The Merry-Go-Round of Illusion

sphyrna_galop4In this interesting imagery, Jeane finds herself having to fire an old woman and then fend off a hammerhead shark – after being pushed into the water. Since we can view all the elements of the dream as parts of ourselves, the idea emerges that she is resisting letting go of her old ways, shown in the stubbornness of the hammerhead shark. When we insist on acting out in the physical worlds, rather than surrendering to the energy worlds, we cause ourselves to go through it all again – in the hopes that this time we’ll “get it.” (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had this dream where it’s almost like there’s this whole town annual celebration of some kind going on. It feels like almost back in time somewhere, and I’m trying to help kind of supervise or oversee how this whole dinner is served and cleaned up.

There are a lot of people involved, and lots of food, and then there’s a way that it has to be cleaned up, or it’s laid out and served and then cleaned up. And it seems to go between almost like one tent and another, so you have to watch over both sides.

And there’s one lady that maybe she’s getting too old to do whatever her role is in it, so at some point, as I see kind of how she’s disrupting things, I realize that I have to fire her and just put her back into a normal role in the community.

And she’s unhappy with this, plus I have to take on some of what she was doing then, and there’s always a certain testing of you when you do that. Because she’s upset; I make her turn in everything that’s associated with that role and then go back and join in with the overall.

And then when I’m part of it now, I’m actually even having helping lay things out a little differently, and then the cleanup will be a little different. But it seems to be covering a vaster area now, and so it’s tricky when it comes to the cleanup; even I’m looking to see, how is this going to work out? 

It seems to be working out, but sometimes people are still testing you a little bit because I’d changed things, and I see that she’s back integrated into the community in a way. There are some people who are observing, and some who are helping, and then I traverse the whole area. 

It’s cleanup time and I’ve gone outside of the area a little bit, and I realize that suddenly someone’s giving me a shove, and it seems like when you take over a role there’s always some kind of an initiation prank. And so I need to help with the cleanup but suddenly there’s this… it looks like there’s this water somebody’s starting to push me over and in, and I have to try to move really fast to reach maybe a table on the other side of the water where I could do some more cleanup.

And I just realize this is kind of a prank, except I start to sink into the water and before I can reach the dock or whatever on the other side, here comes this hammerhead shark, huge hammerhead shark. 

So all I can do is try to hit the hammerhead shark right between the eyes to keep him facing me, because as he goes deeper in the water, or I start sinking in the water, if I’m flailing around there he has a certain advantage. So I kind of keep backpedaling in the water, and keep hitting the hammerhead shark on the head so that he keeps facing me. 

Until finally I kind of scoot up out of the water – but then the shark follows me out of the water. And I think I must finally cold-cock him because I see the shark all laid out on the land, and then I kind of walk a little bit into the village. 

The energy shifted slightly. I run into a girl, and I see that she’s doing something that maybe is a little bit out of alignment. So I go over and I grab her but then I realize in a way I may have made a mistake, because she’s wearing a necklace, a silver necklace, that when I touch it it’s almost like she can morph into this man that I was kind of entranced with before.

And then I start to fall under his spell a bit. It’s like I don’t want her to do that, but I also have to watch carefully how I handle the energy so I don’t get caught up in it. And I back off a bit after talking to her about what she should or shouldn’t do, but it’s up to her.

But then I step back away and I see she has kind of morphed into this young man now, and she has this sheepskin, and it’s kind of a golden-colored sheepskin, and she’s kind of shoving it up under the window of a shop that she’s going to sneak into. And that she notices someone, or he notices someone now – because she is him – so he sneaks into the shop and pretends like he’s the shop owner. And he’ll use sometimes the sheepskin to create a certain illusion as he looks out the window

He’s just kind of an illusionist, and he’s still kind of playing these games and I’m just noticing that.

John: The first part of the dream involves the process of having to clear things out, or clean things up, in order to be able to have any kind of perception whatsoever – in terms of how to unfold.

It’s as if you do such an interesting good job in doing that, this little old lady, which is the opposite, of course, in that she has let go of everything and has gone into a space in which the definition of things no longer are valid, or the whole ways and mannerisms of things has taken on a whole letting go, or drowning, of identity scenario kind of approach.

