The Power Behind the Shadow

jung-shadow1In this dream imagery, John discusses “the shadow,” or the deeper truth behind the veil of our denser, outer world. It is a fact that whatever happens in the physical reality we experience, is first triggered in the worlds of energy. When we seek to see beyond the veils – the world of illusion, many say – we can begin to understand what is really at play. This can enable us to respond in a more meaningful way to these inner aspects, rather than to always react to the denser outplay. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my dream, or I should say after the main dream event, which I hadn’t written up yet, I’m standing before a couple of women who are discussing what they see as unfolding in relationship to a force of energy of some guy, and how that’s going to work out, or what that’s about, or whatever it is. 

Well, I don’t allow them to carry on with their predilections or judgments or anything, and instead I just go, “I have a prediction about what is going to happen.” And so anybody who has a prediction about what is going to happen – everybody wants to hear that. 

Oh, okay. So, I describe the unfoldment as exemplifying a trait that is ordinarily viewed as a negative quality. I indicate that this is portraying the power of the shadow, and what the shadow can do. 

I indicate that ordinarily the shadow is transformed by the higher self, but in this story, or the way of just telling the story and looking at the story in a black-and-white way, in terms of the denseness of the outer, the power of the shadow is what is being talked about or portrayed as dominant. 

In other words, you’re not seeing what’s behind that shadow because, in a dense world, you just see the denseness of things. So, as I’m explaining that to them, I suddenly wake up. I don’t finish the story, but I don’t need to finish the story because I know the energetic behind this.

And so now I have to address the dream, the story dream that they were talking about, and that is about an action and its amazing effect. And in the main dream there’s a person who, against all odds, just keeps persevering. Everyone else has taken a step back because persevering against the harsh outer conditions, the best one can hope for is happen chance fate because the outer conditions have all kinds of collateral effects going on all the time, and results that then lead to what can be a very painful and, in the end, very foolhardy thing to do. 

So this person, who has this indomitable attitude, comes before a friend, who is probably me, and there’s a third person, so accompanying me is my shadow, and says, “Let’s go, we could do this together.” 

In doing this, in spite of appearances, the result will go down in history. In other words, even he knows that what is projecting and perceiving is going against the grain of things, but his force of nature, the shadow aspect of his resolve, wins me over as if maybe my shadow gets caught up in it.

And some part of me knows the subtle difference is something more, because, if I didn’t, common sense would tell me to let go of such outward projection, because such mannerisms tend to be over-the-top, leave something to be desired in the end, and get smashed because they can disregard the subtle difference, the in-the-bones vibration, or that aspect which is real behind the appearances. 

Well, anyway, this also is where the main dream ends. So what is going on here is like the shadow force of the guy that doesn’t seem to let go because, actually, is it really a shadow? That’s what you tend to see, that’s a level of seeing, or is it something behind it that’s in the bones and he has to do it anyway, even if it’s ridiculous?

Somehow it sways the shadow side in me, against the common sense of my higher self, or so it seems. So it is like I have taken a step back to be able to hear about the force of energy as it is being reviewed, in other words, this is the women sitting around talking now. I’ve taken a step back to be able to perceive it.

And I’m seeing it through the eyes, or I’m about to see it through the eyes of the two women, and they could easily put a spell on it because they’d be judging it from just the appearances in the outer. So I interrupt and I say, “I have a prediction on the outcome.”

And as I’m portraying it, my heart gets real tender because I’m in touch with how this is able to work out. Well I am, in that sense, shaping the appearance as being a most amazing result and I have characterized this as being an example of the power behind the shadow, and what it can do when focused in an indomitable and not-to-be-denied way.

Of course I know it’s more than the shadow, but if they’re going to look at it in an outer context, then be careful because there is more than just the shadow – and that’s what comes out in the meaning. Things aren’t what they seem.

I preface it as being like that, like a shadow, by saying to the two women I am making a prediction, but always the way you need to be is you need to take into account all of the levels of flow. And when you see a force of nature outward expression, that may appear to be too much, always ask the question, what is really going on behind this?

Because maybe it’s not as naïve as it appears, maybe there is something more. There always is, it’s just to what degree is it veiled? In other words, don’t underestimate the power of a shadow that goes forth in the outer, but is reflective to something behind it, even though that is hard to denote and then sometimes can be kind of off.

And that’s where letting go and true forgiveness comes in from the feminine or I will never see that, and instead we’ll just perceive abuse and misuse, and all of that, because from an inner vibration that is how a need shifts.

What I’m portraying in this dream is that when conduct and action and the physical world is seen only from the outer motif, the tendency is to not recognize what is going on. As I say in speaking about that level of reality only, as if that’s a reality – the denseness – to the two women is to not underestimate the power of the shadow because there’s more behind it.

It may not be what is really going on. Look to the unseen depth to unveil what is behind it all. I can say all of this because I am the shadow at each stage of the journey, that I have peeled the shadow back to touch an essence seeking its way.

So when a situation is like that, wherein a connection from subtle to dense exists, to understand the process it is necessary to take into account the whole thing, all the levels of inner into outer, and not just see the dense mannerism per se. It is that which is behind appearances and expression that therein lies something that can be real and is real if you can see it, if you can peel it back like that.

You can only do that by stopping a doingness, in the nature of the feminine, and go into an emptiness that enables you to recognize that, to reach a point where you can see that and denote an appreciation that stretches out to all there is in the outer. Because the denseness is not necessarily as senseless as it seems.

It is senseless if you judge it, but if you don’t judge it, you can redeem it, and there’s something behind that as a consequence that’s meant to be lived. 

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