Healing_AngelIn this interesting image, John gets what he needs that is essential to him, that is of value. Yet with it comes with something that he doesn’t really need. This item completely distracts him from what his original focus was. Our spiritual journey can often seem at odds with the pull and distraction of outer life, yet it is the arena where we find what is essential for us to proceed. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in this dream, I need to buy something in a store, and to get it I end up buying a glass coffee table. I pay $425 for this coffee table. I got what I wanted, whatever this other thing was, at the same time, which is essential. 

It was imperative that I get that, but have no idea what to do with the coffee table. Dee says, “It only cost a little over $400.” And I complain, “Where am I going to put it? We have no need for this.” 

Dee says, “We’ll find a place for it in the corner.” So much of my attention is placed upon this thing that is extraneous, in my opinion extraneous, I forget what it was that I also got that was absolutely imperative and essential.

And in a moment of less reactivity, I would have realized that to get that by buying this, too, was certainly worth it in terms of the big picture. And that you’re right, that to get that other and only have to pay $425 for this glass coffee table is a no-brainer, it’s a bargain.

And you also indicated that it’s not an issue, and to my complaining about it as being something I must now fit into the place, you add, “Let go of it, it’s only plastic.” In other words, it’s not even a glass top, but it sure looks good. They make plastic that looks like glass. 

And what she means by that is that this isn’t something I should be stressing out over as if this has value, because the other had value. I’m getting my priorities twisted. Somehow I kind of know that, but you tend to go on tangents. 

And so because I’m reminded and tend to know that, or maybe not even because I’m reminded, because I know I need to keep the focus on the thread of what’s important in terms of having gotten what I need, and I can have a tendency to forget that. I compel myself into trying to remember, or believing, by taking a sharp object like a nail or something, and I use the sharp object to etch into the plastic top office table, of which of course the tops looked like glass to me, and I was etching in the word “SOLD.” 

It didn’t matter what I did to this coffee table, deep down, which is defiling the coffee table when I write the word SOLD on it. Such conduct would have also probably been unacceptable behavior to the store owner, but under the circumstances, and because he was getting what he wanted and passing this other item on to me, and because I’m taking this too, my activity was seen by him as kind of acceptable shock, and under such circumstances okay to etch up the coffee table and deface its illusory appearance.

This is a very interesting meaning. The dream is indicating that to have to put up with the conditions of the outer to get what is indispensable and essential to life is a small price to pay. I am slow to get that memo.

And because I am a bit slow, I actually also need to somehow try to figure out a way to remind myself, because the lower-self conditions of a sense-oriented, physical existence tend to veil such reality.

So to offset that, I am etching the word SOLD onto the utility coffee table so that I will not lose that memory. Even as I etch the word SOLD, I’m starting to forget, because I’m on the letter D and I’m wondering what the heck I’m doing, doing this as I’m trying to get the D on there.

I have SOL and I’m trying to get D on there, and I’m even pausing for a second, what am I spelling even? I’m starting to get twisted in my forgetfulness and, of course, that’s when I’m complaining the most as to what am I going to do with this?

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