Causing a Rift

concretecracksIn this two-part dream analysis, John finds himself moving up, or cutting, in a long, long line. In the process, he loses contact with Jeane. It seems a rude action on his part, yet even in such moments there is an opportunity for consciousness to be gained, as shown in the story of Moses and the shepherd. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The thing that I’m noticing about the dream, and it reminds me of the story of Moses and the shepherd, where Moses took and did something reprimanding the shepherd for the way he was praising God out there, in his lunacy, in the field, and then realized that he had no right to do that and then went back.

Well, the scenario that I’m looking at, the aspect that I’m looking at, is that the shepherd’s response was, instead of where Moses took it to heart where he had done something too much, wrongly, the shepherd’s take on it was somewhat different.

In other words, Moses was deemed to be over-the-top in his attitude and mannerism, but the shepherd took it to heart in such a way that he took and excelled in yet another way, inside of himself. In other words, the way he put it is, it was like the rider applied the spurs and his horse bolted forward – which means he got closer to what was real, which is what he was trying to do all along.

He just had his mannerisms and ways that needed to be attuned a little bit, or brought into a slightly different focus, and Moses didn’t need to go out there and beat on him, and be brutal and disrespectful, either. And so the consequences of what occurred all worked out. Moses learned something by his mannerism, but his mannerism actually worked for the good because the shepherd got the memo as well.

Well, that is what my dream is kind of like, it has a context that is like that, where I start off with a mannerism in a Moses-like way, or motif manner, that is totally inappropriate, and I get called on it. But what I do actually causes something to spur forward.

Now, where this is portrayed is in a very strange way. There’s a scenario that occurred yesterday that has the octave of the Moses and shepherd scenario. It was inappropriate for me, when I saw you spinning in the store and you wandered off, and I knew that you were lost, and I knew right where the juices were, but you turned around and so I just let you go.

It was inappropriate for me to walk away like that, that created a rift. However, even though that was inappropriate, if you looked at that it would have caused you to realize that there was something that you needed to see. You didn’t know what to say because I walked right to the juice, but it had to be strange when you suddenly turned around and I was nowhere around, you were abandoned.

You didn’t say anything because I’d found the juice, but what if I hadn’t found the juice?

Indirectly there was something more in that, there was something there in terms of a connection, protection.

Jeane: Yeah, I know what you mean.

John: And my dream calls me on that, plus more, plus more. In fact, it points out that that’s the start of a much bigger problem.

Well, first of all, before I get into the main dream, in my meditation, and I’m not sure I know how to describe this, but I notice that there’s a place that I go to that I just shift into. It’s kind of like how Dhyana meditation works, you just go there, only this time when I go there I’m aware of an inner quality that exists there in which time kind of stops, and I’m kind of in this other vibration.

And that when I’m in this other vibration, when I come out of it, when I come back, all of the lesser vibrations come back into position. It’s almost as if you drift out of a space in which everything is in order, and then you drift back into a reality where the other lesser vibrations now compromise that space.

And so it takes an unusual attention to be able to come back and yet preserve the resonance of that space. And so I’m aware of that; I’m aware of that space. I’ve seen that space. In pure Dhyana meditation you don’t see that space, but I’ve seen that space. The problem is, I’m barely able to say what I just said. In other words, able to see the thread of coming back and how that veils away from that space. So that was the sensation of the meditation.

Then in the dream, it starts off where I’m in a very long outdoor line. In other words, the sun’s out and there’s hill and dale and there’s this great, big long line that’s going towards a food service area that’s way, way, way out of sight. And it’s a pleasant atmosphere out there. The sun is shining. It’s a beautiful environment. 

You have grassy knolls and you’re going up a hill and round a dale, and you cycle back, and you flow every which way. And it’s like you and I are in this line, and everybody’s just accepting of the situation. Suddenly I get the notion we can move up, because I happen to notice that there are gaps up ahead. I don’t see very far up ahead, but enough to notice that there are gaps up ahead. 

No one else has thought of this yet – that they could move up. Everyone’s kind of going along with just how the flow is and, like I say, everything is fine, nothing’s disturbed. Everything’s in its proper order. So I say, let’s go, and you don’t think about it. You say, “Okay,” and so you start going with me and we go up a ways to where one could see a gap up ahead.

And you keep going towards the gap, but I look over across the knoll and I notice this line weaves and comes folding back on itself, and I see gaps way up there, even bigger gaps. But what I also see is every nationality, every kind of combination of anything that exists in life is all in this line. 

You have people who have come into the country as immigrants, and they have their wagons and their accoutrements with them. You have other people with knapsacks and backpacks and such – that’s all of their possessions on their back. And there are these gaps, almost as if that separates and screens out the nationalities, or the mannerisms, a little bit. 

In other words, this line just isn’t tight. I see that, so as you go over to get into the spot that you see is the opening up ahead, which was probably perceived right at the beginning when I said let’s go, but as we were proceeding over I look over and see this other area way up there, closer to the front, because as the line goes like a “U,” and it goes way out and then shapes and flows back to where the food service is. I just turn and go over there. I head over there. 

So, I cut in there. So that leaves you somewhere. It’s almost as if I’m of the opinion that you’re going to figure this out, that you somehow or another can read my mind, or by osmosis know where I went. But like I said, there are all these different levels that exist there. I mean, you have all these people from different traditions, and immigrants and some with wagons, and you have a mixed bag of things, some of them with big families, some of them with no families, you know, you just have a whole different deal there and all of that’s being transcended. So when you move up, can you then, somehow or another, by osmosis know where I am at? 

Well, obviously, you’re abandoned, and I don’t seem to think that much of it because I just get in the line and I’m more concerned about not creating any disturbance, not looking too peculiar, I guess. 

So, there are two adab problems. One is the abandoning of you, and then the second creating this blindside where I’m not cognizant of how all of the flow is different and changed, and that I’m now out of place and at a different motif with myself, a different edge with myself, when before I was just calm, cool, collected, and accepting. 

So that sets in motion something there that I continue to carry as a blindside…

In our next post, we will see how this scenario unfolds….

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