A Needed Effect

shaman1In this imagery, which has a shamanic quality to it, Jeane finds herself helping people embark on a healing journey. Symbolically, it suggests that she is at a point where she is ready to be in service to something greater. That act of service is exactly what creation is looking for in us, i.e., an openness and ability to bring higher energies through us and manifest them into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dream last night was more of a shamanic journey. What happened was I’m somewhere and I seem to be checking with a person in the background I never see, but we’re going to be journeying for two people, a man and a woman. And so they’ve been separated a little because they live almost in these spiral huts that seem to me to be somewhat underground, one in one hut, and one in the other.

And so when we journey we’re going and it’s like we walk in a spiral as we go down, and as we do that we’re bringing something in, either with what we’re saying or sometimes maybe we actually bring something physically in, maybe it’s just with the breath or the intention. 

I’m a little unclear on that. It feels like we’re having a dialogue about how this is done and we get to a certain point and then there’s a discussion as we’re kind of looking at the space that’s been cleared a bit in the woman’s hut, because before you proceed you would do something different if the woman is pregnant versus if she’s not pregnant.

Or maybe she wants to get pregnant and she’s not pregnant yet. And so I’m trying to figure out what the situation is there with that to know how to proceed next. And that’s when I woke up.

John: So what you did is you journeyed into this place?

Jeane: I am there, and it’s like the man wants to do a journey and the woman wants to do a journey. In other words, each of them wants some kind of a healing, and there’s a woman in the background that feels like we’re having a dialogue about how this is done. And then we’re doing it, so it actually was just a very shamanic dream.

I couldn’t tell you that much about the dialogue because we were energetically moving something and bringing it in, and then discussing how you would do the next step. But it’s like the dialogue was nonverbal.

John: You are doing this so that she would get healed or something?

Jeane: Yeah, almost all journeys are about people wanting some kind of a healing, or whether the woman wanted to get pregnant, or whether she was pregnant, so you do the journey differently; there was some kind of discussion going on about that.

John: So it had something to do with her.

Jeane: Yeah.

John: As an effect.

Jeane: Yeah.

John: The dream is taking a particular kind of inner quality trait and pointing out that it serves a purpose, because it has a focus and an Adab about it that is more than personal.

In other words, things that you do just in your own sleepy-bye day-to-day way, kind of is checked-out in relationship to others in the environment. So what you’re doing is, is you’re taking this quality that you have an awareness of inside, which you consider a shamanic power or linkage, and you’re holding an attentiveness to that.

In other words, it’s more than just something that is there in an unconscious way. You’re holding an attentiveness to that. And by doing so, you’re able to facilitate something more able to happen, almost as if that’s a type of responsibility.

Only it’s an interesting kind of responsibility because you’re doing it for the benefit of something in creation, which means that you are actually using the tool for the purpose that it needs to be used for, and that is to pull something down into creation.

This is exactly why shamanic activities are important. They have a very, very direct effect upon things in creation. And what has happened is that those who carry the kind of magnetism that can facilitate something like that are not very many anymore, because with that is a looking out for the cares, and affairs, and mannerisms, and health and well being and the whole regenerative process of life itself.

And it’s as if you’re coming back to recognizing the importance of this quality inside of yourself, which may have been set aside or whatever for a time being, that now is important as part of an energetic to make something come through into life in a way that has an effect that’s needed.

The dream also, even though it doesn’t readily look like it, doing something like this is also part of Adab. And it actually makes a new definition for the word Adab, so that one sees this as a responsibility of one’s being. In this particular case the action of doing something like this, bringing something down, and into, and touching creation for the benefit of creation, not for one’s self, is a flow that makes for a more heartful focus and attention.

And that more heartful focus and attention is natural, or part of this sort of space. And when you are honoring the traits, or shall we say the Adab characteristics, or the focus and attention that comes with this kind of space, you are in a space that’s more speeded up, that’s more quickened, that’s more attentive, and thus more natural to this as a process and as a practice. 

So it’s also a kind of dream about how one breaks free from a type of rustic nature, in other words, one that is dormant, by having you look at the effect of what it’s like you owning, or catching up with, and doing something that serves a usefulness of a larger picture of things.

In other words, you’ve opened up to something more, and you are grounding something by opening up to this something more because what it is that you’re opening up to is a type of vibration that has access to earth magic magnetism, which is something that is often not given its due, like it needs to be, and has to be, if the quality of the inner, the raw energy essence of life, is to be brought through in a way that makes a difference. 

That’s a very deep and interesting dream. It’s a living thing, it’s more of a living thing as opposed to just something that’s more mundane or something, and ordinary I guess is probably the better word in terms of one’s being. You come to see it as a more responsible mannerism.

Now you see what happens when you meditate. You actually tweak the theme of something. You give it a little ping or something that adds a little something more to the dream. It’s not much, but it makes a lot of difference in terms of information that comes through.

The difficulty is that when you meditate and then have to dream, can you catch that? Because it’s a tiny bit more, has a tiny bit deeper depth of acuity than your ordinary dreams that don’t get this kind of premium gas at the very beginning.

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