A Perceptive Sight

chakra6Jeane’s dreams have been wrestling with the balance between maintaining an inner emptiness, against the feminine urge to always be doing. Holding an empty space for what needs to unfold requires a continual letting go. Here, Jeane is shown there are further levels still to overcome in her journey.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream, I seem to be driving between different points in a city, and the thing about the city is that it’s like in the mountains, and there are big roads that swirl down and around, and go up and around. And some of them will go to plateaus where you look out where there’s a certain emptiness, and others just go to shopping centers or malls. 

Initially I’m going to some of the shopping centers or malls, and I’m always stopping at the little bookstores. And I’m kind of noticing people that want to run bookstores, and some of them think that it’s going to be easier than it is, and others have an aptitude for it.

And then when I leave, I seem to know where the clothing stores are. I seem to know where things are in this city, so sometimes when I get in a car and I go down a hill I can swish pretty fast and go right by traffic, and I know where the intersections are, and how things are going to stop. So in that way I really know my way around a lot.

But on another level, it’s like when I swirl up, and I go to this really high plateau that looks out over things, and I’m aware of relationships I’ve had in the past that have moved on. It feels like you haven’t come in to my life yet, so there’s this emptiness that I’m sad about, and even feel a little despair about. 

I know how to move around in this landscape, but it feels like I’m just feeling a certain despair with it.

John: This is really an interesting schematic because it’s one thing to take and be able to function with a certain way of emptiness, from a cloud of unknowing, but what happens if you actually develop a certain spiritual perceptive sight? What happens? Because this is what you are looking at.

In this particular process of being a particular way of an emptiness that facilitates the contracts, the mannerisms, and the energetics of life so that they can come into seeing themselves, you can actually come to recognize that there’s something to this.

You can start to see yourself as recognizing that there’s something to this, and in such recognition that puts you on this high plateau where you now see the shops, and you see what’s going on, and you have a greater acuity for a grasp of that sort of thing.

And that then leads to another problem, because that then can cause and create the tendency to transform a kind of consciousness, that you see working in a particular way, into a spiritual illusion.

And so you don’t then effectively come down very well, in terms of life, because even though you did something in a clean capacity, in terms of taking it to heart, and letting go, and opening therefore something up. What you came to see, what you opened up, can then become the problem.

So that what you then try to do with that, in terms of taking that down into life, has as a consequence developed a trait, or a note, or a stigmatism, and that comes from too much idealization of the process being understood in a way that you think you have a right to understand it.

Because you have suddenly caught up with maybe how certain things have worked, maybe you can’t help but denote that. And so as you denote that, then what you denote becomes its own set of doingness all over again, and that defiles your ability to come down.

So it’s like, my goodness gracious! I mean, you pick up a little only to get it all goofed up again because you can’t help but develop your own notionality of doingness. You never get free of this doingness. You have to always continuously know that there’s more and more and more to let go.

And that you’re not becoming, through this process, anything that sits in a pedestal of esteem. It only becomes despair when you’ve been in a process for so long that you think, okay, now I finally am catching up and making headway, because you’ve been looking for the headway all this time, and when you find that it actually gets morose.

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