Suffering the Consequences

samsepiamovHaving a dream where your co-workers are complaining about your work may seem like a typical anxiety dream. But here John points out that when you have developed on a spiritual journey, you begin to connect to deeper inner levels, which operate at a higher frequency of speed. This causes ripples in your environment where you begin to be a stranger to ordinary circumstances. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Now I don’t remember these dreams really clearly, but it feels like first I’m working somewhere in an office, but this building has a lot of levels and these levels go out into bleachers and areas where they build one on the other. 

I’m working in this office and I feel like I’m doing okay, but when I go back and meet with this new lady who’s my supervisor, who’s kind of cool, I find out the people I used to like actually even tried to get me fired. 

They didn’t like what I was doing, but no one told me. She’s kind of cold, but she at least shows me what she wants done, if it’s any different, but I’m kind of a little wounded by that because if there’s something going on that someone didn’t like it was like no one was telling me. 

Anyway, then I go out into the building and, like I said, it’s kind of like levels like bleachers but then these bleachers go down to an area that has an entrance from one floor to the other, and it’s decorated, and it has paint on it. 

Somebody throws some extra paint on the cornices and the decoration of these corner areas that are in…

John: So far what you’re doing is what’s happening is you have all these different levels inside of yourself that are quickened in some fashion, and so that quickened energy jars things in the environment that you’re in and that causes people who are in the environment that you’re in to have to try to make accommodations according to how their perception works.  

Because people aren’t used to a lot of dexterity, they go at this stuff in a very simplistic, singular way, and you find yourself in a world that is like that. I mean, that’s your boss, so to speak is that’s the setting that you have.

In other words, you have to conduct yourself in correlation to the dense conditions, or the set conditions, of the normal mannerisms and the collective aspects that other people carry for their own sense of self. Yet you have the problem in that you’re opening up all of these other levels inside of yourself, so as a type of force of nature you’re causing yourself to become a person who is hard to grasp or understand in relationship to your surroundings, those surroundings that is, that are going at a slower pace.

So that means that a tension is coming up, and that tension weighs upon your heart. And you now feel that tension, and that strain, and that remorse, and that sweet pain. And that is what you agreed to do, and that is what is important, and that is what suffering is all about.

This idea of having to take and suffer, in terms of one’s self, to get up to a particular speed and pace, goes only to the point of getting yourself into a condition where you have access to all of these other little levels inside yourself and, by having that access, you then are a force of nature that affects your environment, your outer environment, and you have no choice in that matter.

It’s just what happens. In a way now that’s where the grief comes in, that’s where the pain comes in, that’s where the sorrow comes in. The pain and the sorrow and the suffering that you did on yourself was kind of brutal, and was kind of something that had to occur as you went into the prima materia of yourself, and you did that up to a degree, and up to a point, to where you were able to develop a freedom and a consciousness so that you could then turn your attention to the way things are in the physical world that you’re in.

Before you couldn’t do that, before you were caught in it just like part of the collective. You went up and down with everything, and the fact that you had certain set conditions yourself, you used that to lean upon, and that provided a certain degree of anchor or stability.

But you’ve worked on yourself and you’ve gotten yourself to a point where you no longer need that sort of thing, and have found a spatial freedom inside of yourself. But that spacial freedom, to the degree to which others of the outer pick up on that, it discombobulates their world.

And so the pain and the suffering that you carry is that you have to be how you are, and who you are, and then know it discombobulates the environment around you, which you then transform by feeling the pain of that discombobulation that is created and, in feeling it, and in looking at that, and then somehow holding that, and then somehow or another creating a communication, sometimes it’s just by the mere sight of it or the inflection, that is what creates a shift and change in design.

If you are continuing to struggle with yourself, you don’t ever get down to the Whole. You don’t ever get to the point of realizing the bigger picture, and that you have to work on the bigger picture. So, you’re sitting in a situation where you have these levels that you can observe, the various things that lay out before you, but within the depths of all of that are the underpinnings of the density of the order of physical existence.

That is kind of like always right, meaning you have to accept it as always right because you’re here in the physical existence, and you have to take that, however it is, and you have to recognize that whatever it has to say has some value, has some meaning, has some virtue even though it is caught at a particular point only and doesn’t have the flexibility, and therefore gets concerned and throws you out, rejects you because it sees you as having too much dexterity.

You have to take that as something that you have to accept, and that you have to forgive, and that you have to reconcile, and you have to feel the pain of that in order to reconcile it, just like before you had felt the pain inside yourself of your own infirmities.

You now have to feel the pain of the outer. In other words, what you’re describing is a condition, in which maybe once upon a time you started out no different than anyone else, but then you got to a point in which you had worked upon yourself to where you excavated a quality of yourself that was able to stretch out and perceive and work on other levels and everything, which had not been possible before because you were caught up in things just like everyone else.

Well, as soon as you start to do that, that jars things that are stuck in the manner and the characteristic in the way that they are – and that can’t be helped – and they reject you, that rejects you, and that causes pain, that causes a type of sorrow, that causes a longing again because you are those bricks, too, you are all of those pieces. And so you have to then transform that. 

That’s kind of like an elder brother and younger brother scenario. You found the elder brother of yourself and now you have to reach out to the younger brother of yourself, and in reaching out to the younger brother of yourself, which is the Whole of things, collective of things in the physical, you suffer, you have that sweet pain, but it’s different now.

It’s a sweet pain that goes outside of yourself, as opposed to a sweet pain that is focused, and steered, and channeled upon yourself in which that’s miserable – but is this any more miserable? 

In a way, that’s just the nature of things. When you’re working with the levels, and you’re having to try to do something in terms of manifestation that is caught in its particular physical motifs, that’s just what’s involved.

And if you didn’t have the awareness of those other levels, you wouldn’t even begin to try. You wouldn’t even realize that there was something important about that. But once you do, then you have to suffer the consequences of that recognition, and take a responsibility for that as well, because you are composed of everything that there is. You’re the bricks of everything that is, and so you can’t turn your back on that.

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