A Break in the Barrier

Tiny man entering a mzeAs we begin to shift from our lower-self nature to our higher-self connections, the flood of energies can send us off on personal tangents. When we continue to surrender, not putting our attention on those tangents, or letting them run too far, our lives begin to shift from the microcosmic experience of singular, separate existence, to a higher vibrational level where we can understand how we are part of the macrocosm. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream, it felt like I wanted to see a certain doctor to clear up a condition and get a vaccination. The doctor is more like a scientist than a doctor, and sometimes you had to jump through all these hoops to get this, and they had decided you didn’t need to do that anymore.

But then I realized, because I had to wait so long to get into this specific doctor, that by the time I did see her it was like I’d already jumped through all those hoops.

And in the meantime I’d even had a second dream, but it was so mild or something I don’t remember it.

John: This reminds me, the pattern of what you’re doing reminds me of when my e-mail broke down, and then when it came up again there was something two weeks later that, had I gotten it at the time, might have fouled something up.

In other words, you’re doing something similar. You’re having a recognition that is occurring over the passage of time. In other words, your usual perception is to expect things to be a certain way, but something has changed, and you’re now able to suddenly relate and be different.

And so whatever it was that occurred was all about causing something to be able to change, so that you wouldn’t be dropping the usual patterns and mannerisms that had predominated over your nature and kept you in some sort of loop or spin.

And so the dream is speaking in regards to whatever all that was, that there’s no way you could tell, or put your finger upon it, as having that effect per se. You just notice that the difference between then, versus the difference now, you relate or respond and perceive and take in and conduct yourself differently.

And so whatever it was, was like kind of a shift, or a step, that’s all worth it. What else was there about it?

Jeane: Well, there was just a dream in there somewhere that got lost because it was so mellow.

John: Well yeah, you probably lost a kind of way or manner to which you can take, like you say, a mellow, or a slower down, or an easier pace about things, which can actually hold you back, even though you don’t realize that it’s holding you back, because dreams per se, for the longest period of time, are influenced by a very large degree by our outer lower-self nature.

In other words, the higher-self memo has to come through the dense nature of physical characteristics and qualities, where we come off of a world that perceives with the mind and works off of the senses, as opposed to this other infinite overall place.

And so as a consequence, when you take and you factor in through all of that, you bring in the input from the inner, it often is taken in in a way that throws you into other tangents of yourself.

One of the biggest tangents that a person gets caught up in is, as you learn to dream, you realize that you have access to this place where the soul moves around and can make itself somehow known, through the limitations of the physical, that the human nature side is to try to stay quiet and asleep and mellow.

And so you can have dreams that are like that, that you can’t remember, and yet leave you kind of feeling in a nice lilt place. That doesn’t mean that that’s necessarily good, it just means that you have made the choice to go at this more amnesic pace.

It’s kind of like a person who comes to the path and the teacher asks them if they’re willing to put up with this, and put up with that, and put up with this, and put up with that, and no, they still would rather do it under their terms, in which you don’t get all torn to pieces by the way you have to contend with the depths of yourself.

And so you have lesser dreams with lesser meanings, and then you have deeper dreams and deeper meanings, and you have to access the part of yourself that still uses the gravity of creation in order to pull it through for blueprint purposes. But you’re accessing part of yourself that really is out there, as opposed to limited by the condensed conditions that can create reflective confusion.

And in that reflective confusion, you then have more of the images that are kind of still largely personified in a microcosmic way, in terms of shadow dynamics and other traits that you have to learn to overcome, or to set aside, or to thread through as part of breaking a type of sound barrier, so to speak, or in other words, breaking the barrier between two levels of vibrational existence.

For the longest time you put up with that, so this little lesser kind of dream, I’m starting to know I have those, too, and they can dominate one’s attention. In other words, there’s a discernment that develops in your sleep where you come to accept that they’re okay, to not have to note that particular thing in some sort of retentive way, because it seems so imminently important to some manner of your senses that’s still moving around, and therefore then you can have a huge, deeper realization.

And so the essence of the dream that you had, your main dream, had to do with being able to take stock and note of the fact that, for reasons that are hard to explain, you have over a certain passage of time – based upon having to go through something – suddenly are able to see yourself as having made a shift into a way of relating that is different than you how you would have been relating ordinarily, previous to this happening.

And so to a sense-oriented nature, you would like it to be a little more retentive and it’s not. I mean, it’s just that way. It’s a shift.

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