A Reminder

flowingthruDreams can often show us, on an inner level, where we are in our outer life. Here, Jeane has a dream where she is watching things being flushed through her body, as a cleansing process. It comes as a reflection of an outer process of healing from a health issue, and shows her that there is still a need to pay conscious attention to that process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then it feels like I have some kind of a dream that I didn’t pull that much out of, but it’s like I’m watching some stuff flush through the body. And it doesn’t look like my normal body or anything, so it’s hard to describe, but it’s just you’ll see things flush through.

And then, as it flushes through, I become aware they didn’t get all the cancer, and because of that, then we have to shift and slow down, so that the shape and color or size of the system that’s flushing through in this one kind of room of the body or something, I can see a little more clearly what it is, but I have to stop and just do one at a time rather than whole bunches. 

That’s about all I can describe in that one.

John: So, what you’re doing is, in keeping with the first dream where something was discolored, was patterned in a magenta way, when it needed to be white, when it needed to be more purified, and so you’re creating this process of back and forth and back and forth.

You’re actually kind of repeating this in this dream, where in this case the flushing of something through the body, like in and out and in and out, in order to remove a cancerous condition, or an imbalance, you’re finding out, or you’re being told in this dream, that you’re getting too presumptuous.

That, yes, it’s a purification process, the flushing in and out, the removal of the cancer, all of that’s a purification process, and what facilitates that is that was an unnecessary thing as you were told of something of the past, but something of the past can still have its present malingering.

And so just because it was something of the past, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily out of sight, and out of mind, and over and done with for good. That you have to hold something, a quality, a vibration. If you just act like, hey, that was a close call, a near miss but it was still a miss, and so therefore you could forget about it completely and just go back to business as usual.

That would be probably veiling yourself from the importance of what took place, in terms of the way this was meant to flush awareness and energies around. And so that’s why you’re told that, yes, this was big, what occurred, but it didn’t necessarily get rid of all of the cancer.

So you can’t just take the attitude that, because you got through the anguish of a scenario, and appear to be through the anguish of the scenario, that things are for good.

Very interesting dream.

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