The Perfect Mirror

TheBodyOfLight.049Spiritual paths often speak of being in, or holding, and empty state. How does that state make us more useful to God and creation? As John describes in this dream analysis, there is an aspect to this that enables things to be what they are, without interference. And that can include allowing something that is off-track to right itself again. It is a state of great vulnerability, yet also points to the greatest safety because it puts us deeply in the grace of creation.

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Jeane: Then I have a part of a dream, and I think this dream came after the first one but I’m not sure, in which I seem to be in a car and I swirl down into areas like a gravel pit, and I’ll go to where there’s another car, and it’s like when I come to a car I’m able to liberate a bit something that’s in it.

But you know sometimes you come to a car and what’s in there is a little girl who’s being abused by her father, so you’re liberating that. There’s kind of a swirling motion as you drive somewhere, and there’s a sense that when you touch cars you liberate what was in them, the people in them, but sometimes what you’re liberating is kind of sad, or abusive, or not what you would have wanted it to be.

And then that dream moves on.

John: This is showing the power of a type of forgiveness, as it is elevated now in terms of the spirit world, so to speak. In other words, there are things that have been sent awry, or out of kilter, or out of balance and, therefore, have their focus and direction misguided.

But if you are able to hold the empty space, you create the reflection by which, and upon which, they come back into a kind of cohesion. In other words, in your dream you come across a car in which there’s something inside of it that has been abused to such a degree that it’s not its normal nature or self anymore.

And yet in your state of letting go, you’re able to provide a space that allows a process of misguided, and misdirected, and discombobulated energy, so that it can retune itself, or catch the note of how that vibration is able to be in the outer world – especially if it’s a masculine energy that’s easy to retune.

But behind that is something more and, of course, the way you portray that as having something more behind it is that the child that you find, who has been subjected to abuse, that you’re able to liberate. You’re able to liberate it because you’re able to go behind what has been projected.

So it makes no difference whether you’re talking about a projection like this, or a projection in terms of an action or conduct, which is aimed into the world by the linear projections of something that comes down and is deemed to have a linear nature to it.

That “something” comes down as masculine energy. That masculine energy is not necessarily rejectable per se, because what it lacks is a type of accommodation, a mirrored accommodation that is impossible unless the feminine is able to be in an empty space.

And then when the feminine is able to be in the empty space, it can take that which is totally distorted, in other words an ideation that’s a little misguided, and in that space it can mirror back what is necessary – and that creates a forgiveness.

In Tantra yoga there is a trait, very few can practice it because it’s actually something that really requires you to probably go beyond Tantra yoga for it to be effective, in which total vulnerability becomes total safety. 

But you have to have a connection that is so pristine that in order to be able to subject yourself to total vulnerability – this won’t work, and will only create karma and strangeness if you are still processing something through, in terms of a doingness, because if you are, then you’re going to get hurt by something like that.

But if you can totally be in an empty state, an empty place, this is the one time when doing nothing on your own cognizance or behalf causes the most that there could possibly be, causes the perfect mirror, in other words, to happen.

And so from your initial dream, you’re being shown that not to be trying to put on the eye makeup yourself because if you do, then you establish a basis upon which you will end up getting hurt or having to suffer. And also, as a consequence, and it’s a consequence of not being able to facilitate the unfoldment of the orders of things that come through all around you.

In other words, you in a proper empty space do not deny anything. Everything is about something at a deeper level. It’s just, what are the veils that are in place and how can you be in a particular way that creates a mirrored reflection so that those veils, in relationship to the orders or the contracts that that person carries about their being and their nature, how is it can you be in this true empty space, the higher principle of total vulnerability is a way of saying it from a Tantric school of trying to reach an ideal?

Can you be in this total vulnerability, this total blank sheet of paper, to such a degree so that all that reflects back is that purity, that mirror? And, if you can, that’s the best place to be.

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