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DFreese_Theater_A_Moment_in_TimeIn these dream images, Jeane is being shown an elevation in consciousness, in the sense that when we can get beyond our personal ego life, humans begin to take on a responsibility to everything around them. It is a gradual process, but over time everything is shown to be important and, as we develop, we can place more of our focus and intention on our relationship to all things, or the Whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my first dream, it’s like I’ve been exploring inside the body, and I’ve decided that I have to go to like four or five sites inside the body and suddenly flush them, even though in one area, where it’s just starting to heal, it maybe opens that up a bit. But I have to flush it and add something else in there, and I’m just explaining to somebody else that that’s how you heal.

John: This is a continuation of your dream A Reminder. I’m trying to remember how you did this. You did some sort of process in the outer, that was a release or something that was important. And then you turned around and you identified with it, which means that it showed that you had a recognition of how what you’re going through fits into the macrocosm of things.

Because you did it in the outer, and that was your long dream, and then you turned around and then you had a glimpse and an image of something floating in your body, on the inner, which again required a type of connection or recognition within, but this time for the sake of the inner.

That’s a seed thought, that’s a seed thought. In other words, whatever other dreams you have, this is the seed thought for these other dreams, where the underlying schematic of the energy has, as its theme, the ability to recognize things that are afflicting or affecting the cadence and balance of the body’s well being, and you’re able to move those through or to flush those through.

Jeane: So in my next dream, it feels like the place where I’m working has suddenly decided they have to tighten security. They think there’s some kind of a security breach, and so maybe they’re going to be investigating everybody, so everybody’s a little tense. 

I go to one of the women who is developing some new brochures, or something that has to do with our security, and I visit with her a few minutes and I make a decision that she might be part of the problem. 

I know they’re trying to figure out where the problem is – where is the security breach? I don’t say anything. I arrange to meet my boss in an underground parking garage, because it’s like security right now is watching everybody suspiciously. 

There are little guards here and there, and I sit with him in the car and I show him some of the brochures that are being developed, and it feels like some of these brochures are almost like alive, like the cover on them, the faces, feel like they’re almost made of skin, and they’re coming alive, or they’re real vivid and they pulsate or something. 

And I tell him that I think that I’ve located the security breach, and it’s actually with the security department. It’s not our department.

John: Continuing your seed thought into an outer image to help make it more alive and real, the seed thought being that you were realizing that there was some part of you that needed to be flushed through, or released, or let go of because it was alien to your well being.

So that’s a violation of, you might say, the energetic schematics of the Whole, or the security of the well being of things. So you then orchestrate this as a symbolic dream image, in the outer, where you even have a sense, because that’s what it’s like to be able to flush something through, you even have a sense of what it is that needs to be flushed through or released.

In other words, you know of the security breech in this outer context of things, but you also have a type of awareness now where you’re evolving to the point where you realize that what might have been important to eviscerate, or set aside, or annihilate, or move beyond certain characteristics that were in your way, in other words flushing out certain dilemmas and mannerisms that held your attention in a diverted way, you’re now realizing that there’s a certain kind of aliveness about that.

In other words, the concept being that things manifest by coming into a human body, or taking on skin and features, and then that trait or mannerism then has to live itself through, until it realizes that that diversion takes something away from it being the Wholeness, and the completeness, and the emptiness, or the nothingness, that it has to live that through.

And so you’re coming to understand that every little thing is meaningful, every little thing comes from God, or something more, and where maybe certain things had to be dealt with, and set aside, or eliminated, in this one particular schematic approach to yourself, now you question and challenge that, because you know that you don’t know how to annihilate, or eviscerate, or throw away things because you come to know that they have their own aliveness, that you just can’t do this stuff presumptively, as if you can act like God in that sense, because every little thing that’s out there has a meaningfulness.

It’s just that somethings are more than what you can handle at this point in time. And so you have to know how to flush those things around and through the system, in order to maintain some sort of rootedness.

What your dream is really suggesting and doing is, it’s moving you to another level. It’s suggesting that your attention is shifting to another level, that there was a point in time when it was important for you to let go of things, but now it’s important to realize that you don’t know how to let go of things in this bigger context, because everything, everything is alive, everything is real, everything is important, everything needs to be included.

Before, in order to develop a certain focus and attention, you had to set things aside. You had to flush things out of the system that were in the way. But then, once you got through that stage, now you are at a point where you have to bring all of that back out. You have to bring that around again to contend with it.

