Directing One’s Attention

Energy_Beam_by_LyriclyChallngdIn these dream scenarios, Jeane is struggling with various issues with the people and places she finds herself engaged. On a spiritual journey, the relationship changes between us and the outer world, because of the inner changes we are making. It’s a new perspective, and it requires a greater attention and focus to manage that relationship. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So my very first dream seemed to have to do with, first I was working in some kind of a medical lab, and I would meet people there that came from other places in the world. And then it felt like I was going to be going to visit Australia, and when I visited Australia then I would see some people that used to work in the lab that had gone back to Australia.

But the very first girl I met, it feels like she doesn’t really recognize me at all. I remember her and I’m trying to remember if she doesn’t remember us because she had a bad experience with the way people trained her, or why isn’t she remembering?

I can’t seem to quite sort that out. Then it feels like, as I go further into Australia, I go to places where maybe I want to vacation, that it just feels like there are conflicts going on, like I might want to go on a boat, and it anchors off the shore, but maybe somebody else doesn’t want it to anchor there, or they’re competing with somebody else who’s present. 

It’s like everything’s always conjangled in some way. It feels like maybe it’s because some of the women are competing with each other for a relationship, or something’s always kind of throwing it off, so it isn’t just a relaxed vacation where people are enjoying themselves, or everything’s okay. 

It should be okay, but it just doesn’t seem to be. And I think the dream switches a bit where I’m someplace in a country like China.

John: So what’s going on is in your whole outer way of being, something has changed to create a shift, so that the usual recognitions, in the way that you would expect, don’t exist anymore. And so what I’m wondering is, what would cause that to be, if there’s a person that you tend to recognize, that they, looking back at you, no longer recognize you.

It’s actually a very interesting image. It means that you’ve changed, but have you changed, or has the world changed? Well, the feminine tends to dream something that’s more in the overall context of things, and your dream continues to show that everything that you look at is jangled, or is different.

In other words, nothing is able to be assumed or presumed. Everything is kind of foreign or disoriented, in terms of the perspective that you’ve come to expect, or be accustomed to. This dream is suggesting a shift, and the thing is, is this a shift in you and in your consciousness, or is this just a shift in the physical, or is it both?

Jeane: Then it feels like I’m observing something that’s happening in China. It’s kind of almost like when the Revolutionary Guard was in there. In fact, it’s almost like a farm where some children are being raised, but communally.

And so there’s a group of us that are women that want to supervise them, but it’s almost like some young people, almost like the Red Guard used to be, are in charge of running things, and they don’t really have a clue. 

They can be kind of brutal, so it’s almost like they suddenly want to supervise how those children are raised, or responded to. But what they do initially just creates problems, and they’ll punish people if they’re not doing it their way, but their way doesn’t really work because they haven’t a clue.

And so I’m trying to influence that, for them to see that they have to kind of concede to something that acknowledges what some of the people there know about raising children, and they have to concede to some steps that train the children better, or give the children more clues in how to respond. And I’m trying to influence that, so that they’re not acting just like animals, or just out of assuming something can be some way because they want it that way, when actually you have to follow some rules that make sense.

So I’m trying to influence them that way. I’m having a little bit of an influence, but it’s hard.

John: Everything has been, as you say, conjangled in terms of the way things are out there, and if you look at this from the outer context, you’re trying to direct a change of focus by bringing something to a state of attention, an awareness that’s taken on more literally instead of ambivalently.

And you aren’t seeming to be able to make much headway, because of the fact that what you’re doing is probably a little too abrupt for the circumstances, because the circumstances are still sitting in a backwards abeyance. So that’s looking at it outwardly.

If you look at it inwardly, it suggests, because the inner reflects the outer and vice versa, this also means that you’re having to bring yourself to a state of attention or focus, a directness, in terms of how it is that you come to take responsibility in the way you look at things.

In other words, you no longer have the luxury, or the leisure, to take on kind of an ambivalent, c’est la vie kind of approach. In other words, you’re almost lecturing yourself sternly about having there need to be a state of direct attention that is brought to bear.

What you’re doing in your dreaming is you’re kind of portraying change that’s afoot, and it’s foreign to what you might ordinarily expect, or anticipate, or be used to. In other words, you’re in a foreign land, in terms of yourself, and in terms of the relatability of the collective outer. And that it’s almost as if you seek, or aim, to try to create a poignancy, because you no longer can just go along and hope for the best or something.

Everything has to be brought more to a state of a direct attention and focus. It’s no longer a laissez faire, or ambivalent way anymore, and you have to have this attention in this new way. In other words, something is different. It’s coming to you from outside of your normal way of being.

In other words, it’s Australia, and look how far away that is, or it’s China. It’s on the other side of the globe of things. It’s the opposite polarity of how you’ve been functioning. So the key to understanding this is wondering, is this literal, or actual, and what does “actual” mean?

Is this a shift that’s an aspect of consciousness, or is this a portrayal of how things are going to be unfolding physically as well? Well, the fact that you’re shifting yourself to a whole other zone, like China or Australia or something, as part of observing the way you have to be, kind of suggests that the effect has a whole internal component about it.

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