Creating a Disturbance

particle-collide1In this dream imagery, John finds himself trying to see something in the darkness, yet even his glasses are broken and don’t help. In an effort to change the situation, he begins to rearrange the room, moving things from the center toward the outer walls. In this process he is making a clearing, he is disturbing the standard goings on, as a means to make space for a car to be put in the room, which is symbolic as a vehicle for his progress.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This next dream is in between. It’s still not there. It’s still showing that something is still a bit too much, and that I have something still off the ground in my mannerism.

In this dream, I’m in a dorm room, and in this room I have a bed that’s on, in terms of looking at the door, it’s on the far left hand side against the wall. And then there’s my roommate’s bed that’s in the middle, and then on the other side of my roommate’s bed is kind of like a sink, or maybe even almost a bathroom area, but I don’t see a toilet. 

Maybe there’s a vanity and mirrors or something set up there, something like that with a sink. And the door is partly open so I can see out into the other area, which is not really another room per se, like a dorm room, but is kind of like, well, you know, maybe there’s a couch or something out there. It’s not really like a living room either, because this is a big building, so it’s a complex of something that’s outside there. 

I’m looking at something that goes beyond just the hallway. It’s not just a hallway there. And what I see is what looks to be, in the dark, a man and a woman making out – and she’s the one that wants to fool around, and he seems to be holding back a bit.

And so somehow or another I’m not sure what I’m looking at because all I see is a shadow outline, so I look to get my glasses on because I don’t see very good without my glasses. It’s almost as if there’s something else on my bed that I can’t quite reach around very well, but what I do come up with is on the floor, because the mattresses are flat flush to the floor, is I come up with a pair of glasses, but they turn out to be broken and disjangled in some fashion and they belong to this roommate I have.

So I throw them over to him and he makes this comment that he’s going to have to do something about them, which I take to mean that he has to get them fixed in some way, but he continues to keep procrastinating. And then I find my glasses, which have surprisingly just been left on the edge of the bed on the other end, on the other side. 

By the time I get those glasses put on, the lights come on in this outer area and there’s nobody there. But as soon as that happens, that light comes on, suddenly there are four of us in the room. In other words, I guess there’s me, the shadow person in the bed with me, another person coming in to help make something happen, and my roommate. And we have to do something immediately to rearrange this room.

And so I’m told, by this guy that comes in, to grab a side of my roommate’s bed, and we have to lift it up in the air and push it up against the wall. Essentially it’s like if I stacked or pressed against the wall that opens that space up. And I’m acting like I’m able to help, but this other guy is doing mostly all the work because he knows what needs to be done and I’m mostly in the way.

This big guy can do it all anyway. It’s not like a mattress bed is that heavy. And so once he has that up against the wall he then turns and he has a screwdriver in his hand, or something, and he’s dismantling now the vanity in the sink area and whatever exists there, so all of that gets shoved out of the way against the wall in that far part of the room.

Sometimes you have to do this if you want to get a car into the space. I wake up wondering how it is that a car in a campus room makes any sense?

The problem that this dream is portraying is that my attention seems to be focused on trying to perceive what’s going on in another place, outside of the room, and I don’t have the sight to do that. The space isn’t opened up enough inside of me to do that.

In other words, those glasses are broken. And the glasses that I have, that are available to me, which would improve the sight that I have, well, the timing is off because by the time I fumble around and get those glasses there’s nobody out there.

The lights are on, and I don’t know if I imagined the whole thing. So it’s like I’m in the dark. I can’t figure this out, and I tend to dismiss the plight that I’m in in terms of the sight. When I do finally get glasses on, and there’s the part of me that doesn’t have glasses, I don’t quite really know what is going on even with the glasses on, because the lesser part of myself, the younger brother part of myself, there’s still the roommate, the one that’s in the center, and something in the center is the best spot.

Against the wall is still getting the information in a little bit of a distorted way. Those glasses weren’t fixed at all, and yet it’s from that center that something needs to evolve and open up and widen out so that an awakening, in which the rest of the room is disturbed, in other words, you need to open up, you need to maybe even disturb it as a means of transportation being able to be brought into the scenario, or as a means of something more being able to evolve. In other words, the condition that it is, is too off to one side, hasn’t quite broken free.

As a deeper meaning an image of being distracted as a change is afoot, this is what this is. I seem to be one energetic image after another that is behind the, in other words, not keeping up with the whole sequence of things, waking up in what appears to be a stumbly, bumbly way and finding that I’m mostly in the way as things just keep unfolding.

My lack of sight has made me look at myself as being a bit weakish even. Everything is at a faster pace than I’m used to being, so I struggle to keep up. This is our condition when we finally start to let go of things.

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