So in the cleaning up of things you’re confronted with something that throws you into this other dynamic of eventually having to throw your hands up in the air and be overwhelmed, by being swept in.

Because you have an opinion about the old woman, and aren’t allowing yourself to be carried away by this demeanor that doesn’t have to make sense, because you’d lose yourself in that, you get confronted by the image repeating in another way, in that you’re in the water and having to be faced and be confronted by this hammerhead shark.

It’s interesting that you’re using the word hammerhead, because it’s a type of thing where if you let go of everything, you don’t escape, in other words, what makes it coming after you is as if you have something to hold on to. And you hold onto things all the way back up onto the land.

In other words, you have gone into a part of yourself in the ocean, in the sea, that is, you might say, an exploded image from the little woman, the old woman, who in your “sensible” schematic of things, because you had to see her as making sense, letting go of the idea that something has to always make sense, which is kind of a dilemma that one faces especially when one is cleaning things up. It always gets to a point where this has to make sense.

You have cleaned things up to the point where all gets dropped, and nothing makes sense, and you go into a place of letting go. And because that’s something you don’t quite grasp, or understand, or are willing to accept, you have to see this again through the image of being in the water confronted by this hammerhead shark that even follows you up into the doingness on the land again.

And so when you go back on the land, you’re trying to make things work out, and they don’t. So it’s as if you’re going back into a type of amnesia, and so the contrast of all of this wishing and washing about is for you to determine how you relate, feel, identify with the heart – not with anything other than the heart – the whole sequence of events there.

Because the final one that had you back in to manifesting some image again, is way different than how you could have been if you could have accepted it, or taken it on. In other words, there’s a hammerhead shark because something about your notionality is still there, and you’re defending it, and maintaining it.

In other words, you’ve cleaned things up to such a degree that the next brink of being should be something that lets go, that becomes something matured with wisdom and magic or something, or, in other words, with the sides of you that are complete.

But along with the idea of cleaning things up comes the idea of getting caught in the doingness and the tidiness, so you can’t accept what this old woman stands for because it’s too much. And so you have to see her as having ideas that you don’t necessarily agree with.

When you’re caught in the cleaning up and tidiness mode, there’s always something that has to be cleaned up and so something could come right before your eyes, be right there, and you just don’t get it.

And so this not getting it becomes the hammerheadness with the shark that you can’t seem to let go of in your nature. And so, like in the Upanishads where you hold onto a vibration and you can’t let go of it and can’t be empty, you then come back into a type of creation where you’re manifesting things again.

As you feel all of that, you’re able to determine the whole roller coaster of what took place. And it’s interesting that you perceive this other, which you fend off, in order to come back and go through some pattern again, or some mannerism again. And that mannerism has got to be kind of nauseating.

In your particular dream you have a whole unfoldment that’s happening, where at the beginning it is actually something that’s very, very meaningful, but you don’t quite accept, or fall into it, or take it on completely, envelop yourself and be swept up in it completely, because you still have the hammerhead shark struggle, and you still see the old woman as off in some fashion.

And thus that keeps manifestation going in a whole other motif, just like the Upanishads are descending back into the human body, that keeps you continuing to have to create in this differentiated way. And you feel all of this.  

When you feel all of this, you settle for the other. Deep down you really will, having felt the vibrations of all of that. You will settle for that other, the crazy old woman or something about that whole thing of having to let go of the pursuit, or of the plunging and pushing, or whatever all of that is, letting go of that to be taken over.

You lay all of that out as a type of overallness. In other words, you’re scoping for some sort of overall way to just be carrying and holding and maintaining yourself. You’re presenting the characteristics that have to do with a state, or way, of holding on to a way of perceiving who it is, and how it is, that you are.

And so the little old lady doesn’t quite work. The hammerhead thing somehow or another creates a defense mechanism because you fought it, and still fight it, and don’t drop something, don’t let go, so the flip side of that is something back into the lullaby of manifestation. 

You feel all of that. And the importance of the dream is for you to find the note there. You had the dream so you know what the note is, and you’re getting the information of that and that changes everything to what it is that you truly want. You don’t want that final image that you had, although that sounds good. You don’t really want that because that’s, then, in the merry-go-round again of illusion.

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