I Am the Path

cliffsideIn the dream image, John finds himself on a high plateau following a specific route. But what seemed to be a sure path to his destination suddenly becomes an impossibly steep drop to the ocean shore.  What this image raises as a consideration is, how must I be to keep making progress on a spiritual journey? When we are weighed down by the baggage of physical life, traversing certain elevations becomes impossible. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, I suppose that’s better than my fumbling about, as if I know something, because in my dream I’m going along with a woman and we’re traversing some route that we have to take, that’s part of a journey that we’re on, and we’re going along some sort of high plateau.

And for the longest period of time, everything seems okay until we reach a point, and as long as the trail had been what it was I felt I knew how to proceed, but suddenly the trail comes to a nearly straight down pathway that plunges to the ocean far below. 

There’s a trail there. You can see it. It’s just that you can’t walk that straight down. And so as a consequence it leaves me dumbfounded because I was so sure I knew where I was going. But when I arrive at this point my momentum gets in the way, because the trail’s there, but there’s no way I can go straight down like that.

You’re going to slide, and if you’re standing on an incline like that you’ll plunge to your death below. In other words, you went along, you went along, and you went along as if something was possible, and was occurring, but then you reach this point where you’re just in shock. You’re dumbfounded because your destination is that ocean below, but you can’t walk down in the way that you’ve been walking. 

So, as I recoil, it’s almost as if in that instance there’s a type of letting go, and a name comes to mind, and the name is associated with this trail. It’s like some ancient name. Okay, so you named it, but then you had to attach a vibration to it. 

I mean, from the name arrives a sense of a vibration, so a sense of a vibration arose, but then I still have to drop however it is that my notionality, or mannerism, had been because somehow this is supposed to be meaningful in terms of being able to do the inhuman. But as long as I am proceeding at some capacity, I think that I have a way of proceeding in some capacity, I’m mortified. 

I find myself reaching a condition that can’t go on. So all I know was somehow I had to bring together or take this focus into this huge space. To not do this was to falter, in other words, was to try to distinguish it in its own separate capacity. And there’s no way you can do that.

So I have to do this from something as a sense from within, in terms of the overall. I am that pathway. I can go straight down. But not in the mannerisms that’s the density of the physical or something. So any opinion I have is based upon some outward manifestation. 

Yet somehow I know what this is, in other words, as if it has a name, and as a consequence of that I have a key, a vibrational key, that accesses an energy of letting go, which becomes a type of acceptance, in other words, that somehow or another could make a difference, or seems to be the answer. 

The only other option was to sit there in a state of shock and then taking this mortified condition, which is a type of self-consciousness, and acting like you somehow could defy things? You can’t because whatever it is that you had been fixating upon you just have to realize that that has to go. Anything and everything has to go. Well, that’s what the dream sensation is like. 

The meaning is I’ve come to a culmination point with my outer options and ideas. A letting go must occur, because all focused approaches in life have to drop away, or reach a dropping away point. And it is only then, once everything drops away, that you can start to ponder a space that literally takes the breath away. 

In the dream this was the reaching of a point when to proceed involves going down such a steep incline – well it’s just not humanly possible to do – in the way that one goes around and has their ideas, or notions, or focus, or attention. You can’t apply that anymore.

The destination below is important to get to; I can barely see it way, way, way down there. That’s the ocean shore and my notions that proceeded along have come to this point that you can see the end, but to get from this high point straight down where it’s all you can do to take a breath just imagining the whole depth of what lies before you. Well I found myself so dumbfounded I just stood there staring in disbelief that it could come to this.

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