that nothing could work forever, or for long, because the team was just in this state where it would settle for just improving upon the embarrassment that existed. In other words, it didn’t see itself as able to break through. 

The idea of transforming the scene into something new, in other words, had fallen out of consideration. But it wasn’t something that I was allowing myself to be affected by. In other words, I was just stepping into the scene and able to take it on.

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