How To Be Here

Ad-InfinitumBeing in the world but not of it is a state of consciousness. It speaks of a relationship where we, as humans, are connected to the deeper self, and able to be a conduit for what is higher. This requires that our own biases are not introduced into the equation – we allow the higher to manifest into the world as a service into creation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in this next dream, it’s like I’ve been traveling with some people and we’re stopping at a lodge for a night, and we’re in a great big truck, like the type that hauls produce or things, you know, whatever you call those trucks, and we want to find the right place to park. 

Well, the problem we’re having is that we have to get customs to agree. It almost feels like these are French customs or something, that it’s okay to park our truck and to be at this lodge that we want to stay at, and they seem to want some paper that I’m not sure they know what it is. 

I’m not sure we know what it is. We pull out what we have. Then I have this idea, if we just find the right place to park they’ll just kind of chill out. So we go over to park the truck and now the dilemma we have is that it feels like when the guys first want to park the truck, I realize that they’re trying to park it someplace where other trucks unload, so you have to find a place to park the truck which is a long enough parking place for the truck, but isn’t someplace where they unload.

And so I’m trying to show them where that is.

John: This part again is more information, or livability mannerisms, in terms of how it is that you sustain or maintain yourself in the outer, that in every place, and in every scenario, and in every scene in the outer, there is something going on, and that you have to know where the empty space is that you can be in, where it’s okay.

Because everything is filled up with energy, and you have things doing this, and you have things doing that, and you can’t just arbitrarily decide to park and unload, or be whoever it is, and whatever it is that you still see yourself as being.

Because whatever place you pick is going to be a place where something else is going on, something else is being unloaded, or is still being flushed through, that still hasn’t run its course, is still in process.

So this is a dream that has a humor to it, in that whatever that place is going to be, is going to have to be an emptiness, or a nothingness, because there’s always something going on everywhere.

And you’re going to have to be able to be in life, in terms of whatever it is that’s going on, but yet still be able to occupy a space without being seen, or without having an effect that takes and disrupts the cadence – to what is here at its level of evolvement.

These are dreams that… you’re doing pretty good in doing these dreams because they’re showing kind of an unfoldment, or naturalness, that’s important and is taking into account how to be here, and also be most effectual, because you’re not just a run amok, you’re not just coming across with an appearance that takes and effects other things from being able to happen.

It’s kind of nice. You gave a pretty good progress report.

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