A New Lease on Life

birdf56rAs we lessen our reactivities to the outer world, we begin to flow from the guidance of our inner connections. When this happens, we find that the outer life doesn’t cause as much wear and tear, or stress, on us because we have our consciousness set on something much greater. In this dream, John sees this in the image of tires that never wear out on the car in which we make our journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I need a fourth tire on a vehicle. The way I come to find out is you’ve got this car, you’ve brought it over, back from wherever you had taken it, to put air in the tire. And you’re saying, “Look at it.” And you put air into this tire and it still looks a bit low, which means there’s something wrong with the tire.

And I realize that we can’t keep mucking around trying to make this tire work, because there’s still quite a bit of life yet in this vehicle. So I make the decision, based upon the amount of use we expect from this car, to get a new tire.

And the car, in my assessment, still has a lot of use, so new tires will not be a wasteful expenditure. Although at the moment, I’m only thinking of that one tire that’s bad. And that way just that one tire will give this car, in terms of its functionality, a new lease on life. 

Then all of a sudden my attention is drawn to a car that this woman has, and it has these ugly looking synthetic tires on, and of course we’re in this dealership and she just happens to be at the dealership and we just happen to be kind of there and realize her tires are haywire. 

But I notice inside myself, because these are synthetic tires, I’d heard of synthetic oil that is supposed to be better than petroleum-based oil, which has less viscosity and also is something that deteriorates over time, but I didn’t know that there was such a thing like this for tires as well. 

I find myself noting inside that I suppose it might make sense because tires are rubber and are made pliable with the petroleum additive that is organic and loses its suppleness over time, it dries out, and when that happens, the tires crack. 

I ask this woman how these tires hold up on the road. She indicates they’re good for the life of the car. She says that I will never need a set of new tires again, so there is no question that she is sold on them – the word “SOLD” again. 

She says that every five years you go into the dealership and have the service department put on a new circular oval ring that runs around the outside of it and you are like new again. In other words, they don’t wear out, basically, other than that spot. It wears down just a tiny bit. 

And I don’t necessarily like how they look, appearance-wise, but that issue falls away. I wake up trying to find an opportune time to ask, what will it cost to buy four of these tires? I’m sold on the idea that I will never have to do this again, but of course she’s so excited about all of this, and telling me about it, I can’t get a word in edgewise. I’m starting to get impulsive, got to have those tires. 

The meaning of the dream is, it’s pointing out that I am finding a way to be more fluid, flexible, and alive as a kind of new lease on life by a quality that will enable me to proceed for as far as the eye can see without ever breaking down again in terms of drivability.

Knowing about this approach because it also works in terms of the engine, in other words the oil now that has better viscosity, which is a word that kind of means that even with petroleum oil as a vehicle operates it tends to create a type of friction, and then you get particles in the oil and they grate, somehow or another that gets carried around in the oil and the oil gets bad.

But the synthetic oil is designed to somehow fleck it away, or it does something so that you’re not continually throwing that around and around and around in the oil, too, which finally has to be changed, you just need to change it less.

It is the difference between having to put up with the usual wear and tear of an organic material basic to creation, versus finding a product that is technically not of this world, somewhat like a plastic, that when used properly goes on and on forever without the wear and tear issue of creation that keeps coming up to shock the heart.

This is like an image of being able to be in the world, and able to function as required, but not of the world, and therefore I am not worn down by the organic limitations of a reflective manifestation.

In other words, things change and in manifestation there’s always something acting up and you have to handle that with the heart, because there are different vibrational speeds. Not everything is at the speed of the heart, or the soul that is behind all of that.

Inside myself I have found and reached a life that never dies. It renews and renews. As noted in the prior dream, having to put up with something that is durable, like plastic, which is easy to replace but, in this instance, is good for the life of the vehicle, that this is a small price to pay.

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