Everything Has Its Moment

DFreese_Theater_A_Moment_in_TimeIn these dream images, Jeane is being shown an elevation in consciousness, in the sense that when we can get beyond our personal ego life, humans begin to take on a responsibility to everything around them. It is a gradual process, but over time everything is shown to be important and, as we develop, we can place more of our focus and intention on our relationship to all things, or the Whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my first dream, it’s like I’ve been exploring inside the body, and I’ve decided that I have to go to like four or five sites inside the body and suddenly flush them, even though in one area, where it’s just starting to heal, it maybe opens that up a bit. But I have to flush it and add something else in there, and I’m just explaining to somebody else that that’s how you heal.

John: This is a continuation of your dream A Reminder. I’m trying to remember how you did this. You did some sort of process in the outer, that was a release or something that was important. And then you turned around and you identified with it, which means that it showed that you had a recognition of how what you’re going through fits into the macrocosm of things.

Because you did it in the outer, and that was your long dream, and then you turned around and then you had a glimpse and an image of something floating in your body, on the inner, which again required a type of connection or recognition within, but this time for the sake of the inner.

That’s a seed thought, that’s a seed thought. In other words, whatever other dreams you have, this is the seed thought for these other dreams, where the underlying schematic of the energy has, as its theme, the ability to recognize things that are afflicting or affecting the cadence and balance of the body’s well being, and you’re able to move those through or to flush those through.

Jeane: So in my next dream, it feels like the place where I’m working has suddenly decided they have to tighten security. They think there’s some kind of a security breach, and so maybe they’re going to be investigating everybody, so everybody’s a little tense. 

I go to one of the women who is developing some new brochures, or something that has to do with our security, and I visit with her a few minutes and I make a decision that she might be part of the problem. 

I know they’re trying to figure out where the problem is – where is the security breach? I don’t say anything. I arrange to meet my boss in an underground parking garage, because it’s like security right now is watching everybody suspiciously. 

There are little guards here and there, and I sit with him in the car and I show him some of the brochures that are being developed, and it feels like some of these brochures are almost like alive, like the cover on them, the faces, feel like they’re almost made of skin, and they’re coming alive, or they’re real vivid and they pulsate or something. 

And I tell him that I think that I’ve located the security breach, and it’s actually with the security department. It’s not our department.

John: Continuing your seed thought into an outer image to help make it more alive and real, the seed thought being that you were realizing that there was some part of you that needed to be flushed through, or released, or let go of because it was alien to your well being.

So that’s a violation of, you might say, the energetic schematics of the Whole, or the security of the well being of things. So you then orchestrate this as a symbolic dream image, in the outer, where you even have a sense, because that’s what it’s like to be able to flush something through, you even have a sense of what it is that needs to be flushed through or released.

In other words, you know of the security breech in this outer context of things, but you also have a type of awareness now where you’re evolving to the point where you realize that what might have been important to eviscerate, or set aside, or annihilate, or move beyond certain characteristics that were in your way, in other words flushing out certain dilemmas and mannerisms that held your attention in a diverted way, you’re now realizing that there’s a certain kind of aliveness about that.

In other words, the concept being that things manifest by coming into a human body, or taking on skin and features, and then that trait or mannerism then has to live itself through, until it realizes that that diversion takes something away from it being the Wholeness, and the completeness, and the emptiness, or the nothingness, that it has to live that through.

And so you’re coming to understand that every little thing is meaningful, every little thing comes from God, or something more, and where maybe certain things had to be dealt with, and set aside, or eliminated, in this one particular schematic approach to yourself, now you question and challenge that, because you know that you don’t know how to annihilate, or eviscerate, or throw away things because you come to know that they have their own aliveness, that you just can’t do this stuff presumptively, as if you can act like God in that sense, because every little thing that’s out there has a meaningfulness.

It’s just that somethings are more than what you can handle at this point in time. And so you have to know how to flush those things around and through the system, in order to maintain some sort of rootedness.

What your dream is really suggesting and doing is, it’s moving you to another level. It’s suggesting that your attention is shifting to another level, that there was a point in time when it was important for you to let go of things, but now it’s important to realize that you don’t know how to let go of things in this bigger context, because everything, everything is alive, everything is real, everything is important, everything needs to be included.

Before, in order to develop a certain focus and attention, you had to set things aside. You had to flush things out of the system that were in the way. But then, once you got through that stage, now you are at a point where you have to bring all of that back out. You have to bring that around again to contend with it.

When you’re bringing this around to contend with it, what you’re actually doing is you’re accepting creation. You’re going into creation. You’re observing the wonder of creation in all of its wonder and awe, when before you couldn’t do that. You could only relate in a certain way, which led to you developing a certain quality inside of yourself that could stand on its own two feet in relationship to the collective of it all.

Now you have to come into creation, with whatever fortitude you’ve developed, and be able to not have to judge or reject anything that is here. That’s a very unusual image.

That’s kind of like what the teacher has to do. It has to unconditionally love everything that exists, including that which it doesn’t understand, because it knows that that’s the teacher’s problem if the teacher doesn’t understand something, because everything does make sense, it’s just how it makes sense.

And if you judge it, or reject it or whatever, you can put yourself into a position where you lose the ability to recognize and appreciate something that does make sense, but you refuse to allow that to have its moment in time.

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