Coming Out of the Wall

relief-1Following her dream with people made out of brick (see The Human Composite), here Jeane finds herself with a person made out of stone, who struggles with emerging from the wall into life, or settling back into the wall like a carved relief. It speaks of the need to keep letting go, so what is hidden can emerge into life. Humans are connected to all that exists. When we feel ourselves separate, we disconnect from the truth behind all that we see. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had a middle dream I forgot, but my last dream – it’s funny because it’s almost like I’m moving around, and maybe I’m a stone person now, but I move around pretty much like a person.

But I’ve befriended this young woman who’s a huge kind of stone relief, kind of carved out of stone, or she can lean back into the wall and she looks like one of those relief sculptures. I’m trying to kind of coax her out of that, to start becoming more out in the world, and walk around and stuff, but she’s a lot bigger than anyone else. 

Initially she gets discouraged with that and she kind of leans back into the wall, and you can tell her bricks are even going to start crumbling a bit, or fading, and she’ll just look like some kind of carved relief.

So I’m coming over and coaxing her out of that, and trying to convince her that even if we don’t know if there’s anyone else out there like her, isn’t it kind of fun to get out and move around? 

And I’m just sure that you’re behind this, by the way, because I’m even communicating that to her. We kind of know you’re behind this, but isn’t there something kind of just magnificent and interesting if she just comes out from the wall and starts being her, even if we don’t find anyone else like her?

John: So, in the face of struggling to try to make something make sense, in other words, me being behind it, that the idea of an ideation or something, if all of that can just drop away, then wouldn’t it be amazing that something can just be there – without that?

In other words, do you have to have the dependency of the ideation in order to accept the situation you’re in? Or can you so totally let go that things can just be there, can just come out from the wall, however they are, just emerge, emerge as an essence behind it all?

The alternative that keeps that from happening is something being behind it, that you’re having to try to figure out, or pay attention to, that you’re trying to facilitate or something, and that you’re trying to look at, that you’re trying to come up to, you’re trying to come close to. And yet you’re already everything.

How can that be possible, unless you’re able to drop aspects of yourself in order to have the appearance or relatability? That only happens in an amnesia. That only happens when a person is not really being true to themselves, and is following their own notionality. 

But you’re taking and you’ve gotten to a point where it’s becoming hard to pick anything up, because whatever you pick up doesn’t make sense in relationship to this larger, other inner space. It knocks me out I guess. I’m really drowsy.

What makes me so drowsy is your dream is something that you can’t take and pull a concise, distinct quality of the overallness out of it, because your idea of an overallness, in order to talk about it, presupposes, somehow or another, a knowable existence in the overallness.

And yet, how can there be a knowable existence in the overallness, if you’re a composite of everything that exists? So you can’t find yourself in any kind of separate capacity, and therein lies the dilemma.

As one goes about and goes about and goes about, it just comes out of the wall, so to speak. You just create walls. You’re trying to go about it, and it just comes out of the wall. It’s the wall – it’s everything.

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