When you’re bringing this around to contend with it, what you’re actually doing is you’re accepting creation. You’re going into creation. You’re observing the wonder of creation in all of its wonder and awe, when before you couldn’t do that. You could only relate in a certain way, which led to you developing a certain quality inside of yourself that could stand on its own two feet in relationship to the collective of it all.

Now you have to come into creation, with whatever fortitude you’ve developed, and be able to not have to judge or reject anything that is here. That’s a very unusual image.

That’s kind of like what the teacher has to do. It has to unconditionally love everything that exists, including that which it doesn’t understand, because it knows that that’s the teacher’s problem if the teacher doesn’t understand something, because everything does make sense, it’s just how it makes sense.

And if you judge it, or reject it or whatever, you can put yourself into a position where you lose the ability to recognize and appreciate something that does make sense, but you refuse to allow that to have its moment in time.

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Closing-the-gap7In our last post (see Causing a Rift), John found himself cutting a long line, losing Jeane in the process, and having words with a chef and his supervisor. Yet it all works out in the end, as the imagery shows that John has brought all the involved parties back together, as a process of higher realization and forgiveness. By letting go, the elements that have been separated can be rejoined at an elevated level of consciousness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, there are two adab problems. One is the abandoning of you, and then the second creating this blindside where I’m not cognizant of how all of the flow is different and changed, and that I’m now out of place and at a different motif with myself, a different edge with myself, when before I was just calm, cool, collected, and accepting.

So that sets in motion something there that I continue to carry as a blindside as I get up to the cook, the area where they’re dispensing the food, they dispense it out a window, and as I get up there, of course, I’m feeling like I got away with something because, my gosh, this was a big line and it will be hours and hours before everybody gets served.

Where we were at was way back, so instead of realizing that I’ve violated the flow, I’m instead thinking about the coup of having gotten up there.

Jeane: Yeah, that would be you.

John: And so the window’s open and the cook has brought out a new tray of mashed potatoes. I’m to get the first helping out of this new tray. And so at first I thought I had just a big normal plate, but I have kind of something that’s partitioned into sections, where you put different food in different spots, like you have on a paper plate.

So I stick my plate out there and he puts the mashed potatoes down on it, and I look at these mashed potatoes. They don’t look right. They look like they’re imitation potatoes or something, they’re made out of flakes or something, and as he scooped into it it looks spongy inside. In fact, I’m not even sure if it was heated up properly. 

What he puts fits into this particular part of the plate, but I want more. And he says, “Have you seen the line?” It’s like, there are other people here. Well, I want more, and so it creates this big disturbance. And you could tell everybody else in line was calm and collected, and there I am creating this big disturbance. 

So to ameliorate that the cook wants something from me, like maybe that I will acknowledge that his food is good or something. I’m not going to do that because I’m not sure I even like the potatoes yet. I haven’t tried them. These aren’t mashed potatoes like I expected. They’re some sort of imitation potatoes. I don’t know if this is good, so I leave in a huff. 

And all of a sudden the supervisor catches up with me, and he has his plate with him. He’s going to follow me to wherever I go to eat. I don’t remember how I got any of the other food on my plate, probably shorted myself out with my reaction and I didn’t notice, because all I remembered was when I glanced down at these potatoes and was kind of shocked that they weren’t what I expected.

And so I look at him, and he says, “Well, you’re stuck with me whether you like it or not. I’m coming with you.” And so as we’re walking along, I explain to him that the cook wanted a pat on the back in exchange for me getting another scoop of potatoes, and no way I was going to do that. I said, I looked at those potatoes. I don’t even know if I like them. I mean, they weren’t real potatoes even. 

The supervisor says, “Okay, okay, well that clears that up. That’s all understandable.” And then I flinch, and I realize, oops, I remember blowing up before like this. Hopefully that doesn’t come up, and I don’t notice this until it blurts out of my mouth, that I think the cook should be fired.

Then all of a sudden, because that’s not an attitude to take, then I flinch because I realize I did this before. Now that I took that adamant position, this is apt to come up. Maybe the cook even knows about it or something. And so that shocks me back and I start to retreat inside. I don’t say anything, but I retreat inside in this big flinch, that I have no right to be imposing my willfulness like this. 

All of a sudden here comes the cook. I mean, you know, you have to have the full story, so here comes the cook, and he’s a giant. Both of these guys are big guys. And I look at the cook and he doesn’t have his plate, and I say, “You have to go back and get your food.” 

“Oh,” so the cook turns around to go back to get his food. The supervisor and I walk along and we go down into this lower corridor area in kind of a dark, out-of-the-way place, and that’s where we sit down to eat. 

