upanddownJeane’s dream triggers an unusual thought: do our actions in the physical plane affect what is above us? Can our lower self affect our higher self? It is generally understood that a spiritual journey works from above to below, as we let go of our physical attachments and embrace our higher self. But perhaps this process is more two-way than we think. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream, I seem to be in some kind of a condo unit with other condos that are upstairs, that are the same design, and were hooked together, like I can go up the stairs and I can go into another condo unit without having to go through a main door, just different levels I guess you’d call it. 

Before I’m relating to all of that, someone has come to me and they’ve given me this piece of white paper folded around a bunch of money, and it’s money from something that’s invested or belongs to me, a business, but it’s usually just deposited straight into the business and this was cash that they’d forgotten about.

So I decide I have to count it, and it’s a little tempting, like do I just keep it in the form of cash, or do I put it in the business account like I usually do? And I think I make that decision, but I feel like I have to count it first, so I do that.

And then the dream shifts and I’m noticing that in this condo, near one of the bathrooms, there’s something that goes into the wall that regulates water flow, and it has a bunch of different devices that do that through the pipes. But I notice that there must be something wrong with how that’s hooked up in my unit because, when I start to go up the stairs to the other unit, I see that my unit is causing some kind of water to be coming through the carpet on the floor above me.

And I go back to check this, and then I go to this guy, who’s a very together guy that I’ve known a long time, and he has the unit right above. And sure enough I’m kind of even glad that he does because he has things labeled much better than I would, and so I figure out that he’ll know how to fix all of this because he has it all labeled. 

In fact, I’ve gone over and I see this piece of glass, and I see that under the glass he has little pictures and labels for how you fix everything in his unit, like I would never go to that kind of detail. So I’m kind of happy that that’s how he is. 

I’m studying that when he comes and he’s suddenly asking me… it’s almost like he’s suddenly noticing me in a way he hadn’t noticed me before, so he’s asking me how old I am now. And I suddenly can’ t remember. I can tell him my birth date, but that’s about all I can pull together. 

Then he’s laughing and he’s gone back to the side. I’m kind of floating through the air and suddenly noticing a man that’s holding me, and I think it’s him, then I realize it’s this younger man who had never noticed that we had an attraction before.

But then I kind of laugh, and I consider him a little young. I kind of laugh and gently kind of unpeel from having him wrapped around me, and send him floating on his way a little bit, you know, just with a joke. 

Then I decide to travel to another place where there are water pipes in the building, and now I’m kind of going through the air. And then I’ve gone way up and I’ve gone on these kind of very complicated like little ladders and pipes, and I’m examining and swinging through the air and looking at how things are working there.

And then there’s this kind of goof off guy that shows up, way below me, who I just consider kind of an agitator. I don’t even know why he’s there agitating. Is he going to try to help me fix something with the pipes, or is he just an agitator? 

I can’t tell, but because of his presence it’s like I kind of travel over the pipes and fly around here and there and decide that I’m going to kind of swing and get to some other area instead. At that point I think that there’s a woman that finally enters the scene, who kind of comes over to me. She can maybe fly a little bit, too. 

I have the sensation of embracing someone. It might even be the woman at that point, because suddenly that part of the dream kind of just went out of my mind a bit.

John: It’s probably a good thing you dreamt and I didn’t dream, because I wouldn’t be able to dream something like this. Because what you’re dreaming is a very strange dilemma in that what you have is a higher self and a lower self connection, above and below connection, and I would have never thought of something like this, but what you’re saying is something that you’re doing down below is affecting something up above.

Usually the way the energy works for a human being is they have a consciousness that is so out of it that something up above has to help, and come down, and give you some degree of support and balance, and it’s called your higher self in relationship to how you are down below – to help get that straightened out. And then the straightening of that out is linked to what is up above.

But you’ve reversed this now. First of all, you created the scary scenario that what you’re doing down below is screwing things up up above, but then you proceeded to work on that from down below and, that’s bizarre.

The only example I can think of something like that would be in the instance like Bhai Sahib who was basically claiming he was always somewhere else, even though he was in the physical body, but he was also attentive somewhere else.

Is it possible that you have a higher sense faculty that can stay in a human body and be present on this other dimension and other plane? And if that’s the case, that’s never been done before that I’m aware of, other than maybe the idea of Bhai Sahib.

The teacher has indicated, for example, when you “die before you die” the consciousness that comes upon you is not quite human, because the idea of being human is this condition of bewilderment, and out of touch with who you really are, and failing to catch the hint, and to some degree or another, caught up in ego and thereby in a state of needing grace.

But never has there been the idea that you… in other words, I suppose this throws another definition to the words, light rising up to touch light, that you actually first if it’s light coming down and then awakening something, then light rising up to touch light – do you actually develop a consciousness that on some level works in the higher spheres?

It makes sense. I mean, I’ve never pondered it, never thought of it. I mean, it just kind of was an afterthought, the idea that Bhai Sahib never really came down, that he was always somewhere else. That was just kind of something that just fell blankly.

It’s as if, for example, your dream is such that if you go back three days or whatever, the day you went in to see the doctor, that night’s dream before had the whole suggestion that something could be done on the other side, there being a linkage to try to come back, in other words, going that direction back because something was amiss.

And then of course the memo was that if you could do it in the physical body that would be of course better, but if you couldn’t well, then, scratch that, we can go do the other, but the emphasis got stressed before it was over with that it be much, much better if it could be done in the physical body.

And what you were doing in the physical body was facilitating a means by which contracts could be brought to a state of completion, or mannerisms brought to a state of completion. And then this morning you were working on an aspect of the overall, in terms of the various levels again, and then it’s like you get hit with a right cross, saying something you’re doing down here is causing problems up above.

And then before this dream is over you’re actually going up there trying to fix that. I mean, that’s pretty bizarre, if you think about it, because the usual condition of looking at one’s self is to look at one’s self as in need of help – from the lineage, and the hierarchy, and through the teacher and whatnot.

You’re kind of throwing the rest of the definition of this light coming down to touch light and then light rising up to touch light, that the light rising up to touch light can actually have an effect upon something on the other side. And it also is adding to the understanding that, as something is fouled up down here, it’s fouled up on all levels up above.

And so the sequence of looking at this was that something had to happen from the lowest plane of things, which is this side, because through the microcosm you could catch up with the macrocosm to some minute degree, because you really are the universe of things.

But you can’t really do it in the transcendent very well, you do it in the imminent. But then all of a sudden you take and you throw this in, and you throw out the idea of light rising up to touch light is actually something… because again when you were taking and fouling something up above you, it created this whole flinch again, oh my goodness.

Well, if you’re fouling up something up above you, that’s certainly a no-no. Something has to change, and then you shifted, and the shift was that you know from this side, some part of you from this side, is taking responsibility for it somehow. Unbelievable. Never would have guessed.

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