The Unraveling Zone

UnravelingMysteryIf we think of the outer, physical world as being a very dense state, the development of our spiritual nature begins to lift us out of that density. As we elevate our lives, the process becomes more and more internal, and more and more subtle. Through it all, we are dealing with the inner aspects of ourselves, slowly letting go of what weighs us down energetically and prevents us from our deeper connections. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, the dreaming last night started off in a way that, to begin with, the first part of it was so over-the-top – you talking building blocks and me talking some other space that was just almost impossible to get one’s grasp in terms of reconciling.

This was almost like a viewpoint from somewhere beyond what one is capable of having a proper or balanced viewpoint about. This is where you’re still in the unraveling zone of yourself. And then it kind of comes down and breaks down into something then that you now tangibly are able to relate to. In other words, that is within the schematics and the scope of how you’ve evolved.

And you just described a scenario like that in which there comes a point in time where everything seems to be against you, because it only responds to a certain perspective and way, and it gets to the point that, as you perceive on more and more other levels, you get to a point where you go beyond the means to be able to explain, or to iterate, why it is that you are the way you are.

Much like Khidr had this problem with Moses, in which Moses had as he was destined to open up in a particular way and was fairly advanced to be able to even have an awareness of the Khidr, he still was caught in his motifs, and in his beliefs, and in his dense mannerisms, and still had a hard time keeping up with Khidr.

And thus, however, Moses must have had a certain kind of sincerity in that even though he objected to what Khidr did, he didn’t reject Khidr and, as a consequence, he put himself into a process by which he could evolve and pick up speed and come to understand these other levels as they were shown to him, or as they opened up for him.

Now, we have done that, in terms of taking and going inside of ourselves and dealing with our shadows, and dark natures, and stuff and then would come out, and now have to contend with that in the conditions that are around us. And some of those conditions we don’t just take upon ourself as if that’s us. We can be free of that.

But we still have to then work to be like the vacuum cleaner, or something, to sweep, or absolve, or to lift all of that stuff up because, as your dream indicated, if we don’t do that, then it affects other whole levels of what can be possible. And, of course, as we come into a perception like this, and as that perception comes to make itself known to the environment around us, we get rejected because we are disturbing the cadence that that ordinary setness carries.

Your dream started pointing out, of course, that it gave you a reason and an explanation at the very beginning in the huge expanse of the start of the building block chemistry of everything that you are, and then went into kind of a live example of, okay, now here you are. Okay, let’s cut down the sci-fi part a bit, and now here you are, and this is what goes on as a consequence of you being at least having scratched the surface a bit.

And that flow, that manner of evolvement, of kind of going from over-the-top to down in terms of opening something up is how my dream progressed, too, and it also leads to a lot of sorrow. It leads to a sorrow because you sit and you don’t know, then, after having pushed something beyond its means of digestion and ability to take in, you don’t know what is going to happen.

It could completely blow up. Can it pull it together? It gets knocked into a point of mannerism in which it needs a grace, or it needs something, and what is shocking is our proximity to this, our ability to see this. Our ability to feel that pain is a type of prayer, is a type of forgiveness, is a type of pulling something through for that part of the building block of ourself that is out of the equation.

Now, it’s important for that building block of ourself to try to surrender, and try to render, and to try to pray, too, to hope for the linkage, and the connection, and the grace to have the recognition that is needed, instead of the struggle, and the defense mechanism.

And that’s the process, and that’s the game, and that’s kind of how life is, and that’s kind of a depiction of what a Sufi is, too, in relationship to life, in relationship to a facilitator, or an idiot of God.

And, as a consequence of contending and dealing with the levels, because they have to be dealt with or otherwise you end up with things getting contangled and misjangled and, of course, they’re very contangled and misjangled right now, and so the degree to which things are going to swish and swash and flip and flop is intensified.

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