And suddenly I remember, I forgot something, and as I get up to go out I figure I better look closely at where we’re at because we went down this corridor and that corridor into this dark room over here. I have to be careful here. I’ll never remember how to come back to here.

And then I realize, oh well, it’s probably a good thing that I am going back because there’s no way the cook is going to find us, and at least I can catch up with the cook – I’ve kind of forgiven things now – and catch up with the cook and bring him back so we’re all reunited, the supervisor, the cook, and myself.

Isn’t that an incredible dream?

Jeane: You never did find me, huh?

John: No, no, no. You don’t get retrieved in this situation, but you get covered in the summation of it and what it means, because the end is present at the beginning kind of thing. And so all that has to be reconciled, too, in order for there to be proper forgiveness.

The scenario is that I walked away from you when I realized that you were about to go in circles; that was in the store yesterday. By walking away that created a rift that the higher-self flow in life noticed. I also broke the cadence and flow of family members I am working with when I pressed forward on my own, in other words jumped in line instead of a natural flow of things, and selected this piece of property that I knew was the best piece of property, but it doesn’t work that way. You have to work in the cadence of things, even if it’s awkward, so this is like cutting in line at another level from where things were still unfolding.

The meaning of the dream is, I’m abusing a position I have in life. I am not integrating with an accepted flow. A rift is created that compromises the future. This dream points out where this first went awry. It seemed innocent enough at the beginning to take liberties that no one else had thought about, or was doing, when I move myself up in the flow of life.

The result was a sequence of cascading events that caused me to become catatonically out of control. I got conceited and righteous and became like a monster. Fortunately, I surrendered, and in doing so, before the dream was over, reintegrated at the end with the cook and superiors. I suppose that because the end is present at the beginning that I also accepted my bit and lot in life, and quit elevating myself forward, just because I can abuse the liberty.

Can you see how this is a little bit like Moses and the shepherd? You can see how that fits in there in terms of looking at it in another context or parallel?

So again in terms of your dream and my dream, in case I didn’t get that put on there correctly or properly or fully, your dream was an in-breath as the ball is hit somewhere else, and then it’s purified and becomes the white, regular baseball, and then it comes back down into creation or back down into the ballgame.

And my dream, was the opposite. Mine was an out-breath coming down and getting catatonic and out of skew, and somehow or another recognized the imbalance and realized there had to be the integration. In other words, all parts had to come together in a wholeness, and that’s the cook, the supervisors or superiors as they would call it in a Sufi language, and myself.

And in doing so then that is the in-breath able to go back, in other words not just out-breath confusion, lost and skewed from things. Somehow or another something was kind of reflected and taken to heart, and remembered, so that then you could have the in-breath back to a state of deeper inner consciousness.

And so because yours was in-breath to out-breath, and mine was out-breath to in-breath, that flip facilitated this image of Moses and the shepherd, Moses’ directive to the shepherd was an out-breath mannerism, and the shepherd’s response to that was an in-breath realization.

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concretecracksIn this two-part dream analysis, John finds himself moving up, or cutting, in a long, long line. In the process, he loses contact with Jeane. It seems a rude action on his part, yet even in such moments there is an opportunity for consciousness to be gained, as shown in the story of Moses and the shepherd. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The thing that I’m noticing about the dream, and it reminds me of the story of Moses and the shepherd, where Moses took and did something reprimanding the shepherd for the way he was praising God out there, in his lunacy, in the field, and then realized that he had no right to do that and then went back.

Well, the scenario that I’m looking at, the aspect that I’m looking at, is that the shepherd’s response was, instead of where Moses took it to heart where he had done something too much, wrongly, the shepherd’s take on it was somewhat different.

In other words, Moses was deemed to be over-the-top in his attitude and mannerism, but the shepherd took it to heart in such a way that he took and excelled in yet another way, inside of himself. In other words, the way he put it is, it was like the rider applied the spurs and his horse bolted forward – which means he got closer to what was real, which is what he was trying to do all along.

He just had his mannerisms and ways that needed to be attuned a little bit, or brought into a slightly different focus, and Moses didn’t need to go out there and beat on him, and be brutal and disrespectful, either. And so the consequences of what occurred all worked out. Moses learned something by his mannerism, but his mannerism actually worked for the good because the shepherd got the memo as well.

Well, that is what my dream is kind of like, it has a context that is like that, where I start off with a mannerism in a Moses-like way, or motif manner, that is totally inappropriate, and I get called on it. But what I do actually causes something to spur forward.

