A Never-Ending Consequence

gates-Robert A BaronIn this final image from a single night of dreaming, Jeane is again looking at a container scenario (for the prior images, see An Insatiable Motion and From Dense to Subtle). What she is shown is that the aspect of sorting and containing the multiple layers and aspects of life is an endless process. What is really meant to happen is a letting go of this desire, which will allow everything to come together naturally. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in this last dream, it’s like I’ve gone to a place in the country, and I’ve approached what almost looks like one of those container cars on a railroad, and nearby is a black man that I never see real clearly. 

He seems to be a guard, or he watches over a woman who comes and tends to hide out around this container. She hides out easily, and so he has to kind of keep an eye, or guard her. And it feels like I’ve left and I’ve come back because I wonder if this is still necessary, and like maybe something’s changed, and you don’t need to either worry about her hiding out, or running away, or whatever, but he’s still keeping an eye out.

John: Now you’re trying to slow it down into something that’s sidetracked, because actually that is a railroad car that is sitting out in the open, right?

Jeane: Or a container without a railroad car, one of the two.

John: Yeah, but it’s not something in motion or something. It’s not the layering going on anymore. Instead what there is, is it’s a condition that is being even safeguarded by an element of the masculine, which has to observe and make sure that what is copacetic, in terms of how it sits and how it is, is okay.

You must have been almost awake to dream that because that’s a much shallower image. That’s an image where there is a type of giving up. That’s an image where there’s a mannerism in which you’ve accepted a certain lot in life, and so you don’t probe the deeper levels, the other containers for each state, or you have the layering for each environmental differentiation that exists.

You don’t have that part of the process invoked. Instead you’re sitting as a singular container vibration in a given image, that’s kind of like out in the midwest, where nothing can be seen as far as the eye can see. And that there is the masculine energy that keeps it okay, so to speak, where you can park out and stay in this, where it’s safeguarded.

And so in this image you’re holding a particular level as if that’s all that there is. I suppose in the highest of levels, if you’re truly content, and truly at peace with yourself, maybe that somehow can open up.

Well, basically it has, inside of itself, all of the other layers and levels of things. It’s just that you’re not invoking that as something to be taken on at this time. Instead you’re content taking a particular selection or mannerism and being able to just be there.

You know this layering and these container levels, all of that stuff all speak of a type of process in which you go to the depths of yourself in order to scale the heights of something, too. In other words, for you to be able to go like in the one dream to the luxury department store and try on something really subtly sophisticated, has to do with you coming to grips and understanding the T-shirts and all of that, that’s at a depth inside of yourself from a layering standpoint of looking at it.

You have to have a comprehension of that in order to have the magnetism so that you’re able to hold the more subtle aspects of yourself – in the high end department store – that you now can try on this, that, and the other as additional levels and layers, layers again if it was putting on clothes, levels as if it’s a container ship that takes into account everything at a particular level.

I mean, this reminds one of the spiritual path where, like I say, it is said that you have to probe the depths of yourself. Or even of the Chinese psychology of Yin and Yang, where you have the two symbols that make a circle, and within each is either a black dot of something yet to be absolved and taken in and held, or a white dot of something yet to emerge and continue to come into a greater realization of what it is, through the prima materia or raw energy part of what is black.

And both are one in the same, actually, but just at different levels of vibration, at different, you might say, octaves or polarities to each other, but yet one and the same, flip sides of the same coin so to speak.

Well, you’re playing with all of this from an aspect of container energy, and what’s so interesting and different is, yes, it’s easier to try to cop out and maybe find a safe place where everything is A-okay and you have all of the protectives and whatnot there, but we don’t seem to be able to do that.

And so what we do is we make the easy mistake of going insatiably into the quest. I do it linearly in terms of having to try to take on every little nuance thing and experience that there is, in order to somehow know it and own it, and you do it in terms of knowing that there is a subjective container energy for every possible state that there is, and that you have to depict it level by level, or layer by layer. And that you can get lost in this approach, and not make the shift that is necessary to this emptiness and nothingness where it all can blur and blend and come together.

So your last image is like a type of choice that you make, because at some point it can be almost nauseating that you have to do all of these layerings, or that you have to have all of these different container vessels that have to be looked after and safeguarded.

In other words, something is dispatched to each one, which is like a type of the masculine, but still differentiated from level to level. At some point viewing life as a never-ending consequence of that is nauseating and endless, and yet at the same time there is some way of letting go.  

Because you’re letting go of things in order to grasp and be able to hear inside yourself this container subjectivity state, or nature, that you have for each state that you can possibly be in.

But can you then let go of that so that it all intertwines into the nothingness? That’s like the next challenge that’s in front of us.

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