A Certain Disguise

spirit-disguiseAs Jeane’s dream images continue, she is shown the subtlety involved with an inner evolution, where we begin to take responsibility for how things affect us, and our affect on everything else. It is a gradual unfolding, and elevation, as we begin to connect to the Wholeness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream it feels like I’m supposed to make a music video. Well, the area in which I have to make a music video is almost like this narrow, moving sidewalk almost that goes through a building. 

It’s kind of like a cross between a nightclub and a gym, and the people in this are kind of rough, like the guys look like a cross between a bodybuilder and a biker, and the women are kind of tough looking, too; they get up on some things where maybe they dance. 

Well, I’ve gotten this kind of gruff biker type who’s pretty big. He’s going to carry me through this narrow, moving sidewalk, all the way down to where the band is and back. And as he carries me, I have this long flowing scarf I’m wearing that billows around us in a certain pattern, and I think the colors and patterns and movement of the scarf, with the music, are what will make the music video.

So whichever way he moves me, and the scarf then moves around us, will make the visual image for the video. I’m not 100% sure how this is going to work out, and neither is he, but it’s like it’s what we can do, and so we do that.

And then it feels like at the end I can kind of observe him, that he goes back and he actually lives with maybe this young French couple who are still kind of trying to make ends meet, so they make pots of vegetable stew and stuff like that. And given that the video’s okay, then they’ll have more to throw in the pot, so to speak.

John: Yeah, this is an interesting dream from the standpoint that you are realizing that the part, and what it is, is important for you to live – in relationship to other things that exist in the outer, because you can’t reject things – as was indicated in the first dream – in the outer, because everything has an aliveness.

But it also has its moment in time, in which it comes into its own consciousness, and so if you, in the understanding of this, stand out too much, then that can hurt things, that can burn things, or blow the cover of something that needs to develop more slowly and more subtly.

So, you have learned how to take and shape shift or change the appearance, disguise, run a disguise, which basically means that you’re able to live in the outer, according to the way the outer is seen. But the real you isn’t seen, because for the real you to come out, then that would create a problem in terms of the parts and bits and pieces of the Wholeness of life, that a part of you, that’s in a different phase of evolvement, that is not going to understand, it’s not going to get it, and that there would be a reaction.

And such a reaction would limit the possibilities and potentiality of what can occur. So you have to know how to conduct yourself in a way so that that trait can discreetly evolve. What was the end of it again?

Jeane: There was like a French couple he was living with. You know how you’re kind of still trying to make ends meet, you just have big stews, vegetable stews and stuff.

John: Ahhh, and the reason for all of this is so that something more can happen. In other words, if you take and you stand out to such a degree, so that you’re an open book, and then you just exist on this one level only, in other words, you present yourself on a particular level and people either accept it or they don’t accept it, and so you create a certain discordance and that limits what you can do potentially.

So you have to know what is appropriate and what isn’t appropriate. This is showing you a way of recognizing a certain graciousness, and humbleness, that you have to carry yourself with, as opposed to images in which it all hangs out. And things tend to all hang out if there needs to be a certain element of being recognized, or you have a certain ego that has to be patted on the back or seen, and that then gets in the way of how things suddenly evolve. This goes along with the first dream, which has to do with a shift.

The first area started with the seed thought of a development that’s important to be able to flush things through, to get them out of the system of things, as you develop a certain strength and integrity, so that you can come to know deeper parts of yourself.

And then once you come to know those deeper parts of yourself, then you have to be careful what it is that you chop off, or cut off, because it’s all an aliveness. It all has a physicality. It all has a skin or something.

You come to know that all of that breaks into something that is part of God, that is real, that may have been too much at some given point in time. To the degree to which you come to understand that, is the degree to which you come to understand your own limits, in terms of how it is that you exist – so that you can enhance things unfolding in the greatest possible way, in other words, the stew of life.

And to do that you have to recognize how to conduct yourself, so that you’re just not all out there like an open book, that you have a certain disguise, so to speak. In other words, for those who can see you, they can see you, and for those who can’t, they can’t.

And in that way you can work with a greater range, in terms of the energetics of the Whole. You can take more of the levels into account, which is important to do, and that’s why you’re here, is to be able to make that energetic connection.

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