Now, where this is portrayed is in a very strange way. There’s a scenario that occurred yesterday that has the octave of the Moses and shepherd scenario. It was inappropriate for me, when I saw you spinning in the store and you wandered off, and I knew that you were lost, and I knew right where the juices were, but you turned around and so I just let you go.

It was inappropriate for me to walk away like that, that created a rift. However, even though that was inappropriate, if you looked at that it would have caused you to realize that there was something that you needed to see. You didn’t know what to say because I walked right to the juice, but it had to be strange when you suddenly turned around and I was nowhere around, you were abandoned.

You didn’t say anything because I’d found the juice, but what if I hadn’t found the juice?

Indirectly there was something more in that, there was something there in terms of a connection, protection.

Jeane: Yeah, I know what you mean.

John: And my dream calls me on that, plus more, plus more. In fact, it points out that that’s the start of a much bigger problem.

Well, first of all, before I get into the main dream, in my meditation, and I’m not sure I know how to describe this, but I notice that there’s a place that I go to that I just shift into. It’s kind of like how Dhyana meditation works, you just go there, only this time when I go there I’m aware of an inner quality that exists there in which time kind of stops, and I’m kind of in this other vibration.

And that when I’m in this other vibration, when I come out of it, when I come back, all of the lesser vibrations come back into position. It’s almost as if you drift out of a space in which everything is in order, and then you drift back into a reality where the other lesser vibrations now compromise that space.

And so it takes an unusual attention to be able to come back and yet preserve the resonance of that space. And so I’m aware of that; I’m aware of that space. I’ve seen that space. In pure Dhyana meditation you don’t see that space, but I’ve seen that space. The problem is, I’m barely able to say what I just said. In other words, able to see the thread of coming back and how that veils away from that space. So that was the sensation of the meditation.

Then in the dream, it starts off where I’m in a very long outdoor line. In other words, the sun’s out and there’s hill and dale and there’s this great, big long line that’s going towards a food service area that’s way, way, way out of sight. And it’s a pleasant atmosphere out there. The sun is shining. It’s a beautiful environment. 

You have grassy knolls and you’re going up a hill and round a dale, and you cycle back, and you flow every which way. And it’s like you and I are in this line, and everybody’s just accepting of the situation. Suddenly I get the notion we can move up, because I happen to notice that there are gaps up ahead. I don’t see very far up ahead, but enough to notice that there are gaps up ahead. 

No one else has thought of this yet – that they could move up. Everyone’s kind of going along with just how the flow is and, like I say, everything is fine, nothing’s disturbed. Everything’s in its proper order. So I say, let’s go, and you don’t think about it. You say, “Okay,” and so you start going with me and we go up a ways to where one could see a gap up ahead.

And you keep going towards the gap, but I look over across the knoll and I notice this line weaves and comes folding back on itself, and I see gaps way up there, even bigger gaps. But what I also see is every nationality, every kind of combination of anything that exists in life is all in this line. 

You have people who have come into the country as immigrants, and they have their wagons and their accoutrements with them. You have other people with knapsacks and backpacks and such – that’s all of their possessions on their back. And there are these gaps, almost as if that separates and screens out the nationalities, or the mannerisms, a little bit. 

In other words, this line just isn’t tight. I see that, so as you go over to get into the spot that you see is the opening up ahead, which was probably perceived right at the beginning when I said let’s go, but as we were proceeding over I look over and see this other area way up there, closer to the front, because as the line goes like a “U,” and it goes way out and then shapes and flows back to where the food service is. I just turn and go over there. I head over there. 

So, I cut in there. So that leaves you somewhere. It’s almost as if I’m of the opinion that you’re going to figure this out, that you somehow or another can read my mind, or by osmosis know where I went. But like I said, there are all these different levels that exist there. I mean, you have all these people from different traditions, and immigrants and some with wagons, and you have a mixed bag of things, some of them with big families, some of them with no families, you know, you just have a whole different deal there and all of that’s being transcended. So when you move up, can you then, somehow or another, by osmosis know where I am at? 

Well, obviously, you’re abandoned, and I don’t seem to think that much of it because I just get in the line and I’m more concerned about not creating any disturbance, not looking too peculiar, I guess. 

So, there are two adab problems. One is the abandoning of you, and then the second creating this blindside where I’m not cognizant of how all of the flow is different and changed, and that I’m now out of place and at a different motif with myself, a different edge with myself, when before I was just calm, cool, collected, and accepting. 

So that sets in motion something there that I continue to carry as a blindside…

In our next post, we will see how this scenario unfolds….

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